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WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND? DARLEENS TIMELINE Red Sea Diving (48 photos) IN AFRICAAAA — at Sharm El Sheikh.

January 29, 2013

E V E N T S 2012 Iration Steppas + more @ Concorde2 With 27 other guests

Left Job at Hollister Co.

January 2012

Graduation Ball With 406 other guests WatchMePivot Mag VS Late Lunch w/ Ashburner|Nick James|Legaspi|Joss Ryan With 162 other guests

Graduated f r o m University of Sussex 2012

Daniel Nouche - Has a brand-spanking new house to play with. Gabriel Walsh, Josie Parrianen, James Gray, Darleen Speckle Le & Karl von Buren.... having successfully spent the first night there, i think its safe to say that the next year or two will be the Bees fucking

-July 12, 2011 knees.

Started Working at Mystery Shopper

August 2011

Darleen: 25 de montfort road mandem plus loft = MESSY TIMES

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whats on your mind?  

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