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Build WordPress Website in 25 Minutes

Overview You are just a few clicks away from creating your fascinating new WordPress website! Here, I’d assist you in creating a WordPress website within 25 minutes through a well-developed step-by-step approach. Looking cool, right! Let’s get started now.

Steps to Set Up Your WordPress Website

Do You Want To Use WordPress???

Choose Your Site Domain Name

Setup Hosting

Install Wordpress

Create A Perfect Permalinks Related To Your Website

List Down Number Of Pages And Create Pages

Create A Contact Form To Make Your Visitors Contact You With Ease

Implement User Friendly Site Navigation

Add Content Appropriately That Describes Your Site

Install Widgets

Build A Blog Page

Create Site Administrator

Set Up A Gravatar Image

Add Social Media Icons

Create A Backup For Your Website

Install Analytics To Track Your Visitors And Traffic

Keep Updating WordPress

Optimize Your Site For Search Engines To Crawl Your Website

Optimize Your Site To Be Mobile Friendly

Yes! You Are Done With It!!!

I believe, from the above steps, you'd build a WordPress website with productive gains in a quick succession. You can make your website more





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How to build a wordpress site  
How to build a wordpress site  

Building a WordPress site might be a headache now. But here are some tips to build a WordPress site in 25 minutes.