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Live Transfer Mortgage Leads Mortgages can be very complicated if you do not know the technical details of the paperwork. Once there is confusion, there is a huge window for error and most people who do not fully understand their mortgage get in trouble financially. When there are people in crisis, there will always be people and companies that are willing to help. The companies that help with citizen’s mortgages are in high demand, but there is so many companies out there. How do these companies attract business? Besides traditional marketing, there is a service called Live Transfer Mortgage Leads provided by Pay Per Call Exchange. This type of service is growing to be extremely popular because of how it works. First, the advertising agency does everything in its power to attract clients to call the number they provide. When the potential leads call the number, it is then prescreened for quality and if the phone call is indeed a potential lead, then the call is t ransfer red over to the mortgage company. The mortgage company is then able to seal the deal and close on the customer. The best part about live transfer mortgage leads is that the mortgage company does not pay for anything until the lead is delivered! If there is no phone call transferred to the mortgage company, there is no purchase. If you are interested in acquiring this type of live transfer mortgage leads service, please do not hesitate to call us so we can set something up. Pay Per Call Exchange 6733 S. Sepulveda Blvd Suite 135 Los Angeles CA 90045 Tel(310) 906­1058  Web:


Live Transfer Mortgage Leads