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October wednesday 23rd (COP day) Email Tom Cavanagh, listen to Oliver Green lecture & blog notes, upload COP research (TFL museum), extended research and planning for essay & practical.Spectrum boards/research

tuesday 12th

thursday 24th

wednesday 13th (COP day)

research into contemp culture - write up plan, spectrum research, finish writing brief

COP/2hours: extend research and planning - Underground by design, creative review TFL edition

friday 25th (PPP) ppp/1

thursday 14th


friday 15th (PPP)





hour: recap week, evaluation and plan for next week. contemp culture - plan & COP/2hours: underground by design, questions for Tom

monday 28th 03 or 06.

email Museum of Childhood, foundation research and plan. Start researching either brief COP/2hours: more means of research/underground by design - enquire about ‘HTTSL’ Oliver Green

tuesday 29th research

spectrum/brief 03 OR 06/planning designing. COP book research - structuring essay, primary research? survey?

wednesday 30th (COP day) look this will link.

COP/2hours: BBC 2 documentary &blog

at research - direction, practical elements, list of research and how

sunday monday 18th tuesday 19th

book research

wednesday 20th (COP day)

thursday 31st designing for brief 03 or 06? COP/2hours: research, planning

thursday 21st


friday 22nd (PPP)

friday 1st (PPP) ppp/recap:

look into studios, evaluate the week, plan for next week. COP/2hours: research, planning. Brief 03 or 06 designing


saturday london - research about the tube - primary photographs, museum of childhood visit and photograph



collect things from home to further briefs - more primary research on museum of childhood & TFL

monday 25th

monday 4th TFL museum & library - FRANK PICK TALK - OLIVER GREEN

tuesday 5th

brief 03 or 06, developing, designing.

tuesday 26th

COP/2hours: organise and blog research from weekend

wednesday 27th (COP day)

wednesday 6th (COP day)

Frank Picks London: Art, design and the modern city - research

thursday 7th

thursday 28th

COP/2hours: planning and organising (look into practical) brief 03 or 06

friday 29th (PPP) friday 8th

(PPP) ppp/hour recap: evaluate/email studios.

brief 03 or 06

COP/2hours: book research and structure


saturday sunday sunday monday 11th start writing essay

December monday 2nd tuesday 3rd wednesday 4th (COP day) thursday 5th friday 6th (PPP) saturday sunday monday 9th tuesday 10th wednesday 11th (COP day) thursday 12th friday 13th (PPP) saturday sunday monday 16th tuesday 17th wednesday 18th (COP day) thursday 19th friday 20th (PPP) saturday