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brief 01_contemporary culture. collecting research contacting designers Hi, My name is Kathryn Brooks, Im currently in my final year studying BA (Hons) Graphic Design at Leeds College of Art. I have recently written a brief for part of my final practice that looks at 'Contemporary Culture' using photography as my main source of research/imagery. The summary of the brief is: Create a zine/a collection of zine’s that best display contemporary culture in different cities using photography as your main source of visual research. The subject can be anything that you feel, in some way, contributes to the overall image of contemporary culture. 'Capture friends, peers. Capture reality, fantasy, people with interesting stories, and people with great ideas. Something real. Seize the chance to define the visual language of your world in 2013/14.' All the photos used will be put into a collection of zines. I really like your photography work and was wondering if you could be part of the project where I send out disposable cameras to people in different cities and get them to capture whatever they want over a period of time. Obviously all expenses would be paid for and I would be really grateful if you would like to get involved. I look forward to hearing from you, Thanks Kathryn Brooks

responses ryan Hey Kathryn,

Hey Ryan,

Hi Kathryn

sounds cool. I'm originally from Leeds and have many friends who studied graphics at Leeds College of Art, it's a great course!

I really like being a student in Leeds, I'm enjoying my final year. May I ask where you studied? as I am a big fan of your work.

Thanks for your kind words, I studied at Lincoln University, although it's a while since I graduated, 2006 infact!

I'm happy to help so feel free to send a camera…I'm in Dubai, is that OK? It would be nice to capture some images of contemp culture here and maybe provide a bit of an insight into a city that is very different from it's general global reputation.

That would be amazing if you could, I would be so grateful..and Dubai is perfect because it would be great to get a contrast of cities, I hadn't banked on getting images from somewhere like Dubai so this is really exciting for my project.

The address to send the camera to is:

Cheers, Ryan

I haven't set an exact date for when I need to collect all the images back but it wont be until jan/feb so theres a while to just do this casually, whenever you feel really. Is there an address I can send the camera to? Thanks, Kathryn

Now I work as creative director at Brownbook magazine, check us out :)

Brownbook Publishing Gate Village Building 2 Street level DIFC PO Box 391405 Dubai, UAE Cheers, Ryan

alexandra Hi Kathryn,

Hi Alexandra,

Hi !

I'm really happy to participate at your project. It's a great idea ! And sorry too, for my english's mistakes Best regards,

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it, it should hopefully be an exciting project.

My address : Alexandra Assunçao 16 rue de la maladrie, 44120 Vertou, FRANCE


Is there an address or somewhere I can send the camera to for you to get hold of? Best regards, Kathryn

I really like your idea and I will try to make cool photographs : ) Do you receive good photos from the other people ? Last little question, Am I free to do any type of photo ? (people, buildings, plants...) Best regards, Alexandra

ck hi,

Hi Ck,

below is my address,

sure, what a interesting project, I wanna know when is your deadline for your project? as I'm little busy these days, do I only need to use the camera that you provide to caption my city? kindly please tell me more, thanks.

Thanks for your response, the deadline is fairly flexible, you could have up until february time to casually capture some snaps? If you prefer you could use a camera of your choice, the reason for me sending them out is so I can cover expenses but if we could arrange for me to pay the expenses another way I would be happy for you to use whatever camera you wanted.

Cheang Chiwai, PATIO DO PILOTO, NO.14-16, ED. VA HENG, 4 Andar B, MACAU (Via Hong Kong)

-Ck Cheang

looking forward for it.

Thank you, Kathryn

alex Hi Kate,

Hi Alex,

You can send me a camera at the following address:

This sounds very interesting, I'm both honored and humbled that you would seek me out to be a part of your final project.

Thank you so much, that would be great, having some shots around NYC would be really exciting for this project!

Alex Koplin 15 Dunham Pl, Apt 12A Brooklyn NY, 11249

I'd be happy to capture some shots around NYC ~Alex

The project deadline is a while away so you can casually take some snaps of whatever you feel. I came across your work at the beginning of second year and have been a big fan ever since, may I ask what you're working on at the moment? And also if there is an address or somewhere I can send the camera for you to get hold of? Thanks, Kate

sofia Hi Kathryn,

Thank you for contacting me! Glad you liked my work! Sounds like a really interesting project and I would love to help you with the photos. Just to clarify: you'd send me a disposable camera, I'd take photos related to my city's contemporary culture, and then send them to you? Are these printed photos or digital? Cheers! Sofia

Not sure of the USA's country code, but I assume you'll need to indicate that somehow. I suppose I could also just go out an buy a disposable camera here and send you digital scans of whatever I take. To answer your question about what I've been working on, we just redesigned the website for Moodgadget, the record label I'm involved with, so a lot of new releases are in the pipeline, along with album art and new wearables. I also recently did some shooting in upstate NY during peak season for autumn leaves Anyway, let me know if there's anything else you need, I'll keep an eye out for your reply and a camera! ~A

Thanks so much Sofia, Im really excited that you're on board!

Hi Kate, Great! My address is:

Yeah thats how it would work, you would just have to send the camera back to me when you'd used all the photos and I would develop them here. I would be happy to email you over the scanned photographs once I'd got them developed. And of course I would pay for all the postage expenses etc.

Av. Belgrano 3336 Avellaneda (1872) Buenos Aires Argentina

Is there an address that I can send the camera to for you to get hold of? Cheers, Kathryn

When do you estimate you'll be sending the camera? Cheers! Sofia

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