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Kathryn Brooks Project Report OUGD503



Photography Branding


Feel Good Drinks Co.


Hell Fire


Collabrative: Ted Baker


Greetings UK


Jack Jones Trust


Penguin Design Awards


To Dry For


Photography Branding Brief

To create a logo for a photographer. Branding and Identity.


For the brief I tried to design a contemporary and stylish logo that could be used across a range of different formats for a photography client. My idea was to design a recogniable and interesting logo, there were no restrictions within the brief as the client was open to any design suggestions. However, I tried to incorporate elements of her personality and work into the design. Such as her contemporsry style of photography and minimalistic use of colour.


I quite enjoyed this brief because recently, since being on the course, I have developed an interest in branding and identity and was keen to try it out. I think as it was my first try it turned out fairly well, its something I’d not done before and liked the end result of it coming together, looking like a consistent range of products.



Feel Good Drinks Co. Brief

We think our pack designs look good. The designs are simple, colourful and impactful on shelf, the brand name is clear and most people get the fact that we are offering tasty, healthy drinks. However there is a risk that we’re bWe’re big fans of simple, uncluttered pack design, we like what we’ve got but recognise that the best designs are constantly evolving. The supporting information included in our project pack shows how our designs have evolved over the last 10 years, we’re up for change and would love to see some fresh ideas.


I tried in the best possible way to make my designs clean and simple but still have an element of feelgood about them. I have tried to make them appealing by using colourful and eyecatching labels. I have used a narrow style typeface as I feel this communicates a sophisticated and high end design.



I feel this was the most difficult brief I have engaged in as I don’t feel as confident or competent in packaging design. I was pleased with my final label designs but had felt that my lack of skill when using Photoshop meant that the quality of the overall finished product did not do the design justice. I hope to become more competent in using Photoshop in the future. I feel the attention to detail and drilling down that was featured in the workshops provided me with greater knowledge and insight into the design direction I took with this brief.


Hell Fire Brief

To create a beer label for the beer Hellfire for the creative network events.


During WW1 Hellfire corener was considered ‘the hottest place on earth.’ Intersecting with the Menin Road it was an important route junction under constant observation and fire by Germans on the high ground. Anything that moved across it was fired upon. I thought basing my logo design on this would be a good concept. The imagery depicts soldiers racing through Hellfire corner to saftey. The image for my beer label should indicate the soldiers rushing through Hellfire corner to get a taste of Hell Fire beer. This is where the slogan comes in ‘When you’re in a hurry for one hell of a pale ale!’



I didn’t think I would enjoy this brief as much as I did because I don’t usually enjoy creating packaging, however I found it quite engaging and really enjoyed coming up with a concept that was relevant and had to work. At first I found the name of the Hell Fire beer quite restricting because original ideas and concepts led me straight to flames/the devil/fire etc. But researching played a major part in creating my final design and concept. I think the final result worked out well as I was lucky enough to use authentic imagery that was already avaliable and conveyed my theme.


Collaborative: Ted Baker Brief Ted Baker is continuing its plan for global growth, with new locations opening in China, Japan, the USA and the Middle East – each time taking a little bit of Britain with them.


Our idea was to create a campaign and take Ted Baker to Italy. The campaign is called Ted Baker: ‘When in Rome...’ and the slogan is “la bella figura.” The idea was to take Ted Bakers British style and culture, through their clothing, to three of the fashion capitals, Milan, Rome and Florence. To appeal to our Italian audience we created a monochrome, stylish and minimalist campaign considering Italian fashion, language and culture but still maintaining the tradition of Ted Bakers British manner. To make this campaign a success we promoted it over a range of different formats including web, print (Lookbook and British culture publication) packaging, brand and Identity and online presence (social networking.)


Along with the following we created an event for the opening of the new Ted Baker store at Quadrilatero Della Moda, Milan, where the new collection will be launched and the beginning of Ted Baker, When in Rome...will begin.


This brief allowed me to learn a lot about my work ethic and working collaboratively. I thought this was a perfect oppurtunity to put ideas together and come out with something successful having two sets of hands and strengths. Within the first week or two of the brief I found the concept and idea generation really exciting. Me and Sophia generated several ideas and built up a strong concept and campaign. I think working together helped to make our ideas and concepts stronger. However, something me and Sophia both addressed that needed improving was time management. I feel the quality of some of the work could of been met to a better standard if we would of left more time for the production and less time on the idea generation and concepts. Overall I think the campaign worked well and was happy with the contribution I gave to this collaborative brief.


Greetings UK Brief

The greetings card industry is a very competitive market. We are constantly looking for ways to stand out from the crowd, whether this be through an exciting card format, interesting use of finishes (emboss, foil, glitter, varnish, gems, googly eyes, printed card attachments, bespoke attachments, buttons etc), or simply stunning designs that stand out from the competition.


The idea behind my range of greeting cards was to base it on The Beatles, being one of, if not the most popular band in the world, and having a song for every occasion. Whilst doing some primary research around gift shops such as Paperchase I’d noticed that simple designed cards with a focus on type seemed to be popular, a good quality stock also played a part in the quality of the card overall. I also created a Valentines range, again using the same concept as the birthday range and taking a selection of songs they have written and using them for the occasion. I wanted this range to focus on type, with a simple hand drawn style heart, deep red to compliment the cream stock.


Summary I did this brief as a quick turn around brief as I liked the concept. I enjoyed it because I got to relate it to a subject matter I liked. I also used photoshop for the Beatles birthday range which I was pleased with because I feel I need to gain more confidence on this programme. I feel the it worked quite well, however I don’t think its as apparent the type of style I was trying to create. This was because of my time management skills, I feel I should of left more time considering printing. The overall finished products would of looked far better if they could of been printed. This is something that I need to improve on, as I constantly feel I don’t give myself enough time for the production period. It would of been nice to try some processes such as foiling.


Jack Jones Trust Brief The Jack Jones Trust is an alliance between like-minded trade unionists and film makers, formed to recognise the contribution made by Jack Jones the trade unionist and socialist and to promote these ideals. The newly formed Trust requires for a logo which looks modern and contemporary but which represents the background of Jack Jones as a socialist and a Liverpool dock worker and trade unionist. In addition, the creation of the Jack Jones Trust is being promoted by a launch at the House of Commons, London. We require an online invitation to be designed to send to people to publicise this event.


This is the final logo for the Jack Jones Trust, this is the one that the clients chose, I think the typeface is bold enough to be eye catching, and incorporates the red socialist colour highlighting Jack Jone’s name.


The cogs are symbolic of heavy machinery used in industry, this is relevant because he was the leader of the largest manual union.


This was a brief I engaged professionaly in. I was selected to provide my designs for the logo of the Jack Jones Trust through a competetive process. This brief gave me confidence in a more professional manner and have learnt more about the industries process. Throughout the design process I had to adapt my designs and generate new ones to fit the clients evolving requirements. At times I found this challenging. For me, managing the clients input, at times was frustrating. I found implementing their suggestions was sometimes difficult as they conflicted with my creative ideas. After experiencing this brief I’ve learnt, in the industry, there will always be the need to compromise and be flexible with my designs as often you are facilitating someone elses requriements.


Penguin Design Awards Brief

Students are invited to design a whole new cover look for The Wind in the Willows, in order to reinvent this classic for a new generation of readers, encouraging children (and adults) to revisit it time and time again, and ensuring that it remains an integral part of childhood.


For the brief I wanted to create something that looked as though it could of been part of a Penguin Classic design. After looking at the original designs I then tried to apply a similar colour palette using creams and dark greens.

I wanted to take this aspect of her design combined with te original design of the Penguin Classics to create my cover. I decided to go with a basic illustration of a toad, Mr. Toad being one of the most popular and well knwon characters in the book. I thought the pose and posture of the illustration reflected that of Mr. Toad.


I liked the brief because it allowed me to see my work in context. I liked the final outcome even though next time I would have liked to use a more illustrative approach instead of limiting myself and designs to Illustrator, which is the only programme I feel really comfortable with.

My idea was to create a hand drawn style image and repeat this pattern several times to make up the front cover. Taking the repeated pattern idea from Caroline Bickford Smith who creates basic illustrations of objects in the book to design classic novels in a contemporary style.



To Dry For Brief

The brief gave you the chance to design your own tea towel. We’re happy for the design to be either portrait or landscape in format. The image can be as small or as large as you wish within the given print area, or it can bleed off the edge of the tea towel.


After looking at te brief and previous winners I decided to research lastest trends within retail, fashion and illustration. After doing some primary and secondary research I decided to go with a retro theme. I thought this would be quite good for a tea towel design as a ‘retro theme’ seemed to be popular within this kind of area e.g mugs. As I was restricted to three colours I chose these as I thought it would best represent the retro theme.



This was a quick turnaround brief that I did. I thought this would be quite a broad brief in terms of allowing me to design something without any restrictions, however, I found it quite difficult to think of a design and eventually didn’t like the way it turned out as much as I’d hoped, due to skills and colour restictments. In the future I would like to try and do some more illustrative based work and gain confidence in photoshop in order to


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Book report  

book report for OUGD503