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Assignment #3 Kathy Rawley

Conversation #1 1. Kathy: I have no idea how me and Tessa slept through that entire thing 2. Jen: Yeah we were up, we were like= 3. Tessa: =But was it really that loud? [ 4. Jen: 5.

I was like banging on the

Steph: Oh, it was really loud yeah [

6. Jen:

Oh yeah

7. (1) 8. Kathy: oh yeah that what she said [ 9.


We turned the lights on, I ran downstairs like

10. Kathy: she said they were like banging on like the walls or like the walls and like the windows [ 11. Steph:

XXX friends like

12. Jen: There was a lot like, we heard them from upstairs we were like= 13. Steph:= and the drunk girl was SO:O loud 14. (1) 15. (laughing) 16. Kathy: (laughing while talking) are the mums still dead? 17. Steph: (laughing while talking) she broke, she jacked all the mum plants 18. Tessa: The mums looked so sad today

19. (laughing) 20. (1) 21. Kathy: I heard that Steph said like that Jen went, was gonna go back out there and like water them [ 22. Steph:

Jen was about to water

them and then the girl runs up on the PORCH again 23. (laughing) 24. Steph: I was scared= 25. Jen:= I thought the water was going to straighten them out 26. Steph: XXX 27. Tessa: What was 28. Steph: I slammed the door, I just locked it, I was like XXX [ 29. Tessa:

What was her friend like, like was he?=

30. Steph: =He was really nice, no he was really nice [ 31. Jen:

Well no, he was like embarrassed of her cause I like

went outside cause there was like a huge bang [ 32. Steph:

Huge bang

33. Jen: so I was like I need to open the door now and like if she ok or if she’s hurt and I open the door and shes sitting in our plants and im like are you ok?= 34. Steph:= first things first 35. Jen: yeah first things first, I don’t even say im like, can you not sit in our plants? It’s so like 36. Tessa: but wait well was she sitting in it or was she like passed out in it? 37. Jen: passed out like laying like

38. Steph: her feet were like on top of them and she’s just like this 39. (laughing) 40. Jen: and the plants knocked over them, and im like can you get out of our plants 41. (laughing) 42. Steph: her legs were on top of them 43. Kathy: I just don’t get how her boyfriend or whoever that guy was like let her [ 44. Jen:

it was her best guy friend

45. Kathy: like let her [ 46. Steph:

he lives on the north side of campus

47. Kathy: like let her, let her walk on our porch 48. Jen: I don’t think he was with her that night 49. Steph: no he found her 50. Jen: he found her and was he was like was she here?= 51. Steph: =like yeah 52. Kathy: so she was just here by herself and then he came? 53. Steph: he had to find her 54. Jen: cause we didn’t hear the guy til a little bit after and we were like wait, * there’s a guy? 55. Tessa: that’s so dangerous= 56. Kathy: =so did you like look out your window and you see like a girl XXX= 57. Jen: =well we were down here cause the police just left 58. Kathy: that would have scared me so:o much 59. Steph: XXX 60. Jen: we were like THEY’RE BACK, THEY’RE BACK, THEY’RE BACK!

61. Steph: because what we did was we turned the lights in here off so you could tell when the motion light goes off 62. XXX 63. Steph: it was so scary to see it go off and you don’t know 64. Jen: yeah and when you don’t hear anything, oh my god it was a mess 65. Kathy: so what did your mom say about it, was she like? 66. Steph: she was like pissed in general because every single thing= 67. Jen: =she like, do we need a get a gate for the bottom you know just to make like more of an obstacle for people to come up if they are drunk [ 68. Steph:


69. Kathy: no, I’ll feel like a baby like making it stay in a room 70. Tessa: yea like getting a fake dog barker [ Yeah she’s like do we need to get one

71. Steph:

[ 72. Jen:

getting a fake dog barker to scare people away

73. Kathy: that would just be kind of like for our neighbors though cause like anytime they walk by or anytime XX walks by [ 74. Steph:

no you just turn it on at night

75. Kathy: oh I thought it was something like, an automatic sensor 76. Jen: well you can put it that way [ 77. Steph:

like let’s say like you’re the only one home this weekend and you’re

kind of scared, and like someone drunk driving

[ 78. Kathy:

Oh really?

79. Tessa: we should just get a creepy Halloween machine that make really scary noises 80. (Laughing) 81. Jen: we were going to get one but we thought Kathy would get to scared 82. (laughing) 83. Steph: my mom said we just ugh, need to get that spider filled, I was like 84. Kathy: that huge spider?

Conversation #2 1.

Hunter: The theory being that every single event in human life are intertwined with each other. It gets the name the Butterfly effect from the Chaos Theory that says a butterfly flaps it’s wings in China could then, it could be the cause of a tornado or hurricane somewhere in the United States.


Alex: or Valparaiso, Indiana. Cause I’m from a hurricane town


Hunter: Or sark’s ga:y ass hurricane town


Alex: Alright, but I don’t really believe in it man


Alan: Hurricane or tornado?


Alex: Tornado, tornado not hurricane


Alan: I was gonna say that would be an interesting place for the hurricane


Hunter: I don’t believe in it as well because I don’t believe, I think everything happens for a reason


Alan: Have you all ever heard of like the determin, determinism theory?


Everyone: no=


Alan: =We were talking about that in philosophy. It’s kind of the same deal as the butterfly effect or conflict theory. Saying that like


Hunter: (interrupts Alan) XXX


Alan: whatever, and that whatever, uh that whatever happens is determined by something that happened like millions and millions of years ago=


Alex:= oo


Alan: saying that like an, like an elephant, or like a dinosaur taking a poop right, that determines you taking a sip of that water right now




Alex: nuh-uh


Alan: That’s what it says, I know it’s bullshit, I think it’s completely bullshit





false, false*


Alex: NAH I don’t know though, it could be true. If the dinosaur hadn’t taken the poop right there, and fertilized that piece of land, like yadi yadi yada all the way up to, I wouldn’t be


Alan: yeah well that’s all, Im not sure how, how like=


Hunter: =That’s plausible, that’s what I was saying if you go back in time you wouldn’t be able to touch anything, do anything, cause a human from our time period stepping foot with the dinosaurs would leave a footprint, would leave some kind of human DNA, you never know how it would affect anything=


Alan: =well see no no what I’m confused about is that it doesn’t explain so much as far as (1), as far as like it saying that that dinosaur stepping on, or taking the poop is that, is that what causes you to drink that water bottle, or that dinosaur stepping, or taking the poop, is

that what causes you to come to existence? It doesn’t necessarily determine you drinking that water bottle but it determines your existence 25.

Alex: oh so a determinant, so someone who believes in that theory will never believe in time travel, because we wouldn’t exis, do, I don’t know, I don’t know


Hunter: You could believe in time travel, you would just have to stay on a specific time traveling special path. There’s actually a book about that, it’s the Sound of Thunder







Alex: Do you believe in time travel?


Hunter: I mean not right now because obviously it’s not possible, but I mean thousands of years ago it wasn’t possible to sail around the world, cause it was flat


Alex: Oh it was square, yeah


Hunter: flat


Alex: When did it rounded, when did it turn into?=


Hunter: =When Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492






Alex: Alright


Hunter: Feel a little XXX there, I learned that in third grade you retard


Alex: (laughing)Ok next question on the


Hunter: Got into Harvard, didn’t know when Columbus sailed the ocean blue






(laughing) (1)





Alex: (laughing) is, is, what celebrity death meant more to culture, world culture than any other?


Hunter: So define culture, people who actually count in this world as cultured people who make justified, justifiable like reasonable decisions on life


Alex: Well who does that exclude?


Hunter: That excludes most people from Memphis, Tennessee (1) and Gary, Indiana and Detroit

Assignment #3  

Record 2 different conversations for around 2 minutes

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