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Overall, this project was much harder than I had anticipated it to be. The hardest part of the assignment was simply thinking of a movie topic that would be interesting for people to watch. I was having a hard time thinking of a storyline that was different than movies already produced. Most of the ideas that came to my mind were love stories because those are the films I tend to really like. I tried to write a love story but all of my ideas seemed to resemble a movie that was already out there. In addition, I figured out that I am not a very creative person. I can picture things in my mind but I have trouble getting them down on paper. In regards to the script, this is where I really ran into trouble. I had such an incredibly hard time writing dialogue which surprised me. All of my lines were sounding extremely scripted and were not sounding like natural spoken language. In addition, I was having a hard time writing five pages of script that sounded exciting and that people would want to listen to or watch. Overall, I thought I did the best job I could do but I realized that I probably do not have a future career in script writing! I now have a lot more respect for Hollywood script writers.

T206 Project 1 Postmortem