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pretty patterns a 10 week blog project

pretty patterns a 10 week blog project

by Katie Ackley

Introduction This semester, my studio practice has been about striking a balance between medium, content, and context. As I’ve explored digital media in terms of the graphic application of flat color, I’ve also played with the manipulation of images in a repeat. By using patterns, I’ve opened up a variety of contexts for my work within the realm of applied illustration. Having patterns made of my work allows it to go on cards, calendars, fabrics, gift-wrap, stickers, notebooks, and more. Seeing my work in a wide range of consumer formats this semester has helped solidify a vision of myself as

a working illustrator after school, and formed a trajectory that fits my interests and the tone of my work. As I refine my style through the media of digital color and traditional painting, I am continuing to challenge my studio work through designs and surreal concepts that normally would not leave my sketchbook. The result is work that continues to shape my identity of me as an artist and an individual. Ultimately, this project was born out of a childhood love of playing in my great grandmother’s fabrics and learning to sew.

I dedicate this project to her.

- Katie Ackley, May 2014

Luv Sux A sweet, Valentine’s Day inspired pattern that looks great on a notebook, tote bag, or valentine for the disappointed-in-love teen and 20-something.

Dancing Dinos Need to make your apartment more presentable for your parents who haven’t visited in eightyears? Fool them into thinking you’re still five years old with this totally retro dance party wall paper.

Kolor Kats Their names are Larry, Steven, Alex, Susan, Jeromy, and Stew, and they’re very excited to be your new crop top. Just remember to feed them every now and then.

Sleepy-time Goats As a New Age parent, you’re interested in raising your child right. Teach them early to fight wide-spread cultural expressions by giving them Sleepy-Time Goats pillow cases and bed spreads. No one counts sheep in this house.

Gemstone Turtles The future is exciting, but you won’t live long enough to see 3025 and the mutated gemstone turtles that live then. Experience the future now with a brand new Gemstone Turtles iphone case.

Mushroom People Mushrooms have long lived in the forest, but did you know they’re coming to take the urban life by storm? Show them you’re ready to accept them into your town with a tote bag. Equality for all flora and fauna!

Rainy Boots Rainy days can be boring, especially when you’re young and stuck indoors. Show your youngster that precipitation can be fun with this bright, washy print.

Whale Washes Working at the whale wash! Woah-ohoh-oh! This pattern would look great as a framed print for those who love sea mammals and catchy made-up songs.

Technicolor Chickens Old-timey paintings of roosters on sugar jars is so yesteday. Decorate your kitchen with Technicolor Chickens tea towels and wall hangings, then sock skate on the linoleum to your favorite 80’s pop hit.

Pretty Leafy Pattern If you hate going outdoors, appreciate nature from the comfort of your bed with a Pretty Leafy Pattern mug and laptop case. You can’t get allergies from technology.

Conclusion I feel confident for the coming school year. I can say definitively that merchandising and licensing is a part of my future as an illustrator, and I’m excited about that. I like the fact that I can make work and see it immediately applied to a variety of things. Most importantly, I’m excited to see my skills grow from here. Most of these patterns are character based designs on white grounds. Playing with abstraction in further designs will help train my pattern-eye. The more I learn about myself, the more I can tune my patterns to my interests and aesthetics.

I will make shirts from my designs. I will make pillows. I will bind books in my fabrics. I will for the first time since fourth grade proudly make something and present it to others with confidence; more-so because these will be self-designed from start to finish. And this time the confidence won’t be premature and the seams on my shoulders won’t break during class. Thank you for reading, viewing, and supporting. Next round will be even better.

- Katie Ackley, May 2014

Pretty Patterns : A 10 Week Blog Project Catalogue  

A catalogue and reflection on the patterns made over the course of ten weeks as a part of my illustration practice.

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