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MODULE ASSESSMENT BRIEF LEEDS COLLEGE OF ART Programme Title: BA (Hons) Graphic Design // Level: 6 Module Title: Extended Practice // Module Code: OUGD603 Brief Title: Hare and Tortoise Restaurant Rebrand Module Leader/Tutors: Amber Smith, Andy Lodge, Simon Harrison Module Credits: 60 // weighting of brief within Module: 100%

HARE AND TORTOISE RESTAURANT REBRAND Context Hare and Tortoise is a Japanese restaurant in London that has five branches. The restaurants are known for its popularity and there are often queues outside certain branches highlighting its value and quality of its dishes. The idea of the chain restaurants are they serve quality, traditional and full of flavor Japanese dishes for reasonable prices and quick service.

Brief or Tasks The brief is to rebrand the restaurant, taking into account its food, culture and style. You must consider the restaurant pricing, the time of the service, the quality of the food, which will help you make informed design decisions that best suit the chain. The rebrand will give the restaurant a new image that will entice new customers and bring a design quality to the company.

Preparation/Research suggestions You will need to research thoroughly into the restaurant and its menu. You will also need to consider Japanese design and Japanese culture and how this can be incorporated into the rebrand. Target audience will also need to be considered when looking into changing the style and feel of the chain. To help gather inspiration and ideas you should explore other restaurant rebrands and see how successfully they work.

Evidence – for this project students should submit General branding A newly designed and up to date menu Packaging for take away orders

Brief 06: H&T  
Brief 06: H&T