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Friday: The Dark Horse of the Week  Posted by Steamboat Straight Talker on February 1, 2013 at 10:00am

If deep blower powder is skiing nirvana, then I think it's safe to say that the day after a monster storm is absolute heaven. The conditions on the mountain right now are epic.

After the week we've had there really isn't much to say except that Steamboat's massive powder clause that has been in effect since Tuesday expired yesterday afternoon and if you hit the hill today, you'll have it all to yourself. The somewhat dense snow that laid down yesterday has been groomed into a velvet sea of white delight. Now tell me that ain't heaven. I skied a hot, first-tracks lap down the Daze and found my zen. Ultra soft and smooth cordouroy covered with a gentle blanket of fluff was enough to make my heart skip a beat. Vogue had been freshly groomed so there wasn't any powder on top of the lines. I "Oh My God-ed" all the way down to the base. You really can't go wrong today on your run selection. Everything is off the charts. You want powder? Bam, hop in the trees and find some freshies. You want to rip groomers, you're in luck. The team of snowcats crushed it last night on the Sundown side of the mountain, take your pick of the O'clocks, or anything off Sunshine. If you're feeling spoiled right about now, it's because we are.

I skied Sunset to Moonlight All. By. Myself. Not a soul in sight and only a handful of tracks to bounce off of into another fresh line. I'm not one to kiss and tell and that goes for giving up secret pow stashes too. Some things are just better left to stumble upon yourself. But I will say that on a day like today, the entire mountain is essentially a pow stash. If I had more time I would have headed over to Morningside and possibly some trees off of Pony. But again, you can't go wrong today.

You haven't worked all week so why start now? To quote my friend Coleman Cook, "It's Why We Live Here." Get out there and keep your streak alive, going into the weekend you could already be at 4 days in a row! See ya out there- Katie Hughes Powder Stasher Alpine Skier Views: 1121

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