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Kathryn Iles Design Portfolio 2009-2011

About Me Hello. My name is Kathryn Iles and I am currently a Fashion Design student studying the University of Cincinnati College of DAAP. I pride myself on being a relatively easy designer to work with. I am a conscientious worker, who always strives to be better through listening to what my client wants. I am always easily accessible and go the extra mile to exceed your expectations.

Contact Me If you would like to see more of my work check out my blog. If you would like to discuss about a project you can reach me either through my blog or by email. Email: !"#$%&'()!"*+,*#&+ Blog: --!"#$%&*./0&10#$$*,/(2

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Exploration in Form


Drawing Studies


Mixed Media Exploration




Color Exploration

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An Optical Mix

In this project, the goal was for each horizontal band to d e p i c t a d i s t i n c t c o l o r p r e s e n c e, b u t h av e a l l f o u r b a n d s s h a r e a n ov e r a l l u n i t y. T h e m i x i s p r e d o m i n a t e l y c o m p l e x , and there is not a touching of the same color either right to left or up and down.


Value Scales

In these projects, the goals were to explore saturation ste ps or the change in values of a hue through a smooth transitioning of ste ps. T hese projects helped to develop my sense of craft skills as well as my under standing of hue, value, and saturation.


Color Temperatures

In this project, I was to create four digital color studies to explore the illusion of simultaneous contrast. Each s et of sing le color s had a dif ferent objective, they were to var y ei ther in temperature, saturation, value, or appear alike when two dif f erent c olor s.


Contrast of Extension

T his p rojec t is a n exp l or ation of the c om p ar ative color relationships of proportional surface area within a color har mony. Each study out of six I created re presented a color har mony based upon the manipulation of hue, value, and chroma in which shapes were also used to enhance the leaf through contrast. Back to Index



Exploration in Form

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Vertical Line Intervals

Within this projec t I re presented line intervals in which there was a regular, alter nating, increasing and constant, a sequence increasing in the same direction, and where the sequence increased in oppos ite directions. T his project ref lects contrast within similar parts of a scquence .


Grid System Combinations

I n t h i s p r o j e c t , I c r e a t e d a s e q u e n c e o f s i x v i s u a l s t a t e m e n t s t h a t e v l ov e f r o m a s i m p l e g r i d i n t o a c o m p o s i t i o n i n s i x s t a g e s . E a c h s t e p i n t h e s e q u e n c e i s i n t e r e s t i n g, d e o m o n s t r a t e s v i s u a l u n i t y, i m p l i e s v i s u a l d e p t h , a n d h a s a f o c a l p o i n t .


Shape Development

In this project, I created a series of four studies that explore the interaction of regular and semi-regular shapes. These shapes are a combination of both positive and negative shapes i n w h i c h t h ey a r e ov e rl a p p e d t o e m b o d y a n e w, e l e g a n t a n d e x c i t i n g f o r m . E a c h h a s i t s o w n identity but subtly maintains the identity of its parent shape as well.


Shape of Movement

In this project, the objective was to create or own shape in which the neg ative and positive space worked together to create a unified shape. T he shape was to be unique and cre ate movement for the viewer’s eye and draw them in as well as to be aesthetically pleasing.

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Drawing Studies

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Leaf Construction

In this project, I focused for three weeks on studies of fall leaves. I explored the leaves move ment and curves while using techniques such as proportional g rids and mondrians tool to create layered line drawings. I explored further the shapes of these leaves as I looked at their positive and neg ative spaces through blind contour drawings as well as neg ative space studies.


Development of Isometric Shapes

In this project, I created my own shape based on the curves and straights of known figures like cubes, cones, and cyl inder s. I did many isometric sketches to come to my final conclusion in which I also created an orthog raphic plan for further reference.


Egg Compostion

In this project, I focused on creating a compostion that moved the viewer around the paper using contrasting ang les of paper as well as scattered vegetables and broken eg g shells. T his project is also a contrast piece as its hues are broken down into their basic chroma.


Human and Animal Skulls

In this project, I focused on studies of both human and a variety of animal skulls. I explored the skull’s movement and curves while us ing techniques such as proportional g rids and mon drians tool to create layered line drawings. I explored further this movement and org anic shapes by using charcoal as my medium of choice on top of toned paper, allowing for a more f luid and smooth appearance. Back to Index



Mixed Media Exploration

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Mixed Media Studies

In these projects I allowed myself to explore a range of me diums including, charcoal, ink, pastel, paint, and g raphite. I also experimented with several techniques of paper building, including collaging.


Oil and Charcoal Combinations

In this project, I focused on creating aesthetically pleasing compositions using the combina tion of both charcoal and oil pastel. With these pieces I focused more on using charcoal to maintain the org anic f low of the natural subject matter. T he contrast of the smooth charcoal and the rough and sticky oil pastel allows for a texturing that stands out but does not overpower in its contrast. Back to beginning


Kathryn Iles Fine Art Portfolio  

the works of Kathryn from 2009-2011

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