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Prevent fire accidents with ‘Unique fire stop products’

‘Unique fire stop products’ offers a wide range of systems that protect an environment from a fire accident. Installation of flames-protection devices can avert mishaps caused by a major inferno. It is a fact that such happenings result in deaths, serious physical injuries and damage to the buildings. The company provides UL classified devices. One of them is a wall top plate. It is a unique tool which is used for penetrating a wall partition. It is mostly installed in commercial buildings. Usually this activity is carried out using equipment such as a screw driver, claw hammer, etc. However, due to these standard procedures, cables and wires existing in the space get damaged. For a convenient installing process, this product comes with plastic bushings. This saves time of the installers as the fitting time of this system is only five seconds.

Another product which is preferred by customers is bulk plates, which are also known as bulkhead plates. This equipment acts like an inside washer for split sleeve systems. With the

help of this device, it becomes easier to repair multiple cable penetrations and large holes. ‘Unique fire stop products’ offers a 24-hour turn-around time on these products. Those who wish to use these systems require a slotted square washer for every side of the plate while fitting a split sleeve. The washer should be fixed 180 degrees opposite to the slot in the plate. Other than this, when using larger plates, they should be screwed to the wall studs.

‘Unique fire stop products’ has its website as well where customers can view a list of equipment. They can select the required system and order it on-line. The certified installers of company examine the area and based on analysis, they fit the tool. The firm also provides training to people and conducts certification tests.

Prevent fire accidents with ‘Unique fire stop products’