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Introduction to Katie Allen Decor & Design

Team Profiles


Design Process – Needs Assessment, Design Boards, Floor Layout Drawings, Project Planning

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Introduction to Katie Allen Decor & Design

Katie Allen Decor and Design was established on 1 Feb, 2007. Based in the Emporium, Shelly Beach, KZN the Business offers a complete design, supply and installation service in the field of interior design and decoration. Katie Allen Decor & Design is a young and vibrant company. Katie Allen and her team have many years of combined experience in a wide range of industries, from hospitality and design to corporate management within major organisations both in SA and Europe. Our aim is to create interiors that are visually harmonious and deliver an expression of the personalities of the occupants. We ensure that we understand our client’s needs, so that each design is a true reflection of our client’s lifestyle. Within this framework we bring to bear our expertise in matching styles, furniture, fabrics, and colour. We offer simple, clear, straight forward advice and our clients are invariably reassured by our no-nonsense approach. Client participation is a must, but our project manager will ensure that the disruption to you and your home is minimised and while there may be slight details to be ironed out almost all of the planning will be complete before work commences. You can then look forward to an interior that has been meticulously planned and expertly implemented. In the case of our commercial clients we take every effort to understand your business model, your product/services and your target markets. The information we glean from client discussions in addition to product and location based research that we carry out, allows us to then make value added suggestions to our clients. We work closely with your (or our) architects (if required) to design, plan, procure and fit corporate and commercial space. We explore colour, lighting, furniture systems and all aspects of interior design that will increase customer/worker satisfaction and retention as well as increase productivity and efficiency. We make every attempt to assist the customer to relate to the products and/or services offered by our clients.

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."

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_______________________________________________________________________________________ Profiles Katie Allen

Katie Allen was born and raised in the North East of Scotland. She studied Hotel Catering and Institution Management at Robert Gordon’s University, specialising in Marketing and Human Resources. From a very young age a talent for creating beautiful food lead to a passion for design and interior decorating. Katie has attended many different training courses in decor and design from paint effects to feng shui and worked on several interior projects in the UK. “However much you love interior design and following trends, it is still a business. When you are dealing with a client’s home and money you must have strong business skills to manage your own team and all the additional factors in completing any project”. Katie’s strengths lie in the management of the business operations, developing her market share, and growing the brand while maintaining excellent standards.

Vanessa Viljoen

At only 21 Vanessa has already had three years experience working in the Decor and Design Industry. Educated in Pretoria and now living on the South Coast Vanessa also holds a Diploma in Interior Decorating. Vanessa has a love of fabrics and enjoys the challenge of continually putting together new concepts for her clients. With imaginative use of colour and texture, Vanessa has the natural ability to coordinate a scheme which will suit all tastes and budgets. “Nothing gives me more pleasure than to create a room which looks visually stunning, however also meets the lifestyle and requirements of the client.”

John Bower

John studied Interior Design at Inscapes, Sandton, Johannesburg with the aim to gain valuable experience overseas. Opportunities arose for him at various top design houses in London including Designers Guild which gave him a wealth of experience with fabrics and colour. He then moved on to specialising in interior space planning while still being very much involved in sourcing bespoke furniture and decor products for the affluent and fashion conscious clientele in Europe. Moving back to SA in 2007 John is now looking to use his wealth of experience to influence the south coast home owner and investors. “Design is not a formula that can be used on every project, it must be an extension of the client’s personality”,


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Fiona Pearson Having a strong and organised project administrator is vital for any project to run smoothly and on time. Fiona with her assistant Charity controls the in house operations of Katie Allen DĂŠcor and Design. Fiona ensures raw materials are ordered correctly, delivered on time and work rooms have clear instructions. Planning installation dates and liaising with clients, Fiona works hand in hand with the design team with the aim to provide an efficient and professional service.

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Services Katie Allen Decor and Design offer the following services: •

A complete design, supply and installation service across the entire range of interior furnishings.

Interior Design consultancy, covering all aspects of the field to include room planning, colour schemes, lighting, window treatments and interior styling.

Lighting design, to encompass site visits, plan layouts, liaison with contractors, specification and supply of fittings.

Comprehensive curtain making service with many blind and innovative window dressing solutions.

Design, manufacture and supply of fine upholstery.

Renovation and re-upholstery of existing furnishings

Selection, supply and fitting of carpets and floor coverings

Sourcing of cabinet, dining and occasional furniture from South Africa and Internationally

Design and fabrication of soft furnishings, including bedding, cushions and loose covers.

A professional service tailored to the budget of commercial premises and residential owners and developers.

Home Staging to maximise your properties value for selling or rental.

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_______________________________________________________________________________________ Design Process

Initial Consultation An essential part of our assessment is to view your chosen space, discuss your requirements and budget, make initial suggestions and assess how much involvement you need from us. At the first visit we spent at least an hour discussing the requirements, getting to know you and understand the kind of look and feel you want to achieve.

Design Meetings After the initial consultation we start to work on an outline idea. At a second meeting we will present you with this outline proposal and basic quote . This presentation is a visual representation of our ideas of the proposed design, colour scheme, materials, furnishings etc for discussion. This process will further establish your specific requirement and the budget for the project. Once approved, we will move onto creating your design in detail. At this stage we have a scale drawing of the building created, scale drawings are essential on a project such as this as it allows us to do a detailed floor plan. This is the blue print for the whole job and for us to provide a detailed quote.

The Planning Stage Once we have received your approval of the final designs and the build specification has been identified (if applicable), we move onto the planning stage of your project where specifications are prepared and final quotes obtained. Katie Allen Decor and Design utilises the services of plasterers, decorators, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, floor & carpet fitters, upholsterers and soft furnishings manufacturers, all of whom are experienced and where applicable accredited by their respective trade/professional bodies. Our estimates are based upon an assessment of competitive rates from these sub-contractors who are carefully selected so as to ensure their delivery of workmanship will meet our high standards. Once the estimates are approved and the contractors appointed, the work would be fully monitored by either Katie Allen or her employees. To ensure the optimal use of resources we produce comprehensive project plans and work schedules along with ordering, supply and delivery schedules to ensure all materials are on-site as required. We do however have to allow for a centre level of supply unpredictability. You will receive copies of all planning documentation, so you are made fully aware of start and completion dates. NB: We will only project manage the work content that is clearly within our agreed scope of work. We will not project manage the activities of sub-contractors directly contracted with the client other than in exceptional circumstances. This will be chargeable.

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The Sourcing Stage Katie Allen Decor & Design will source and supply all materials to complete the specified works unless otherwise agreed. We will also purchase (as your buying agent) on your behalf, all fabrics, furniture, furnishings and accessories that are specified for the project. As we are an independent consultancy with no retail ties we source from various companies, suppliers, manufacturers and retailers. We arrange for all items to be delivered in line with the delivery and project schedules – we also have use of a large warehousing facility – so where we do have to take early delivery we can store items until they are required on site.

Budget Control Once the budget has been approved Katie Allen Decor & Design maintain tight control. The expenditure against budget is continuously monitored and regularly reviewed with the client. Any circumstances that require further expenditure will require your written approval/agreement before we proceed. Any additional work requested by the client will only be commenced following the completion of a formalised ‘change in specification’ process which will then be reflected in the revised, agreed budget and project plan.

The Implementation Stage Should you have appointed Katie Allen Decor & Design to complete the works for you we now move onto the implementation stage of the project. We usually expect the client to clear the rooms that we are working in of all furniture and personal items, however we can arrange for this to happen as long as we have advance notice and have planned it into the schedule.

The Handover On completion we will arrange a meeting at which we will supply you with your handover pack. This documentation includes care and maintenance instructions for all your purchases along with warranty and guarantees if applicable.

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Needs Assessment\Analysis for Client XXX – Example Commercial Through answering this questionnaire we want to uncover your project goals. We will aim to identify areas such as workflow, corporate growth, technology and electrical/data requirements to ensure we are considering all aspects of your project. As we perform this needs analysis, aesthetics and architectural features are also important in creating your image and conveying it through your interiors. No. 1

Please rank from 1 to 10, 10 being the most important. Which of the following is the most important in your working environment? Size of Desk Storage Comfort of Chair Location in relation to colleagues Air Conditioning Lighting Colour of DĂŠcor and Furniture Ability to control Noise disturbance Privacy


Do you work with a Laptop or PC or other?


What corporate image do you feel the company needs to portray?


What current aspect of your working environment causes you the most frustration?

1 of 2

Enter 1 to 10


What type of facilities would you like to have for rest breaks and relaxation in the workplace?


What facilities do you require for customers/guests in the office?


What colours make you feel positive in the work place?


Which colours make you feel suppressed?


Any additional comments you would like add:


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_______________________________________________________________________________________ EXAMPLE OF A DESIGN BOARD

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_______________________________________________________________________________________ Home Staging Home staging has been practiced in the USA for a number of years, but is still a relatively new concept in SA. Home staging is a tool whereby to present your home in the best possible way and maximise the profit on your property whether for sale or rental. It is about creating a neutral but stylish look to appeal to the widest audience. We offer house doctoring/home staging consultations on how to present your property best to avoid potential buyers to be put off by eventual clutter, personal belongings and too much or too little furniture and instead focus on the best features of your home Home staging has proven time and time again to attract higher and better offers.

Benefits of Home Staging •

Attracts a wider buying audience.

Enhances home profile.

Reduces the time the property stays on the market.

Return on investment: avoids additional bond or loan costs by selling/renting earlier.

Potentially increases the selling price by 10% to 15%.

Ensures work is carried out professionally in a cost effective and timely manner.

Save time and stress.

The role of the home stager •

Identify weaknesses.

Suggest cost effective remedies.

Issue a bespoke action plan and budget of estimated work.

Project manage and implement recommendations with sub contractors.

Key Techniques •

Enhance kerb appeal.

Neutralise and depersonalise.

Appropriate furniture placement, colour harmony and balance.

Use of subliminal stimulators.

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CLIENT FEEDBACK We strive for service excellence and would we like to ask you, our valued client for feedback on our service. YES 1. Did you have a good impression on meeting the team?

2. Were your ideas and views taken into consideration?

3. Were you informed of any changes?

4. Were you updated on the progress?

5. Were deadlines met and if not were there legitimate reasons?

6. Were all problems sorted in a professional manner?

7. Would you recommend us to your friends?

8. Was the workmanship done to specifications?


Thank you for your Time and your Business The Katie Allen DĂŠcor & Design Team

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Portfolio 2007

Examples of some of the projects completed in 2007 by Katie Allen Decor & Design:


Total refurbishment of a 4 bedroom house in Port Edward, including complete supply from building work to finishing touches. Luxury software and soft finishes for a Penthouse in Margate. Upgrade of a holiday unit at Trafalgar, including new bathrooms and customised furniture. Sourcing and supplying of furniture and accessories for a holiday unit at San Lameer.

Commerical Medical Centre Reception, Port Shepstone. Total refurbishment of 440 sq meters of commerical office space in Port Shepstone. Manufacturing of software and curtains for a Luxury Guest House on the South Coast.

Our portfolio with further information can be viewed on our website at or we can visit you and we will present photographs of all projects.

THE EMPORIUM, 978 MARINE DRIVE, SHELLY BEACH t: + 27 39 315 5164/6907 f: + 27 39 315 6919 VAT NO: 4080234067 -

Katie Allen Decor & Design Company Profile  

Introduction to Katie Allen Decor & Design

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