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MODULE ASSESSMENT BRIEF LEEDS COLLEGE OF ART Programme Title: BA (Hons) Graphic Design // Level: 6 Module Title: Extended Practice // Module Code: OUGD603 Brief Title: Zanzibar Spice Tour Product Branding Module Leader/Tutors: Amber Smith, Andy Lodge, Simon Harrison Module Credits: 60 // weighting of brief within Module: 100%

BRIEF 02: ZANZIBAR SPICE TOUR PRODUCT BRANDING Context Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania, East Africa. One of Zanzibar’s main industries is spices, over time several spices such as cinnamon, cumin, ginger, pepper and cardamom were introduced. Their rich fragrance became synonymous with Zanzibar, which became known as the 'Spice Islands'. Zanzibar and Spice is a romantic entanglement that dates back to the 16th century. ‘We have developed a special Spice Tour with in-depth information not only about spices, but also organically grown herbs and detailed descriptions about their uses in traditional dishes, as cures for ailments and even for dyeing traditional ceremonial outfits for weddings and festivals. We have knowledgeable guides trained by a famous herbalist in Zanzibar Mr. Madawa. Our guided walking tour passes through villages and spice plantations, a walk through the farms as spice farms workers climbs trees, seek out specific plants and cuts off various barks, letting you see, feel and taste everything.’ -Eco & Culture tours Zanzibar

Brief Throughout the spice tours customers are exposed to fresh natural herbs, spices, fruits and flowers. Using all the natural ingredients from the plantation the spice tours are able to sell herbs, spices, soaps and perfumes. The outline of this brief is to brand and package/label the perfume and soap.

Preparation/Research suggestions Think about the vibrant colours that could be experienced on this spice tour and what would be the best way to display these exotic, natural and earthy tones. Research into specific aromas, flowers and natural ingredients to get a better understanding of the type of product you are trying to brand and package. Think of the type of audience you want to attract through your design. Research Zanzibar’s spice history and cultural beliefs to help inform your design decisions.

Evidence – for this project students should submit Branding for a range of products A small collection of packaging for soaps A collection of perfume labels A product business card

Brief 02 Zanzibar Spice Tour Branding  
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