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ST PETERSBURG | KATIA POURGALIS St Petersburg, Russia, is a city famous for its emperors. It is also the nation of Russia’s artistic capital and hosts over 200 glorious museums, mesmerizing rivers, enchanting canals, extraordinary architecture and a vivacious cultural society. These factors are only some of the numerous magnificent reasons why Katia Pourgalis, professional business woman and part-time Real Estate investor, enjoys travelling to this exquisite destination. For travellers seeking a city that presents world-famous museums and art galleries, St Petersburg is the destination of choice. In 2011, this dazzling city has been voted the seventh best travel destination at the Trip Advisor Traveller’s Choice Awards. Holiday travellers characterises St Petersburg as an open-air museum in its entirety. Founded in the 18th century by the Russian Innovator, Peter the Great, St Petersburg was rapidly established and known as the cultural epicentre of Russia. It is currently one of the most travelled cities worldwide and with its continuous fresh and memorable experiences on offer to its holiday visitors, it is unmistakable as to why. St Petersburg can be described as a city which is one of its kind. It is traditionally Russian in component, partially modern Europe and bears an incomparable history and legacy. St Petersburg is an astounding Russian city which has enthused a long line of artists, revolutionaries and poets. It successfully brings together the qualities of three individual and exceptional cities and fuses it as one, as it was known as St Petersburg to the Russian Tsars, Leningrad to the factions of the Bolshevik revolution and Petrograd for a populace caught in the middle of war. The magnificent and world renowned St Petersburg Hermitage Art Museum, hosts an incredible art anthology which can successfully be described as one of the greatest collections in the world. The exquisite summer palaces built by Catherine the Great and Peter the Great to be the equal of Versailles, are also present in St Petersburg and cause for many a tourist to mark it as a must-see attraction while on their travels. With all its historic buildings, grandeur and magnificent stature, it is easy to understand why it is called Russia’s first city. St Petersburg is a city which always tends to amaze its travellers, no matter how many times you may have been a visitor to such splendour. This is why Katia Pourgalis returns to this beautiful destination time after time.


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