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Right: Perspective into the “Silence and Chimes” quiet garden in the redseigned Civic Park. Area is a labyrinth of Abelia and Escallonia hedges. Image from: Senior Capstone 2013, “Civic Park ReImagination” Left: Perspective from Colonial Style Pergola into the “Reading Round” scent garden in the redesigned Civic Park. Area is cascading Rosemary, Sweet Pea and Jasmine in a quiet area with benches to read. Image from: Senior Capstone 2013, “Civic Park Re-Imagined”

Below: Lighting plan for a reimagined “Mustang Plaza” infront of the Alex G. Spanos Stadium. 4th year project in tandem with Architecture, Construction management and Cal Poly Athletics. Image from: New Vison for Cal Poly

Below: Facebook “Wall Posts,” moveable walls with the ability to be written on with multiple mediums in the SLO Brew parking lot. Image from: Facebook, a 3rd year project with a zeitgeist point of view

LinkedIn: Online works: Email: Phone Number: 925.324,6368


A Quick Flyer of Work for Cal Poly Spring Career Fair 2013

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