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Place? this is from Ethiopia Photograph? leather shield Description? This Ethiopian shield is made from a very thick, tough leather, said to be hippopotamus hide. It was stretched and hammered over an elaborate wood form, dried and removed. The handle is fastened on with leather strips. This wonderful shield, in very good condition, has extremely fine and intricate embossing on the front side Purpose? the shield was used for protection during war and hunting Local or Elsewhere? it was made within the tribe. i can tell that because the tribes use every part of the animal including the hide Equivalent?no, we have riot Shields, they are stronger and made to stand against bullets . but the native Americans did use the hides to make Shields

Place? Ethiopia Photograph? it is a covered basket Description?covered baskets were carefully woven , then covered with leather on the outside and tied closed with leather thongs. Each has a leather carrying strap.Some are embellished with metal bead work. Purpose? Used to carry and store varied items Local or Elsewhere? local within the tribe Equivalent? the equivalent of this basket would be a wicker basket that is home made

Place? Ethiopia Photograph?it is a heavy bronze ring. Description? this artifact is a heavy ring made of bronze. Purpose? These heavy bronze rings may be worn on the finger or suspended from a cord as a pendant. Local or Elsewhere?i believe that it was made in a different place and the Ethiopians had traded for it. Equivalent? you can go to almost any jewelry store and buy a nice ring

Place? Ethiopia Photograph?it is a hand cross Description?These older crosses are made of iron and probably date from the 19th or early 20th century. Purpose?the purpose of the hand cross is, that the cross would be held by a priest during a religious service. Local or Elsewhere? i believe that the crosses were brought to Ethiopia by who ever brought Christianity. Equivalent? in some Catholic churches they have some kinds of crosses like these.

Place? Ethiopia Photograph? it is an adornment disc Description? This bronze disc has been vetted as being from the early 1900's. Purpose? It was worn as adornment by the Oromo tribe in Ethiopia and bears a similarity in form to Ethiopian leather shields which often had a metal disc in the center. Local or Elsewhere? i believe that it was made in the tribe Equivalent? it is the equivalent of some kind of jew

African tribal masks started off as being a very special symbol and artifact in Africa. Over the years, however, people use them less and less. The BoBo tribe is from western Africa, they are known for there tribal masks. They wear those on occasions such as special celebrations. They would wear their masks with there very unique outfits. They would wear these masks to celebrations which usually consist of music and dancing.

Basketry is yet another type of artifact that is Africa. Basketry found can come in very handy in Africa for purposes such as gathering water, crops, and other household items. Zulu baskets are usually made in western Africa. These baskets are like art pieces, and are commonly used as decoration too. All Zulu baskets are different no matter who the maker of the basket is.

Wearing billowing pantaloons and covered with protective leather talismans, Hausadancers called Gardi whirl along the processional route of the Sallah ceremony to clear a path for the emir. Resembling small hurricanes, the dancers leap and spin round and round, gathering momentum as they whirl past the crowds. Their voluminous pants fill with air and puff out like balloons as they perform.

Karimojo men are divided socially into age groups, which are associated with warrior status. When a boy or man is initiated into a new age set he shaves his head. When his hair has grown long again it is plastered with mud, which is painted and set with ostrich feathers. The mud cap and ostrich feathers are symbols of bravery and display his new status." These men wore headdress to strike fear in the hearts of their enemies.

The African royal kuba face mask is from Congo. The Kuba people are one of the largest ethnic groups in Congo ( Formerly Zaire). They have many kinds of masks but a couple of them are significant as they belong to and are used by the royal family. This particular kind is called Ngaady a Mwaash and is one of a few used by the royal family during public ceremonies and rituals concerning the king

Sub-Saharan Africa this artifact is money that they use to buy many goods, it was also used for trading many African artifacts.its most of this money was made of clay kinda looks like sliver.

this item used all over Africa. Many clay pots like this one is used to carry thing from one spot to another.They use them to carry things like food and sometimes beverages yes they still use his artifact all around the world this is from west. This artifact was made around 1863

this is a bicycle they use it as a way of transportation in rural Africa they use them because they are better for travel they get u places faster and they travel good on gravel roads.

This  is a   Shakera  they use it in there music. this is in west Africa they make them by hand . It sound like rain when u shake i t.

In west Africa slavery was a very big this may travelers wanted some to start a new empire or use them in a destimic way. in the picture is what many handles used to restrain them. we do not use this today and it is to belive that many travelers made them to use for there needs.

Ife is the city where the Yoruba civilization began according to Yoruba tradition, and the place where the gods descended to earth. Literally the name means the place of the dispersion, that is the place from which all Yoruba cities originated. It’s a head sculpture to rember there gods.

This is a Igbo tray. it is used for a celebration or family dinner. it also looks like a fish cause of the handle. this tray has many different groves in it for many different substances. theses objects were most probably used as offering vessels.

This Baule spoon was used for cooking, stirring, and eating. Elaborate and figural spoons are used during public feasts or special ceremonies. Theses spoons are made by baule people. Made with a carved male figure cause males are known to have higher power.

This tonga door was made in south Africa. it is an household item. it was used as a door on a hut or used as art hung in a wall or on the ground. locally made. can be made from clay or wood,most made from clay like substance.

The African drums are not only the most important art forms it is also an instrument that brings people pleasure by listening too, they can be used for multiple things in Africa. One example would be to send messages. People in Africa can communicate by the different sounds a drum makes, they would use this concept to send messages to other people in the nearby towns or villages. Drums are also used for celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, and party’s. Most commonly though people use drums just to make music and story telling.

Photos by: q=to+yoruba+drum&hl=en&biw=1366&bih=507&tbm=isch&tbnid=skuHWrv6PBKzM:&imgrefurl= =ZvKXxnqzIZyrGM&w=300&h=400&ei=0UmTTvHjK8ju0gGk5rEv&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=115&p age=1&tbnh=128&tbnw=97&start=0&ndsp=17&ved=1t:429,r:13,s:0&tx=83&ty=66 LoPMRDaNtWTBe3wS7PtJ7eiP_F6NdrtIPwBEqdAthwYnlDjiF-njm-3D5ZcIKkGTre1I http ://    www    .  africaguide .  com /  culture /  music .  htm 

http :// news/2004/10/ photogalleries/ africa_faces2/ ml http :// africanroyalkubafacemask.aspx

African Artifacts  

From all over african there is so much art to see. as you see this you will fall in love:)

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