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Shar Pei’s history Shar Pei means “sand-skin� and refers to

government considered that this animals

the two distinctive qualities of the coat; roughness and shortness.

was a privilege and luxury items so Mao Tse Dong ordered their extermination.

Many people believe that this is a breed

As a result, the population of different

from China; however his origin is a mystery because we just have a little information

breeds decrease significantly. Small groups of Shar peis were alive in 1950 and had

regarding to his past.

been smuggled into the rural areas of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Some theories believe that his origin could be from the Dah Let (Tai Leh), located in the

In order to avoid the extintion of the breed,

province of Kwang Tung, south of China.

in 1970, a small group of people decided to do something and relocated the breed in

All the documentation, about the canine Chinese ancient population, was destroyed

Hong Kong.

by the emperor Ch'in Shih around the year 225 before Christ.

In 1973, officialy started the exportation of the breed to USA.

Some statues, at the time, give details or

This breed is very lovely and loyalty, also

make believe they were dogs used in fights, they strange on the bite, stiff coat

his wrinkles are very characteristic. Because of its purple tongue some scientific

was difficult for the other dog could bite and the small ears but the principal

believe that they have some ancestor in common.

disadvantages was the temperament so the owner do different things to provoke.

Today, this breed is not found in a large

During the dynasty Han, the dogs were

numbers in other countries but has representation in most part of the world.

popular in China. So when they heard that they were going to be murdered, decided to burn all the old books that they had. For the next dynasty, the interest for the dogs decrease. Since 1949, when China was taken by communism, they put high fines for the possession of any kind of dog because the Bibliography: Serie excellence, Razas de hoy, Shar Peri por Juliette Cunliffe

Bibliography: Serie excellence, Razas de hoy, Shar Peri por Juliette Cunliffe

A new puppy in home When you decide to purchase a new puppy has to take into account: temperament, size, strength, fur, veterinary costs. If you analyze each of these aspects and decided to purchase a Shar Pei, welcome to the club. The first that you have to do is find a correct kennel where you will buy the puppy. You have to be sure, that you will buy in a good kennel and no from a clandestine. A good kennel have to have their parents in sight, facilities must be correct (clean, spacious, etc.), of course their dogs must be well maintained and the owner has to be able to answer all your questions. Check that the puppy isn't paunchy, as this may mean you have parasites, their eyes and nose does not have to have secretions, the skin does not have rashes and the personality should not be aggressive or lethargic. When you choose your Shar Pei, you have to prepare your home to receive it. You have to assign a place for the puppy and we recommend some things to have for the new member of your family: -

Blankets: the puppy needs a blanket to provide warmth and comfort. It's where they


will be able to spend their naps or sleep at night. Toys: Toys are for any age, especially for a puppy. The toys will entertain your dog and yourself, also will allow you to spend time with him / her. Puppies also do out of necessity, because like a baby, teeth are growing.


Leash: We recommend those whose material are nylon and are durable and


lightweight. You can use it to walk with your puppy and for training. Collar: is necessary to accustom the puppy to use all kinds of necklace, since we have a great variety of necklaces. Remember putting a plate ID to your pet that has your phone number.



Containers for food and water: He/she will need two “dishes�, one for the food and the other for water. Always maintain the dish with water full and the other only when is the time to eat. You have to option regarding to the material, plastic or metal. Cage: This is only extra, is not essential, however, many people use it to transport the dog in the car and something the dog sleep there or use it as a refuge.

Bibliography: Serie excellence, Razas de hoy, Shar Peri por Juliette Cunliffe

Bibliography: Serie excellence, Razas de hoy, Shar Peri por Juliette Cunliffe

Shar pei  

Some information about this breed

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