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October/November/December 2013

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A community newsletter featuring updates, events and program news from Southern Frontenac Community Services

VolunteerPROFILE Don Connolly Well Known Artist Lends his Talents to SFCSC!

VISIONSoup Is Back!

A pleasant chat with Don and Liane Connolly at their lakeside home, which Don designed around a small cottage, revealed an interesting and exciting life together. Don has literally hundreds of pieces of aviation art in collections and museums around the world, including 11 at the War Museum in Ottawa and 20 in the National Aviation Museum. He grew up in the north end of Kingston, hanging around the Fair Grounds and Norman Rogers Airport. An avid airplane model builder, he joined the RCAF at 18, trained as a navigator, and did a lot of flying, particularly with continued on PG 2



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The communities of South Frontenac have always been known as warm, friendly and supportive. We are delighted when interesting people who grew up in the area decide to live and work here, raising families and giving back to the towns and villages that nurtured them. Leslie Reade is a busy young wife, mom and veterinarian who came through Harrowsmith Public and Sydenham High Schools. She always knew she wanted a rural life for her own family. Living and working here in the family veterinary practice with her husband has been a perfect fit. Her good friend Josey Steele also grew up and went to school here, where her husband

Food bank donations will be collected at the door

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VolunteerPROFILE the 426 Thunderbird Squadron alongside the Americans during the Korean War. Don was the first Canadian instructor at the U.S. Airforce Academy in Colorado Springs. After subsequent postings at National Defence in Ottawa, he opted to take early retirement from the RCAF in 1966, at the age of 35, and entered into a partnership developing a series of picture framing outlets in Ottawa/Hull. Don had always liked to sketch and was very observant of the world around him. As interest in his art increased, he turned full-time to painting, having particular success in the aviation field. He also does abstracts, sculptures, landscapes, marine art and portraits. Volunteering is important for Don. His latest venture has been to paint a chair for the SFCSC Chairs for Charity. As he finds people in the area are interested in nature and the environment, his beautiful chair depicts the Canada Goose, Monarch butterfly, Osprey and Arctic Tern, and their migration routes. He also helped to design display equipment and oversee installations for the first Grace Centre Arts Event. Don is currently designing book covers for a friend’s upcoming aviation books. To find out more about SFCSC's Chairs for Charity Auction on November 29th, see page 12 of this issue or go to: -

Christmas Programs The Christmas season is fast approaching! Many low income families find themselves in a tight spot with heating costs, the holidays and working seasonal jobs. As a result, they come to rely on SFCSC's Food Bank more during this time of year to access nutritional food. Loughborough Christmas and Emergency Relief Committee provide toys and food hampers for residents of the Loughborough district. Applications are due by November 29th. The Salvation Army provide Christmas hampers and Toys for Kids for residents of Frontenac County. Applications can be completed in the office by appointment only. The deadline to apply for this program is November 29. Snowsuits can be provided for children through Corus Entertainment. For information on who qualifies, how to apply and how to donate please call 613-376-6477.

Clunkers for Charity SFCSC's Vehicle Donation Program It's easy to turn your old car, motorcycle, boat or tractor into a gift for your community! Just call SFCSC and we'll take care of everything. It's free and you get a charitable receipt

Recycling your vehicle is good for the environment and your community!

For more information call Bob Abrams at: (613) 376-6477 ext 306 or Donna Fletcher, Editor

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go to to fill out our secure online form..

Food Bank News

Janette Haase, SFCSC's Garden Facilitator, (second from left) is seen here with some of the student / adult volunteers and staff at Grace Community Garden. The garden yielded fresh produce for up to 60 families a month from June to Sept. Thanks so much....

This summer has been very busy at SFCSC's Food Bank with the number of clients accessing our services reaching a record high. Fortunately the community garden has provided us, and the adult day program, with lots of fresh vegetables throughout the summer. It is with much appreciation we thank everyone involved in this project. Also we want to thank everyone in the community who donated vegetables from their own gardens. Last week three of us stewed tomatoes, and filled 52 bags of tomatoes with basil to store in the freezer. These will be given out later to our clients, along with recipes. Whenever possible, we shop locally for our food bank produce and appreciate the regular discounts offered to us on behalf of our clients. Jennifer Linton SFCSC Food Bank Volunteer

CommunityservicesCORNER Twenty five years ago a group of Loughborough Township residents realized that a number of local families did not have an opportunity to enjoy the blessings of the Christmas season. To address this need a Christmas Basket program was begun. Fundraising for the Christmas Basket program proved so successful that the volunteers were also able to respond to emergency situations in the community where neighbours were experiencing life changing calamities. Continued provision of these activities led to the founding of the Loughborough Christmas & Emergency Relief Committee, a registered charitable organization. We have no paid staff, receive no government grants and all funds raised go to support the implementation of our programs. While the people behind the organization have changed over the years, there remains a group of committed volunteers who see that the organization's mandate continues to be met. Our mandate includes providing Christmas Baskets to members of the community in need as well as providing emergency relief to Loughborough District

families in severe distress. At Christmas we provide up to 65 needy local families with a Christmas Basket that provides for a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings as well as a week’s worth of groceries. Wrapped gifts for children and teens complement the food basket. Emergency relief assists residents who have suffered home fires, are in danger of having their utilities disconnected or face eviction from their residences. Other emergency situations are dealt with as necessary. Generous donations from residents of Loughborough District and surrounding areas provide much of the funding to support these programs. Other funds come from the annual VISIONSoup fundraiser, benefit dances and, church and business sponsored activities. Later this autumn we will conduct our annual postal campaign seeking donations to fund the Christmas basket program for 2013 and emergency relief in 2014. When our request arrives in the mail please assist us if you can. To contact the LC&ERC for any reason call 613-572-6004 and leave a message, someone will respond asap.

Join us Tuesday November 19th for our next crock-pot cooking class... It's free and its fun! Call Elizabeth to book your spot: 613-376-6477 ext. 303

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October / November / December 2013 continued from PG 1

CommunityFUNDRAISER has a business. The two friends knew about the “Empty Bowls” fund-raiser in Kingston and thought “Why not here?” They knocked on doors and got a lot of enthusiasm and support from local businesses. Money was needed for startup supplies, equipment and advertising. They were able to use Sydenham High School the first year and local potters have been consistently strong supporters. Leslie and Josey expected VISION Soup would be successful but even they were surprised at the sell-out for the first year’s event. Why has it been a success? The community was willing to support it whole-heartedly. People thought “VISIONSoup” was a neat concept. They liked the lunch and being able to keep their pottery bowls to take home. Leslie has two kids and Josey has four who were quickly involved in helping. Lots of families joined in. The Loughborough Emergency Relief Committee and SFCSC share the funds raised. Mark your calendars for Saturday November 23rd. Tickets cost $20 - this buys a beautiful bowl made by local potters, plus the soup luncheon. Tickets available at: Sydenham Veterinary Services, Sydenham Chiropractic Life Centre, Rural VISIONS Centre, Trousdale's General Store & Frontenac CFDC. This event is lots of fun and is a great way to support your community. See page 12 of this issue for more details.

“As you care for yourself, you care for others.” Caregiving invites you to notice how you feel and what you need. As a Caregiver it is easy to become so focused on the one you are caring for and all that needs to be done that you forget your own needs. Yet it is only as you first care for yourself that you are then able to care for another. Ensuring that you are getting adequate rest along with some exercise, eating regular meals rather than skipping some, and findFor more information ing time for yourself, however short, contact Mary Gaynor Briese at will allow you to keep your life in 613-376-6477 ext.305 balance as you care for others. All caregivers are welcome to attend a drop-in at Grace Centre the second Tuesday of each month, 9 – 10:30 a.m. for coffee and an opportunity to meet other Caregivers.


in the


As Christmas approaches with the laughter and music of the season some find it a very difficult time. Those who are grieving the death of a loved one, a broken marriage, the loss of meaningful work, or are facing a critical illness often wish for the holiday season to simply be over. With this in mind, “Light in the Darkness”, a candle lighting service to recognize those whom we remember and those difficult times in our lives will be held on Sunday, November 24, 7 p.m. in the Grace Centre, Sydenham. Music, short readings and candle-lighting will be part of the program. Refreshments will follow the service. Everyone is

welcome. If you would like more information about the evening or other Bereavement Support services contact Mary. “To experience and embrace the pain of loss is just as much a part of life as to experience the joy of love.” - Alan Wofelt

Donna Fletcher, Editor

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For more information contact Mary Gaynor-Briese, 613-376-6477 ext. 305

Can you help Doc? As a chiropractor, the two most frequent questions asked of me are, “What is causing my pain?” and “Can you help me?” To answer these questions, I first explain to my patients that pain is a symptom of their condition, not the cause of it. To effectively determine what is creating the patient’s pain, a comprehensive neuromusculoskeletal spine and joint examination is carried out, including neurological testing and x-ray examination of their spine. Chiropractic science focuses on the detection and correction of spinal misalignments which can ultimately cause nerve interference and joint dysfunction. These misalignments, or subluxations, can lead to a wide variety of health problems including, but not limited to, headaches, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, back, neck, hip and knee pain, sciatica, and even problems with digestion and lack of energy. The causes of spinal misalignments can be as varied as the conditions themselves. These misalignments can occur from acute injuries. However, more commonly, they can be a result of an accumulation of injuries over time, resulting in stress. Physical, mental and emotional stress can play a huge part in our overall health. Physical stress can result from slips, falls, motor vehicle accidents and, too often, poor posture related to sitting, standing, bending and lifting. We can all suffer from some degree of mental and emotional stress in our lives which, at times, might also affect the proper functioning of the spine and nervous systems. Eventually the accumulated stressors may cause significant spinal damage and even lead to spinal degeneration. Did you know the nervous system controls every single cell, organ, tissue and gland in your body? Now that is a pretty important system to keep healthy, I would say. In addition to chiropractic services and spinal checkups, “King’s Town Chiropractor” has a registered massage therapist on staff and also offers custom orthotics therapy. To receive further information regarding the services offered, visit my website at, like me on Facebook : Dr. Sheldon Cook, visit or e-mail one of my two

locations: 3151 Rutledge Rd., Sydenham, 613-376-3439,

seniorsCORNER Falls Prevention I’m sure many people in our community have noticed that The Grace Centre has a new entrance! The project is part of our commitment in helping to make our agency accessible and safe. One of our goals is to help build awareness of how seniors can reduce their risk of injuries and falls. No matter how young you are, exercise plays a huge part in helping you to stay on your feet. Exercise For more information helps with balance, contact Lorraine Creighton muscle and bone at 613-376-6477 ext.306 strength. Did you know that falls account for 85% of all injuries resulting in hospitalizations among people over the age of 65? Fall-related injury rates are 9 times higher among those aged 65 and older. Even without an injury, a fall is a scary thing for almost all of us. It makes us nervous. For example, if you have had a previous fall on ice, then the next time you are on an icy patch, you become very cautious and rigid. That’s just the way we are. Pre-existing illness such as Stroke, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, and Visual impairments, can also be a contributing factor for falls. Medications can play a role in being unsteady and falling. If you take something to help you sleep, for example, and you get up in the middle of the night, you may be groggy. Many falls occur at night. Poor footwear, those lovely scatter rugs, (we all have them!) your beloved pet, stairs, lack of hand rails, are all risk factors for falls. So the next time you are at home, shopping or visiting a friend, take a look around and see how many fall hazards you see. I’m sure you will be surprised!, -1111 Princess St., Kingston, 613549-7977,

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October/ November / December 2013

Fundraising News 2nd Annual Flotilla Poker Run Raises $3,000 for SFCSC Programs

SFCSC would like to thank the many sponsors, volunteers and participants who made this year's flotilla fundraiser such a success.

Donor Story SFCSC was there when I needed them - Linda Chong

When Linda Chong's husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, her life changed forever. As the disease progressed, it became increasingly difficult for Linda, his main Caregiver, to cope. One of these demands was that they go to Kingston every day so he could wander the mall. Eventually, though, it became apparent he needed professional care - a place where he could enjoy physical, cognitive, creative and social activities in a safe and supportive environment.

Battersea General Store


Boat Warehouse THE


The World’s Largest Four Winns & Lowe Dealership

SFCSC Staff and Seniors Sally Blasko Louise Koen Anna Russell

Judy Ward

The Mariottis

Mary Lake

Wayne Wellington

Please go to for a listing of all our participants. A special thank-you goes out to Nona Mariotti and Family for their dedication on behalf of our community. Our Bingo Volunteers - Raise over $15,000 annually for SFCSC! SFCSC's loyal bingo volunteers are the unsung fundraising heros for this agency. Every year they raise over $15,000 for our senior services programs by volunteering their time at Treasure Chest Bingo. Every hour each volunteer spends at bingo raises $100 for this agency. SFCSC would like to thank them for their valued contribution, listed in alphabetical order they are: Jennifer Bennett, Paul Belshaw, Marilyn Hopkins, Shirley Joyce, Nona Mariotti, Joan McQuay, Bronwen Rowlands, Don Quintal and Maureen York.

That's when Linda learned about SFCSC's Adult Day Program. Her husband started with one day a week and eventually went up to three days a week, until, eventually he had to go into long term care.

Linda Chong, (left) is seen here next to Beth Clancey from SFCSC's Adult Day Program

Linda also benefited from attending a monthly support group . In her own words, "Through the caregiver support group I attended at SFCSC, I learned that the need to wander for those with Alzheimer's was normal. SFCSC provided resource materials, education and support which helped me cope with the increasing demands of being a Caregiver." There were other benefits as well: "Once my husband was in the program he enjoyed himself and I didn't have to worry. I was able to recharge my batteries and get a much needed break from Caregiving. Linda made a donation to SFCSC 's Adult Day Program because, as she pointed out, "I wanted to give back to a local organization that helped me when I needed it the most" If you would like to know more about donating to SFCSC please contact Kathryn O’Hara, Fund Development & Promotions T: (613) 376-6477 or 1-800-763-9610

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Why Become a Member


SFCSC members have a say in how this organization is run

Discover Your Community!


Christmas Decorations: Please drop off at either of our locations any gently used decorations for a Christmas tree in Grace Hall.

SFCSC is the sole provider of Senior Services in our area for programs such as Meals on Wheels, Foot Care, Adult Day, and services such as Transportation, Caregiver/Bereavement Support, and Home Help. SFCSC’s Family Services provides financial assistance to low income households throughout Frontenac County. Other Family Services include food security and a monthly Rural Women’s Support Group. SFCSC is governed by a 9 member volunteer Board of Directors and has over 190 registered volunteers who deliver a wide range of essential programs and services to our clients.

Why Your Membership is Important Your membership support will assist us in providing the vital health and social services programs our residents need to stay in their local community.

Your membership allows you a vote at our Annual General Meeting (in June) – where you will be recognized for your contribution. SFCSC members also receive a 10% discount on Grace Hall rental rates.

Join Now! Become a member today and help us attain our goal of making the Grace Centre and SFCSC your community resource for social programs, services and the arts.

Fee Individual: $15 Family: $20 Corporate: $150

You will receive this newsletter which is published 5x annually updating you on of all the latest community programs, services and recreational events available through SFCSC.

Bingo: We are always in need of volunteers to staff our biggest fundraiser. Training is provided. Time is typically one 2 hour shift every month or two. Diners Club: Volunteer servers needed at Diners Club every Thursday 11:30-1pm. Diners are held in Verona, Harrowsmith, Sydenham, Inverary and Glenburnie. Contact Bob Abrams for details. Receptionist: SFCSC is in need of a volunteer receptionist one Tuesday afternoon a week training provided. If you have any questions about these, and other,

Please give us a call if you would like to become a member.

volunteer opportunities please contact Lorraine Creighton, Services Coordinator at: (613) 376-6477 ext. 306 or 1-800-763-9610.

For more information contact: Kathryn O’Hara (613) 376-6477 ext. 205 or 1-800-763-9610

Membership Benefits

Food Bank: We need volunteers interested in shopping for sale items, packing orders and assisting with washing and dividing veggies for our food bank clients.

Join SFCSC for a volunteer holiday drop-in on Friday Dec. 20th, from 2-4 pm at the Grace Centre. Entertainment courtesy of Jason Silver

You will receive a copy of our Annual Report and financial statement keeping you informed of health and social programs available in our area.

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October / November / December 2013

Calendar Diners Dates – Fee $11.00 – 12:00 Noon • Glenburnie United Church: Oct. 2, Nov. 6, Dec. 4 • Verona Lions Hall: Oct. 3, Nov. 7, Dec. 5 • Sydenham Grace Centre: Oct. 10, Nov. 14, Dec. 12 • Inverary United Church: Oct. 19, Nov. 21, Dec. 19 • Harrowsmith Free Methodist Church: Oct. 26, Nov. 28 Tai Chi: Instructor David Row – Donation Only Morning classes in Sydenham at Grace Hall, every Wed. from 10 – 11am. It will be followed by a class at the Harris Memorial Hall, Perth Road Village from 12 – 1pm. Sittercise/Wii Bowling: Bob Abrams – Donation Only Oct., Nov., Dec., meets Mondays at 2pm at Country Pines Apartment at 2075 Battersea Rd in Glenburnie in the common room. Oct., Nov., Dec., meets Tuesdays at 9:30am at Mapleridge Apartments in Sydenham in the common room. The VON SMART Program – Fee Last class on Dec. 9th. Contact Joanne Irvine for information about classes in 2014. T: (613)634-0130 ext. 414 Taoist Tai Chi™ – Fee Thursday classes from 1–3 p.m at the Grace Centre. Rural Women's Group – Free Wed. Oct. 30th, Wed. Nov. 27th and Dec. 18th from 1:30pm to 3pm at the Rural VISIONS Centre. Foot Care - Contact: Bob Abrams Clinic Fee $13 (call to make an appointment) Oct. 7, Nov. 11, Dec. 11 at Country Pines 9-3pm Oct. 8, Nov. 12, Dec. 10 at Verona Medical C. 9-12noon Oct. 8, Nov. 12, Dec.10 at Grace C. Sydenham 1-4pm VISIONSoup Fundraiser Saturday November 23rd in Grace Hall. Tickets: $20 See page 12 for details Chairs for Charity Auction Plus Wine, Beer & Artisan Food Tasting Fundraiser Friday November 29th. Tickets $40. See page 12 for details

Ask a Dentist

Robert Clinton, DDS


My teeth hurt but my dentist cannot find anything wrong?


About five years ago I received a referral from a desperate daughter concerning her 60 year old mother. She was suffering with “intermittent, unrelenting, moderately severe” facial pain. She had had several teeth root canaled, believed to be the source of the pain, with no relief. Finally she was referred to a pain specialist, and diagnosed as having “atypical facial pain“. Medication was prescribed that was ineffective and had side effects she could not tolerate. At her examination we found that her bite was unbalanced and that much of her tooth pain was referred from chewing muscles of the head and neck. A specially designed dental orthotic was fabricated and over a period of several months her pain subsided and at a five year follow-up she was essentially pain free. She still relied heavily on the orthotic and wore it most of the time as symptoms returned if it was left out for any length of time. Most people are familiar with foot orthotics. If you are born with one leg shorter than the other, special shoes or inserts are made to compensate and to fool the brain and body into thinking that everything is even. While it is quite obvious when leg lengths don’t match, the same does not hold true when it comes to how the teeth fit. Much like the hip and back pain that can result from differing leg lengths, tooth pain, headaches and other facial pain can result from an unbalanced bite caused by loss of teeth and general wear and tear. One of the best youtube explanations, by my colleague Dr. Curtis Westersund, can be found at com/watch?v=oAdKVu6vS20. If you suffer from undiagnosed head, neck or facial pain an unbalanced bite may be the cause. Clinton Dentistry Dedicated to those looking for the new, more natural and effective dental therapies - Sydenham, ON

Office closed Oct. 14th, Dec. 25th and Dec. 26th

T: (613) 376-6652 Email:

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Ask a Lawyer Alan Thomson, Law Office


As a senior, what steps can I take to protect myself from fraud?


Unfortunately it seems that seniors may be more vulnerable to fraudsters and con-artists than the general population. There are numerous telephone scams, home repair frauds and on-line financial risks lurking on a daily basis. Over the years I have had many calls from senior home owners who have been victims of fraudulent home repair schemes usually involving serious financial loss for the homeowner. Most of these scams could be prevented if people were not prepared to make large cash down payments to unknown contractors or if they refused to sign an order or contract until they could verify the reputation of the seller and the value of the services and goods being sold. Legitimate businesses are happy to provide references and allow time for comparison shopping and will not use pressure tactics. Likewise a policy of keeping all of your personal information strictly confidential will go a long way in protecting against telephone and internet scams. Do not give out personal information on the phone or on-line. You do not know the identity of the parties on the other end or their motives. If their offer seems too good to be true, then it probably is. If you have lost a credit card or bank card report it immediately to your financial institution. If you suspect that your mail has been stolen or interfered with, be extremely cautious and consider changing debit or credit cards. Do not give your P.I.N. number to anyone. If you cannot do your own banking consider appointing a trusted family member as your Power of Attorney. Most police force websites have very helpful tips

SFCSC Notes Merry Christmas to all. 2013 has been a very interesting year and I fully expect 2014 to be even more eventful, exciting and full of new growth. And with a new year comes a blank canvas. SFCSC, under the leadership of Paul Belshaw, has created a strategic vision and blueprint for the next three years. Some of our goals are quite a stretch. All of them will benefit our clients and the residents of Frontenac County and rural Kingston who may require services that allow them to remain and live in their own homes for as long in life as they can. We have set nine new objectives to guide the activities our staff and volunteers need to accomplish. Should you wish a copy of the full plan, please let me know and I will gladly send you one. I would like to take this time to thank all of our volunteers for what you have done to support us this past year. It is because of what you do that has enabled SFCSC to surpass many of our goals, grow by more than 10% and help our local residents receive many programs and services. I also want to thank our Board of Directors, led by Joan Cameron and my staff team. Together we have made a real difference and I know that will continue in the year to come. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. David.

for fraud protection.

Alan Thomson has been in practice since 1976 and concentrates on real estate, wills, estates and business law. If you have a question for Alan please contact him at: T: (613) 549-5111 Email:

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2013 Corporate Sponsors

4310 Stage Coach Road Sydenham, ON K0H 2T0

T: (613-376-6652)

Jim Lansdell - Manager 613-374-3404

SYDENHAM VETERINARY SERVICES 613-376-3618 3050 Rutledge Rd., Sydenham A.A.H.A. Accredited Hospital Care for Companion Animals

613.634.5900 PG 10

2013 Corporate Sponsors




Battersea General Store

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On Saturday November 23rd at the Grace Centre, VISIONSoup will be back hosting its annual fundraiser in support of SFCSC and the Loughborough Emergency Relief Committee. Tickets cost $20. This buys a beautiful bowl made by local potters, plus the soup luncheon. Tickets are available at the Rural VISIONS Centre, Sydenham Veterinary Services, King's Town Chiropractic, Trousdale General Store and Frontenac CFDC. We would like to thank Leslie Reade from Sydenham Veterinary Services and Josey Steele from King's Town Leslie Reade (right) and Josey Steele (left) are seen Chiropractic for generously organizing this event.

Chairs for Charity Auction Plus Wine, Beer & Artisan Food Tasting

here holding up beautiful bowls donated by local potters for VISIONSoup

Mark Friday November 29th 5:00pm on your calendars for SFCSC's Annual Fundraiser. This year we'll be auctioning off a selection of painted Adirondack chairs and benches created by 20 talented local artists. There will also be tastings from local artisan producers including wines from Casa-Dea Estates Winery, beer from Barley Days Brewery, hors d'oeuvres from Desert Lake Gardens, meats from Seed to Sausage, cheeses from Limestone Creamery, breads from Fred's Breads, desserts from Bread & Butter Pastries, truffles from Desert Lake Gardens and Hillside Coffee. The evening includes a silent auction with everything from gift certificates to gift baskets - ideal for your Christmas shopping list. Tickets cost $40 - includes a $20 charitable receipt and are available at the Rural VISIONS Centre. Or go online to purchase your tickets at: https://chairsforcharityauction.eventbrite. ca/ Chairs will be posted on after Oct. 15th 2013.

Tell Us What You Think of SFCSCNews Online Just click on the following link or go to the survey links at To make a secure donation online go to: SFCSC News Credits: Editor: Donna Fletcher, Managing Editor: Kathryn O’Hara, Copy Editor: Linda Hughes

SFCSC (Rural VISIONS Centre) 4419 George Street, Sydenham, ON, K0H 2T0

PG 12 (613) 376-6477 1-800-763-9610

Photo: Kingston This Week/Frontenac This Week - Rob Mooy

October / November / December 2013

The Grace Centre 4295 Stagecoach Road, Sydenham, ON, K0H 2T0

SFCSC News - Oct/Nov/Dec 2013  

SFCSC News is a newsletter featuring updates, events and program news from Southern Frontenac Community Services

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