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Different Kinds of Media that Give Us News . . . . . . . . . . 3 Different Sports in the Pa ralympic Ga mes . . . . . . . . . . . 4 How to Overcome a Physical Disability? . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Newspaper News in Costa Rica . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Difficulty to P erform any Kind of Homework . . . . . . . . . . 7 Newspapers in Costa Rica . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 The Kind of News that Worries Me Today . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Sacrifice and Love Story . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10


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In our world today we can get information in a lot of different ways. If it is not by searching on the Internet, you can read newspapers to see what the news reporters are saying. You can also be attentive and listen to the radio in the morning, on the way to work or college. One of our best information sources is the television because you hear and also watch what is happening. You can catch it live or watch the repetition, but there are always backups. Just in case you missed something, our television has hundreds of news channels from all over the world or just a specific country. Also, we have the radio for people who drive almost all day, so they cannot read or watch the news. For them, it is perfect to listen to the radio because it gives them a lot of information at the same time that they are driving. Then we have the newspaper and Internet. They have something in common, namely that you have to read them. One you have to buy, the other is online. Between both of them you have a lot to choose from so that depends on what you choose. Finally, we can say that we have different ways to get information about what happens in the world, so the people who say that they do not have time to investigate about world news simply do not want to be informed. The media is very important for people because it is the only way to learn about the problems or benefits that different countries have.

Paola Hernandez


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We all know about the Olympic Games but few know the Paralympic Games that have different and interesting sports for every person who has physical or mental disabilities. I am going to talk about






Paralympic Games and explain a little bit

basketball court. And also the baskets are

about each game.

at the same height.

One of the sports is the goal ball

Finally, there is the wheelchair

that is designed for blind athletes. The

tennis which has the same courts, balls

participants compete in teams of three and

and rackets but one difference is that they

try to throw a ball that has bells embedded

use a specially designed wheelchair to

into the opponent’s goal. All players are

play. There are two categories, men and

blindfolded to make the game fair. The

ladies, and each category has single and

players use a thin rope tied to the floor or a

double tournaments. The player must have


a medical diagnosis to verify that they





themselves on the court.

actually have a loss of physical movement.

Then we have the wheel chair basketball that retains most rules of the

Of course, there are more sports

NBA. One exception rule is the “traveling”

in the Paralympic Games but the goalball,

that occurs when the athlete touches his

wheelchair basketball and the wheelchair

wheels after receiving the ball. The court

tennis for me are the most interesting

has the same average of a regular

games that they play. These games are very important for these people because they have the opportunity to play sports and have good memories that help them to overcome their disabilities.

Paola Hernández


First of all, we have to know, what a physical disability is, it is any restriction or impairment of the ability to perform an activity in the manner or within the range considered normal for a human being. These physical disabilities make people suffer a lot. They have to deal with these problems every single day. All the simple routine tasks suddenly become a problem. These people have to learn how to never give up, but how can they do it? I would like to give some recommendations to overcome these issues. First, they have to learn how to struggle and fight for themselves. Of course they must have the strength to do it for themselves and with their disability, facing themselves and the society. They should adapt to their problem and live with it, not against it. People must consider this problem a challenge, not a weakness. Facing it with help from their relatives and professionals, in this way they will do it in the right way. Second, another recommendation will be: searching for a support group with people who deal with a similar disability. They know how it feels and they will encourage you to keep going. They provide important information that you should necessary to give your name it could be anonymous. These groups are the first step to face the society. The third recommendation: some governments provide handicapped people the proper accommodations for their disease. If you have a physical disability, you should look for your government‘s help. In the United States, there are some funds. These funds are called government grants for disabled people and are money that is given to them for all their needs. This will give a guarantee of quality in your life. Finally, one of the most important recommendations I can give is to maintain a positive and hopeful attitude. Determination is essential for success, so a positive mind is the clue for everything. Focus on your abilities and forget your disabilities. You will notice that your skills are bigger than your disability. You are the writer of your destination, write good lyrics and you will be writing the lyrics of success. This final recommendation is for all of us, and not just to handicapped people.

María Fernanda Meneses Ulloa


Here in Costa Rica, we have several newspaper, some of them are La Nación, La Teja, Al día, La Republica, El Financiero, Al día, Diario La Extra. They are sold (past participle) daily. Those newspapers are indirectly made for different kinds of people, I mean different social groups, but they do not say so. In this topic everyone can enjoy news in his own way. If you want to be informed about the real situation that is happening in our country, you should read La Nación. It is the most popular sales wise. For me it is the most objective and serious newspapers, in here Costa Rica, its contents are interesting. They use appropriate vocabulary. They are very formal, which in my opinion is better. It helps you understand the news reporter in a great way. On the other hand La Teja, Diario La Extra news use more Costa Rican words. They do not realize the kind of information they are showing. They do not care about showing the worst pictures of accidents or events; they do not care about the families of the people that appear in those pictures. They are just interested in selling the newspaper and gerund money. These newspapers are cheapest of the country. These newspapers have different contents, like local, international, finances, sports, success, showbiz and so on. For me, La Teja is made for people without any degree. La Teja, in my opinion, is the worst newspaper here; it is poor of content and uses the worst vocabulary too. They just like to show “models” without clothing, just a tiny bikini. It is very degrading for our country, even though people buy it. El Financiero and La Republica newspaper are more filled with business and finances. These are kinds of more formal news for executive people. Al día is filled with sports, and in Costa Rica sports means soccer, so you can imagine that it is kind of a soccer newspaper. If you are interested in Costa Rican news, now you know which the right one for you is. It does not matter witch one you choose, you have to remember that they are a great source of information that it is at your fingertips. And you will learn always something new from them.

María Fernanda Meneses Ulloa


Why do people think homework is boring? No matter age or gender, most people do not like to do any kind of homework. The difficulty of the homework makes a person lazier to perform it. An expectation exists if it is something that the person likes to do. Homework makes the person practice more, and make them become better in what they are doing. There is a big percentage of the population that dislikes the idea of realizing homework. People do not like to carry out more work at home. In cases there is not only homework from one subject, maybe two or three more. Depending on the person, that make a choice of not doing the homework at all, do just the essay or a short one, or start with the hardest or longer one, and if it have more time, that will finish with the leftover ones. We can see that these works at home wastes important time that people can enjoy doing other more important things. Age is a big factor that determinates how much homework a person is going to have and the difficulty of it. Kids from school can not have the same type of works than a middle school or high school student. Gender can determine another type of homework. At school everybody receives the same one, but at home, the situation changes. Males can receive the homework of washing dad´s car every Sunday, and females can receive the homework of washing dishes or cleaning the house. Nobody has the same idea about homework. When the person likes what he or she is doing, mentality changes and people start to like do homework. This mentality is more seen at college, when actually people that it is studying what they like to do. Like everything changes and also there is going to be a time when people get tired about what they are doing so their performance decreases, but it does not mean they do not like the idea of homework. This practice at home makes the person better in what he or she is doing, so it is an important sacrifice to execute them. The truth, most of the time, hurts. As we know homework is boring, but it has an important function in our lives. These are practices at home, and with the practice people get better in what they do. The perspective of homework should start to change and we can realize it is important to increase our knowledge. In a definite moment people will realize that homework is a good choice for our lives. Clariza Quezada


7 Â

La Teja is a newspaper that Costa Rica has many kinds of

became popular because of its

newspapers. You can find sports,

impacting news. Same as La

economy, criminology and so on.

Nación, that has the same

Also they have different prices. The

categories. The form of their

most popular and formal newspaper

vocabulary is more informal. I think

is called “La Nación”. And the worst

this newspaper is the most sold in

one is called “La Teja”.

Costa Rica because of the form of speech.

La Nación is one of the best out of

The difference between La Teja

our selections in Costa Rica. It has

and La Nación is more of a upper

different categories just like any

class newspaper. La Teja is more of

other paper. It is based off on Costa

an upper class newspaper. La Teja

Rican news that occurs every day. It

is simpler it is still a good news

has sports. Most of it is soccer. It

source but La Nación is more

also includes news about what is

specific and they write in a better

going on in our government and our

way to illustrate their news ideas

nation‘s capital.

etc. In my opinion, I think that the best one of both is La Nación. It brings more concluded information than the other ones. It offers more sections and brings more information about news around the


world. But any way, both of them give us the daily information about what is happening in our country.

Clariza Quezada


Nowadays we have lot of information coming to our sense and going to our minds. They come from mass media, for example: TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, and Internet. For instance, every day we hear relevant news and some others are not so important, but there are some that worry me more than others, for example, car accidents, political and street corruption and that is what I will talk about.

solutions neglect.

Last weekend I heard on the news that ten people were killed on the road. There are many causes for those incidents, but some of them are very common, like: driving at high speed and drunkenness of drivers. Data shows that three hundred people were killed in traffic accidents last year. It sounds very shocking and alarming because those accidents and these dead people could have been avoided, if they had been more responsible.

Finally, the latest news, but not the least important, is the corruption on Costa Rica’s streets, although the mass media explains that the number of steals has decreased considerably. I am really concerned about it, because CostaRicans and I still feel afraid when we visit the capital because we could be victims of an assault. Furthermore, in cars and homes, people have been affected by HAMPA, and they have had psychological and material damages.

Other news that I heard constantly is the inefficiency of the politicians who govern our country. We can read about: Chinchilla’s administration is the worst American qualified government with only 13% approval, on other hand, government denies environmental damage caused by “La trocha”. People talk about politics and our president Laura Chinchilla too, but what do we do to stop this? Nothing! Ticos are specialists in gossiping and talking, but none gives

When will we stop this news? When will there be the day that we see a change in Costa Rica? Do Costa Rica’s government and we have the tool to do something positive to solve this? I think it is 50% from each one, because people cannot do anything by themselves. We can make the difference between what we do and what we hear. With positive actions, we can make the world a happier place and then see better news.





Katherine Zúñiga Badilla


Where I live, there is a boy who has filled us with a lot of pride, as well, as my town and our country. His name is Erick Zumbado. He is 33 years old. When he was 14 years old, his parents, Eliecer Zumbado and Aracelly Mora, decided to register him in a swimming program in Heredia. Erick is not a common boy; he has Down syndrome. He is the first athlete with disability in Costa Rica who has participated at the Special Olympics. He has won forty-eight medals in local competitions and nine in the Olympic Games. In 1995, Erick competed in his first Special Olympics in Connecticut, USA. His parents and his sister Hazel (with cerebral paralysis) were there. Four years later, the family went with him to his second Olympics, this time in North Carolina. In both competitions, the swimmer won gold medals, silver and bronze. But it was in the last Paralympics, performed in Ireland in 2003, when something unthinkable happened to this family: Not Just Erick, also Hazel, filled with pride her parents. Erick acts like a normal person. From Monday to Saturday he gets up very early. He travels to Desamparados and works at the Labor Workshop Goodwill Industries. Then, he goes to Barreal de Heredia, where he swims 3.700 meters and when the day is almost over, he takes the road back home. It is important to include the labor of the parents who never saw their children with problems. They always fight for them, and they have always wanted the best for their kids no matter how much work or sacrifice it cost them. For example, Aracelly finished her job as a secretary to dedicate herself completely to take care of her son. Finally, it is important to mention that physical problems are in the mind. There are no invincible obstacles for any person, not even having a disability. Disabilities make their special; all humans with disabilities have the right to play sports, study and work. Also, they can reach their goals and dreams, no matter how much effort it cost them, with the help of God and their loved ones, they can achieve it.

Katherine Zúñiga Badilla


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