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Have you ever wondered how to make teens better drivers?

Ever pondered what it means to be a true runner?

Or how to be in style in the hottest cities in the world?

Who am I? Call me Fitz, we’ll get into speciďŹ cs later.

Strategy Pitch Project Yellow Light Parents, insurance companies and teachers have being trying for years to make teens listen. But no matter how many lectures they are given, teen drivers remain the most dangerous on the road. The 25 Brandcenter students in my Qualitative & Quantitative Research class made it our mission to change that and save lives.

How it all began Hunter Garner, a rising senior at Riverbend High School in Fredericksburg, VA died in a tragic car crash in the summer of 2007. A scholarship was created in his name that asks high school students to create a video that motivates, educates and encourages their peers to drive safely.

Project Yellow Light

The Hunter Garner Scholarship

Objective Develop a creative strategy for the student videos and to help save lives.

The Ugly Truth Between 1993 and 2003, more than $400 million dollars was spent on advertising, yet the number of fatal car crashes did not change per 100,000 teens. In 2006, 5,480 teens were killed in car crashes.

Why Teens Are Tuning Out? Teens think they are good drivers Teens walk out of driver’s education and believe that the facts they have memorized make them good drivers. We cannot however, change this perception. Teens need that level of confidence on the road. We have to remind them that accidents happen to good drivers too.

Behaviors In driver’s education, teens are told “your car is a deadly weapon!” This however, is a lie. The car is not deadly, it is the behaviors inside the car that are deadly! Seventy-four percent of all fatal car crashes are caused by distractions; we have to get teens to put their phones down and get their eyes on the road.

They HAVE to stay in the loop Seventy-eight percent of teens admit to using their phones while driving. Why? They fear being disconnected from their social circle. Their fear of missing out on something in the short run, puts them in danger in the long run. We have to remind them of everything they have to look forward to.

We analyzed what everyone from insurance companies to the National Transportation Safety Board have been telling teens and

why it isn’t working. Then, we figured out how to get teens to stop just hearing the facts and start feeling the emotions. It boiled down to three ways the message can best

be heard. Current Messages

A Better Way

Why It’s Better

Lecture from above

Two-Way Conversation

Instead of talking down to teens condescendingly, we need to talk to them on their level, invite them to talk back and inspire them to talk to each other.

Paralyzing Fear

Motivating Emotions

Rather than focusing on one emotion, fear, we need to explore more motivating emotions like hope or guilt.

Smells like marketing

Sincere Plea For Life

Instead of making teens feel like they are being sold a message, the message needs to come from someone in the teens life that they know cares about them.

Two very opposite strategies were devised reflecting teen’s emotional reactions to death. One reaching teen drivers who respond to the notion of death with sadness. The other reaching teens who make jokes because they can’t deal with the seriousness of the subject.

Creative Strategy 1

Creative Strategy 2

Shifting the focus of current PSAs from the impact of the car hitting the car, to the impact that a car crash has on the loved ones left behind to mourn. This strategy is about the aftereffects of death and the idea that no one really survives a car crash. Avoiding death isn’t just about you; it’s about the people who mean the most to you.

Focusing on the positives of staying alive, this strategy reminds teen drivers of all the good things in life they don’t want to miss. It is a sincere plea for life from one friend to another. It embraces the dark reality of mortality while reminding us what a blessing our lives really are.

We found out that teens fear hurting their friends and family more than they fear their own death. Current messaging tells teens to be careful because they may die as the result of a car crash. The “Death Lives On” strategy plays on guilt, making teens think about the pain their friends and family would experience as a result of that teen dying in a car crash.

The message that comes out of this strategy comes not from an authority figure or a corporation, but from the trusted source of a true friend. Teens place a value on the sentiments and actions of their peers that cannot be recreated or substituted by any other group.“Not Today”works by highlighting the feelings of their friends and loved ones.

Not Today

Death Lives On.

Why it works

Execution Ideas

Community Forum, Teens Talking to Teens “Spit It Out” would be a forum where teens grieving the loss of a friend could find comfort. They would be able to talk about their feels and get advice from other teens who have been through a similar tragedy.

Branded Bumper Sticker Teens would be able to create their own message of safe driving on an online bumper sticker. The sticker would then be sent to them in the mail. The bumper stickers would be branded with the PYL logo.

Fashion as the PSA of the 21st Century Seat Belt Art; purses, belts, and graphic T-shirts.

The Results The scholarship’s first year has been incredibly successful. Ten videos were submitted for the scholarship application. The strategy was presented to the marketing team at Geico who expressed interest in a partnership with Project Yellow Light. Currently there is discussion with Geico about how to move forward with this project.

Segmentation Study Runners My Belief

We are not an industry that simply responds to culture, we are one that creates culture. As the culture around us inhales we analyze it for a deeper understanding and as it exhales, we communicate through words and pictures. Together we breathe, as a pair of lungs, one reliant on the other for strength.

The Assignment In Quantitative and Qualitative Research class, we were assigned a segmentation study. We were put into groups and told to select any topic and any client. My group chose to segment runners for a Richmond, VA running store called Road Runners.

The Client: Road Runners Richmond, VA running store.

Who is a runner?

“Technically, if it takes you less than 9 minutes to complete one mile, you are running...slower than that and you are jogging.� 40% of runners are women 60% of runners are men

The Objective To bring more clientele into the Road Runners store.

Things we discovered about Runners In speaking with runners, many said they began running either for sports in high school or in college to keep in shape. We discovered that running as a trend has been consistently rising in the past few years. Runners keep track of how often and how many miles they run. They also blog about their runs and running products online.

Things we discovered about Richmond We discovered that students in local colleges represent 38 percent of the Richmond population. There are routes that runners in Richmond run consistently. This consistency makes the placement of advertising easier and more productive.


Miles per week

Manifestos The Facts



Figure Watchers


Figure watchers work hard to look good. They count the calories going into the body and being burned out. I project my best self with my outer appearance. I know better than anyone that pains means beauty. Cat call all you want driving by. When it comes to my running relationship with the road, I don’t want to invest emotionally. I crave the burn, but don’t stick around long enough to develop passion.

30 +


Running is their religion. They Feel the need to escape say their day is not complete stress. Runs alone and without a run. 43% say they outdoors. run the same route at the They run 1 to 2 races per year same time of day (6 p.m. - 9 for fun. p.m.). I am a volcano. Life is a discipline. Not When the roles I play become too everyone has the drive to over-bearing be committed. I organize Running is my explosion, it is my and balance myself release because that is my way of I’m tough, but when life is too leading an ideal life. intense I run away I speed away from that which is chasing me The consistency of these runners I aim to break free makes them a very appealing group I am an escapist for Road Runners


Always running with a goal, these challengers have multiple marathons under their belt. Many are members of training programs and 45% of them blog about running. How far can I go? How can I push my limits? I challenge myself, to discover my true potential. The thrill and excitement of achieving my goals is a beautiful ride. The higher I soar, the smaller everyone else appears.

Exploring the Routiners The Routiners told us they run with the goal of gaining runners high. Even though they know the high is not attainable every time they run - they continue to push themselves. They occasionally enjoy running with groups of people because it motivates them to push harder.

Another way of looking at our segments... If they were a website... Figure Watchers




Another way of looking at our segments... Break Up Styles - Their way of saying “it’s not you, it’s me...” Figure Watchers “I am a heart breaker.”

“I enjoy casual dates and I crave attention.”




“This relationship is moving too fast.”

“I just don’t have time for this relationship.”

“Good enough is never enough when it comes to someone I like.”

“You are moving into my personal space. Back off!”

“You are cutting into my schedule.”

“She gave in too fast and was too easy. I enjoy the chase.”

Our Strategy

Our strategy for bringing new clientele into the Road Runners store is to go after the untapped market of Routine runners who are local college students.

Our Positioning

Road Runners will be positioned as the store for local college students who are Routine runners and who aim to gain runners high and push themselves harder.

Our Recommendation

To bring these college Routiners into the store, we recommend creating a running group that helps them attain their goal of runners high. This will create loyalty to the store amongst this group of people.

Run with the pack, gain the high! Tactical Example Create running routes using these foot prints throughout Richmond.

Creative Brief

The Memory Box

The Assignment In my Portfolio Development class I was randomly assigned a client for whom to write a creative brief. My client was, an online retailer with a focus in global fashion. I wrote my creative brief on a series of postcards that would take my creative team on a journey through I wanted to create a sense of mystery and discovery that would inspire creatives. I put the postcards into an old shoe box that I converted into a treasure chest to further increase their curiosity and excitement.

A note for you!

What you’ll find on your journey...A taste of

The Memory Box

Our objective’s objective is to increase hits to the website as well as sales.

Why do we need to advertise?!

There is increasing competitive pressure from online retailers like and

The Postcards

Point of differentiation’s collection features not only international designers, but niche brands. Vivre combed the globe for artisans finding one-of-akind items. Many of the 150 different brands have created goods to be sold exclusively at

Promise to our customers does the hunting for its’ customers, saving them time and bringing them only the best that season has to offer.

Unique Offer is unique because it collects the best items from the hottest designers, to the finest artisans, from around the world.

Unique Message

Excitement of discovery, providing the perfect piece that completes a story and a collection

Unique User

Affluent, a collector of fine goods, professional, sophisticated

Who’s joining us on our journey?

Chic Magnates These highly educated, sophisticated women appreciate finer fabrics and eclectic housewares. From giving gifts to entertaining, every opportunity to showcase their in vogue status is relished. They spend an average of $3,000+ a year on travel, are members of private clubs and drivers of fine automobiles. Source: Claritas Inc.

Strategy is the necessary passport for an in vogue global lifestyle

Interesting places you’ll meet our Chic Magnate...

Our Chic Magnate flips through Fortune magazine to keep business savvy and clicks through for insight into home design trends. You will often find them shopping at Neiman Marcus and Williams-Sonoma. Once the business side of her trip is taken care of, our Chic Magnate goes out on the town to shop and discover the local gems. To help her on the go, we want to take our shopping knowledge from and combine it with’s Concierge Mobile tool. Together we can be the high brow tour guide and personal shopping aid.

Professional, affluent women with a household income of at least $200,000 per year.

The Brand Fitz

The Brand Fitz

I sang in an a cappella jazz choir in college and continue to practice daily in the shower.

I’m a runner and aspire to one day complete a marathon.

I am an avid swing dancer.

I love indie-rock and collect music like a fiend.

Film is one of my passions, from old black and whites to foreign film.

I believe that getting lost and burning popcorn are art forms I’ve perfected.

(Adirondacks, NY where I have spent every summer.) I’m a fan of museums whether art, science, or history; if I can learn, I’m there. (Rene Magritte)

I love the outdoors and traveling.

What do I believe? To define is to limit, it is a final say, it is halting. The advertising industry has redefined itself more in the past four years than in the previous forty. We must, therefore, discard our human desire to place a box around how we do business. Socrates once said “all I know is that I know nothing;” as a body of innovative thinkers we can’t accept old models, we cannot stay complacent. Going back to the drawing board should not be seen as starting over because one has failed. But rather, as a necessary and regular process for solving problems and discovering new ways of thinking.

Source: (1) Jean-Marie Dru, “Disruption” p.77

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C"4,:(-=/#/ G.#--"%H; E.")+/,-/#/C"-4'>





9,7/&-,CC9>/B#&/#D,($"$/+'"/ &+"%",+9)">

Virginia Commonwealth University


I,%"/#/:7&4."/ $,(-=/#/I,-9/ B#F1/,55/#/F#+"%/ 5,7-+#(->

Masters Candidate Communications Strategy ’09 University of South Carolina Graduated with honors

B#$/#/"#+/+(%"/ +F(4"J/ ,-"/!3"$/C9/#-/ *7&+%#.(#-/F'"-/ (-/%7%#./K7"C"4J/ +'"/,+'"%/C9/#/ L""1/EM7#$/=79/ (-/#/6"&+/679/ )#%1(-=/.,+>/

B#D"/&+#9"$/(-/ :,%"/+'#-/#/ $,A"-/',&+".&>

6""-/&"%"-#$"$/ C9/#/C#-$/,5/ E.,D#1(#-/=9)&("&>


Bachelor of Arts Advertising, French minor ’07

E+7$9/*C%,#$ Universite de Pau des Pays de l’Adour Pau, France Fall ’05

She’s always up for a good chat 803.413.6708

(-4.7$"&/.,+&/,5/8!-$/+'"/57--9/ &:"..;/#-$/87-(-+"-+(,-#./ '($"<#-$<&""1;/=#:"&>

Stu! that planners do that I’ve had experience with: Writing creative briefs, media analysis and using tools like Simmons, media plans, target segmentation, writing screeners and discussion guides, moderating focus groups


!"#%-(-=/C9/ Freetimes

Weekly newspaper Columbia, SC ; Spring ‘07 Acquired new advertising clients, designed ads for existing clients and wrote article segments.

Time Warner Cable Field marketing department Herndon, VA; Summer ’06 Created an Internet video game for Warner Bros. movie “The Ant Bully,” which increased hits to the website. Did other tasks that often involved Excel.

Cherno! Newman

Cause Marketing Project Yellow Light Strategic campaign for Hunter Garner Scholarship. Worked with teens to create safe driving videos. Presented to the “big wigs” in Geico’s marketing department.

Advertising agency Columbia, SC; Spring ’06 Researched and analyzed various accounts, edited their website and presentation materials.

!"#$"%&'() American Advertising Federation, National Student Advertising Competition USC Ad Team Position: Integrated Marketing Communications Director Client: Coca-Cola classic, Spring ’07 Carolina Productions Concert Commissions Assistant Commissioner Public Relations Chair Greek Relations Chair Fall ’03 - Spring ’07 Other Involvement: Mountaineering and White Water Club and Dance Marathon.

*$$(+(,-#./0,%1/ 23)"%("-4" Camp Chateaugay

The Martin Agency - Student Workshop Advertising agency Richmond, VA; June ‘05 Selected for competitive student workshop. Created campaign for Hanes “Barely There” brand and discovered that working on bras with two guys can be extremely funny and eye opening.

Bunk counselor and taught lacrosse and cooking. Adirondacks of New York Summers ’04, ’05 and ’07

American Medical Student Association Recruitment o!ce Reston, VA; Summer ’03


&+,%("&/+,/+".. G.#9"$/@%"-4'("/ (-/NL%"#&"O

I believe that burning popcorn is an art and that bathrobes should be acceptable everyday wear. I feel most free when running and swing dancing. It should be mandatory that every town have at least one running trail. I sang in an a cappella jazz choir in college and continue to practice every morning in the shower. I’m so good at getting lost, I’ve decided to call it a hobby. I love hiking and fresh air.

Katie Fitzgerald 803-413-6708

Thanks for your time.

Internship Portfolio Spring 08  

Here is my internship portfolio. It is a summary of a few projects I worked on this year.