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Designer Statement

It has become acceptable for chain stores to brazenly copy designers collections as soon as they set foot on the runway. For my graduation collection I have examined this concept by pirating my own collection; Circus Circus. Circus Circus is a menagerie of entertainment, playful illusion and electrified drama that has a dark, mysterious side. Characters from the Victorian Circus are brought to life by mixing the unexpected, expreme dark to lights forming colour clashes. Drawing on my past experience in designing show stopping bridal and evening wear, I’ve taken traditional silhouettes and re-imagined them in streetwear fabrics. Couture fabrics and high end features are combined with modern knits in lounge wear styles for a fresh look. For my pirated collection, I have taken key design elements and fabrics from Circus Circus, then toned them down as more accessible, simplified versions for the mass market.

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Plain Knit Jersey 100% Polyester Cage Black

Kathryn Potter Portfolio  

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Kathryn Potter Portfolio  

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