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A CONVERSATION IN ART ďƒŁ 2013 The works represented in this book are the original creations of the contributing artists. All artists retain copyright on their individual works. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or manual, including photocopying, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system without prior permission from the artist. Artists Represented: Avilasakul, Maryanne; Beck, Jean; Brayton, Francesca; Chang, Angela; Dodge, Dani; Giandalia, Herlinda; Grein, Melanie; Hansen, Bente; Hart, Kathryn; Hayes, Helen; Johnson, Julienne; Koff, Bernice; Kolstad, Teresa; Lacy-Huff, Sharon; Lee, Dorothy; Mackinnon, Christel; Mathews, Melinda; Megerdichian, Sylvia; Mettler, Marion; Roschko, Melanie; Samins, Sally; Schonberg, Geri; Setton, Al; Sievers, Mary; Swan-McDonald, Deborah; Tanner, Charlotte; Weintrub, Ken; Welker, Lynn Cover Design: Melanie Grein Design and Layout: Kathryn Hart and Helen Hayes Book Committee: Dani Dodge, Bente Hansen, Melinda Mathews, Marion Mettler, Sally Samins, Mary Sievers, Deborah Swan-McDonald, Charlotte Tanner Printed in the United Stated of America



Katherine Chang Liu Every year, an eclectic mix of artists come together to share ideas, garner new inspiration, and have A Conversation in Art. What connects this group of 29 artists is the interest in the expansion of the definition of visual art, and the deeper understanding of each person’s part within it. As the person who oversees the annual gathering, I have witnessed a very specific voice in art expression from each member of the group, which encompasses widely varying ages, personal histories, ethnicities, educational and professional backgrounds, and art experience. When combined, these voices form a small slice of the art world that reflects the larger global art community of today. The combined strength of this annual exercise cannot be overstated: As the group’s conversations have deepened, each artist’s dedication to the development of his or her own work has soared. It is my pleasure to present this combined effort, “A Conversation in Art” to the public. Katherine Chang Liu Artist and Independent Curator Los Angeles

Maryann Avilasakul uses the painting medium to explore transient beauty in simple and ordinary things.

Maryann Avilasakul

She displays her work in a series of 16-inch by 20-inch panels that invite viewers to look at the interplay of light and colors on top and below the painting surface of each piece, and its neighboring panel. Her work inspires the viewer to slow down to observe subtle changes in the color field caught in a fleeting moment of time. . Avilasakul lives in Los Angeles, California.

20 x 16�

Untitled Acrylic on canvas


Untitled 20 x 16� x 3

Acrylic on canvas


20 x 16” x 3

Untitled Acrylic on canvas

20 x 16” x 3

Untitled Acrylic on canvas


Untitled 20 x 16� x 2

Acrylic on canvas


Jean Beck

Jean Beck finds joy in painting on location — “en plein air” — in watercolor. A fourth generation native of Bisbee, Arizona, Beck traces her love of outdoor painting to childhood memories of winding streets and broad hillside vistas. Architecturally educated, she wields an intuitive depth of observation, and displays a fully realized sense of color. Inspiration starts with “Wow, look at that!” Her paintings evolve carefully and thoughtfully from there. Her tender sensitivity for historic places infuses her art with poetic feeling. The works evoke clean airiness, a sense of great space, serenity and mystic glow. Beck lives in Tucson, Arizona. JeanBeckArt.com

11 x 8”

Menudo Window Watercolor on paper


Tombstone Courthouse 22 x 30� Watercolor on paper


22 x 15�

Montefalco Watercolor on paper

Bisbee Main Street 15 x 11� Watercolor on paper


Arrne View 22 x 30� Watercolor on paper


Francesca Brayton

Francesca Brayton’s watercolor and mixed-media paintings evolve from sketches and small paintings created at Southern California beaches and exotic locales. They are slice-of-life experiences presented in whimsical “don’t-you-wish-you were-there” scenes featuring destinations such as Mexico, Hawaii, France and Cuba. Active lines and warm colors convey Brayton’s message to enjoy the charm of these places. She shares their vibrant atmosphere through expressions of quirky playfulness. Don’t be surprised to see a red tree or a purple dog! Brayton lives in Los Alamitos, California.

Magic Newport Beach 30 x 22” Mixed media


San Juan Capistrano 22 x 30� Mixed media


Cohimar, Cuba 22 x 30” Mixed media

Todos Santos, Mexico 22 x 30” Mixed media


Safari Park, San Diego 22 x 30� Mixed media


The transparency, depth, and motion of water inspire Angela Chang to paint.

AngelaChang Chang Angela

Capturing the rhythmic characteristics of water, Chang celebrates the beauty found in the juxtaposition of form. Movements generated through these connections are the primary source of inspiration for her series “Umbrellas and Sunbrellas.” As she approaches and engages the viewer with her work, she explores depth found through the interaction of color, pattern and form. Her works simultaneously create a sense of mystery and discovery. Chang lives in Newport Coast, California. AngelaChang.net

18 x 18”

Warped Reality Transparent watercolor


The First Day 18 x 18� Transparent watercolor


Rain in Tokyo, Nightlights 19 x 19” Transparent watercolor

28 x 21”

At Morel’s Transparent watercolor


Warped Reality III 21 x 29� Transparent watercolor


Dani Dodge

Dani Dodge is an installation artist who creates immersive, interactive environments. A former journalist and war correspondent, her work is inspired by time on the battlefield, but explores the wars we wage within ourselves. Her current work examines the longing for permanence in an impermanent world. At the heart of Dodge’s installations are mixed media paintings that range in size from a postage stamp to a living room. Although Dodge approaches each installation with the intent of resolving a personal preoccupation, those who participate in the work find within it their own stories. Dodge lives in Los Angeles, California. DaniDodge.com

You Always Sleep Alone 120 x 144 x 300� Overview Details on facing page


You Always Sleep Alone 120 x 144 x 300� Installation of bed frames, bedding, crib, canvas, clothing, acrylic paint, spray paint, sutures, staples, safety pins, shoe strings, plastic wrap, makeup, teeth, tree branches, broken pearl necklace, bubble wrap, body bag, Lucky Charms, lucky rabbit foot keychain and other objects Photo credit: Joe Nalven


Child’s Play 36 x 48� Acrylic, ink, charcoal, collage on canvas

Sometimes a Lie is the Best Thing 32 x 30 x 3 Rusted iron gate, canvas, acrylic, burlap, silk, charcoal, pastel


Natural Blonde 78 x 192 x 2 Installation of screen doors, canvas, acrylic and spray paint, wall paper, sutures, charcoal Photo credit: Mark Dodge Medlin


Herlinda Rojas Giandalia is an abstract artist. A native Californian, she is inspired by color, flowers and a variety of ethnic patterns. She is especially inspired by Asian culture.

Herlinda Giandalia

Her current series is an abstraction of geisha. She combines elements of classic geisha with contemporary patterns and palette to create a new twist on tradition. Her geisha are as beautiful and varied as flowers. This series connects Giandalia to the Asian culture in an expressive and very personal way. Giandalia lives in Los Angeles, California. HerlindaRojas.com

Ethnic Geisha 11 x 15� Mixed media


Geish I 12 x 12�

Mixed media


The Dance 22 x 15” Mixed media

Three Geisha 22 x 15 “ Mixed media


Geisha Portraits I 15 x 22 “ Mixed media


Melanie Grein

Melanie Grein paints as a form of expression. Each mixed media work is an introspective conversation with herself, a process in which she creates problems and then sets forth to resolve them. She responds on a deep level to contrasts and the relationships between texture, form, space, movement and color. Grein delights in the pure act of painting, adding and eliminating, shifting and restructuring elements, until the moment a solution reveals itself. In that process she becomes completely engaged, exhilarated, frustrated and rewarded. Grein lives in Denver, Colorado. MelanieGrein.com

15 x 11�

Better Half Acrylic on paper


Seeking to Find 40 x 36� Acrylic on wood


28 x 22”

Console Acrylic on paper

Something New 60 x 48 “ Acrylic on canvas


Impulse 22 x 28 “

Acrylic on paper


Bente Hansen


Bente Hansen is an abstract artist who creates works in acrylic, mixed media and oil. She is inspired by the strength, beauty and color of nature and interprets the connection intuitively.

Her current work explores rock formations in many settings including woodland streams, rocky shorelines and crevices. It expresses the uniqueness of these formations from different vantage points. Her paintings are her way of solidifying memories and experiences of places she has visited, but she leaves interpretation of meaning up to the viewer. She lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. BenteCreates.com

9 x 11�

Overview Mixed media


Long Long Time 22 x 15� Mixed media


Ruins 22 x 22”


Dihedrals 25 x 20 “ Acrylic


Sunburst 12 x 12 “ Acrylic


Kathryn Hart

Kathryn Hart is a contemporary abstract painter and sculptor. Her art reflects the human condition — all of its crags, crevices, revelations and secrets — and her belief in an endless ability to rise from the ashes. Her mixed media works seep with raw, personal history, but the stories are timelessly relevant. They exude a sense of loss, longing and an ultimate conviction in renewal. Often, her works are three dimensional while maintaining a twodimensional modern aesthetic. Hart’s current work searches for the unswayable feminine identity and its philosophical essence amid the influences of culture, heritage and personal experience. Hart lives in Larkspur, Colorado kathryndhart.com

46 x 34 x 7”

Midnight Diaries Mixed media, burlap and object on wood panel


Traction Triptych 42 x 62�

Mixed media, burlap and objects on burlap on wood panels


Barbarians at the Gate 10 x 8 x 3” Mixed media, collage and objects on wood

Nightfall 51 x 44” x 7”

Mixed media, burlap and objects on burlap on canvas


Dream July 16 30 x 40� Mixed media, burlap, wire, and objects in open frame


Helen Hayes

Helen Hayes currently lives and works in Southern California. She began her art career teaching art during the school year and painting in the summers. Having retired from teaching she now is a full time painter. Helen feels that creating unique relationships between shapes, forms, colors and values to express thoughts and emotions has infinite possibilities and that process of creating is what is exciting to her and is what continues to drive her painting. Hayes enjoys the challenges of the unusual reaction between pigments and Yupo paper and incorporates the results into her designs. The content of each of her paintings is based on her personal experiences, emotions and relationships. fineartamerica.com/art/all/helen+hayes/all

20 x 26�

Checking The Tides Watercolor on Yupo


Fly Away 26 X 20� Watercolor on yupo


20 X 26”

20 X 26”

To Be Determined Watercolor on Yupo

Consider It Watercolor on Yupo


To Read 20 X 26� Watercolor on Yupo


Julienne Johnson

Communication, the first step toward empathy, is at the heart of Julienne Johnson's work. The poetic and numinous qualities of her mixed media paintings are wedded to a uniquely humanistic concern..


Her work is not simply an exercise in cleverly arranging shapes and colors into a perfunctory, graphic order. In its dedication to find a unified form of the senses, the works speak of a further, more meaningful conversation that is taking place. Johnson is a multi-disciplinary artist, award winning songwriter and poet. She was born in Michigan and lives in Los Angeles, California. JulienneJohnson.com

48 x 60�

Untitled #9 Oil with mixed media, pigment transfers and collage on canvas


Obbligato I 30 x 40� Oil with mixed media, pigment transfers and collage on canvas


Trust Triptych 60 x 168�

Oil with mixed media, pigment transfers and collage on canvas

Through Lavender Eyes 48 x 72� Oil with mixed media, pigment transfers and collage on canvas


Cries & Whispers 72 x 96� Oil with mixed media, pigment transfers and collage on canvas


Bernice Koff creates acrylic paintings that reflect a lifetime of immersion in the world of art. Being raised in the New York area infuses her figurative piece with a love of the theatrical. Travels to and from Asia, Europe and elsewhere provide the photos, sketches and memories

Bernice Koff

that reinforce these images. Cityscapes, shopping bags and literary texts embody her contemporary paintings. Koff’s love of color, spontaneous brushwork, and unique painting surfaces, including digital photos and handmade papers, allows her to give artistic life to the ideas and images collected from these sources. Koff lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. BerniceKoff.com

Street Artist - Florence ii 22 x 18� Mixed Media


Library Walk NYC VI Ecirie 16 x 20� Mixed Media


Japonisme III 18 x 18” Mixed Media on Paper

Library Walk NYC XXII Picasso 16 x 22” Mixed Media on Photo


Library Walk NYC III Reading Room 16 x 20� Mixed Media on Photo


Teresa Stella Kolstad

A quiet observer of people, Teresa Stella Kolstad honors their presence with creativity. Her art comes from a gut response that distorts and emotionally colors the essence of the individual and it into transparent watercolor portraits. Within that process, her hand follows the contour of the figure — both exterior and interior — to record a one-breath presence. For Kolstad, the paintings are celebrations of our humanity. Kolstad lives in Los Alamitos, California. http://TeresaStella.tumblr.com/

Melanie 22 x 15� Watercolor


Crossed Legs 15 x 11� Watercolor


Untitled 22 x 15” Watercolor

African Queen 22 x 15” Watercolor


Man With A Cigar 22 x 30� Watercolor


Sharon Lacy-Huff uses layers of acrylic paint and other mediums to create art with depth, light and texture. Her paintings reflect a response to a world constantly changing; a world seeking balance.

Sharon Lacy-Huff

A retired psychotherapist, it was a natural transition for Lacy-Huff to combine a world of words and feelings with a world of image, texture and color. Her art is inspired by her understanding that a life in balance requires community, selfreflection, movement and nature. Lacy-Huff lives in Encinitas, California. SharonLacyHuff.com

Awakening 24 x 24� Acrylic


Singing in the Garden 20 x 16� Acrylic and Mixed Media


A Place of Rest 30 x 24” Acrylic

Friendship 40 x 30”


Joy in the Garden 20 x 16� Acrylic and Mixed Media


Dorothy Lee

Dorothy Lee is a figure and portrait artist who works with watermedia. As a retired fine art teacher from an inner-city school in the heart of Los Angeles Lee draws heavily from her urban environment while exploring the expressive reaches of the human condition. Lee focuses on creating pieces that capture a single moment in the life of her subjects, but evince a much deeper and longer narrative. Her current work blends traditional watercolor and contemporary collage techniques to create rich patterns and textural effects

Fermata della Metropolitana 19 x 24� Watercolor and Collage


Sorrow 16 x 12�

Watercolor and Collage


Miguel 12 x 16�

Watercolor and Collage

Henri 15 x 22�

Watercolor and Collage


Sisters 15 x 22�

Watercolor and Collage


Christel Mackinnon has been immersing herself in painting since her childhood in Europe. Art is her “joie de vivre,” which takes her on magical adventures.

Christel MacKinnon .

She is intrigued and inspired by color and nature and translates that fascination onto canvas and paper. Her paintings are about color and texture, but are informed by a quote by Francis Bacon: “The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery.” Mackinnon has a background in engineering, which took her to different countries. The experiences she had in those places further deepened her appreciation for, and her

commitment to, art. Mackinnon lives in Glendora, California

Unusual Encounter 20 x 16” Acrylic on Canvas


Sultry Summer 20 x 24� Acrylic on Canvas


Remembrance 16 x 20” Acrylic on Canvas

Unplayed Melody 18 x 24” Acrylic on Canvas


Just Jumped In 20 x 24� Acrylic on Canvas


In her paintings, Melinda Mathews creates thoughtprovoking whimsical situations in an expressive, imaginary way. The focus is on relationships with a touch of ambiguity. Mathews uses vibrant

Melinda Mathews

Mathews uses vibrant color and intricate patterning to reflect the naĂŻve unconscious grace of her subjects. Mathews is inspired by the simple, yet complex connections that occur among people and the pets and pastimes that engage them. Her figures range from humorous to outrageous, and provide delightful considerations of the human condition. She uses water media on paper and canvas. Mathews lives in Birmingham, Alabama, where she practices law with an emphasis on estate planning.

Image Annunciation 16 x 21� Watercolor


Congoline 19 x 24� Watercolor


Blau 20 x 16”

Acrylic SOS 20 x 18” Acrylic


Choir Practice 11 x 17.5� Oil


Sylvia Megerdichian creates colorful works of art that draw from her heritage as an Armenian American. Her signature series of rooftop images began two decades ago but have become the keystone of her work

Sylvia Megerdichian

since the turmoil in the Middle East. The rooftops signify the idea of diverse cultures and religions living side by side in harmony. Megerdichian mixes her media: watercolor paints with pencils and crayons on paper; acrylic with collage on canvas. One constant, though, are the colors and textures influenced by her background: textiles, rich colored carpets, and reflections from the past. Megerdichian lives in Rancho Cucamonga, California. ArtBoxWorkshops.com

Illusion 26 x 20� Mixed Media on Yupo


After the Rain 12 x 12� Acrylic Collage


Wash Day 11 x 17” Mixed Media on Paper

The Last Step 13 x 19” Mixed Media on Paper


Twilite Green 11 x 15� Mixed Media on Paper


Marion Mettler is interested in who we are or were or long to be. Her art explores how we see or imagine ourselves and others in the world we inhabit, and how we connect to that world. Working

Marion Mettler

mainly with the figure in watermedia, Mettler examines themes of dislocation, fragmentation, separation, connection, longing, beauty, the past and present. Layers, palimpsests, deconstructions, fault lines, doubles and multiples are some of the series labels Mettler uses to frame her work. Mettler lives in La Jolla, California. Zhibit.org/MarionMettlerArt

Abstract Figure Series No. 12 20 x 15� Mixed Media


Multiple Exposure No. 2 20 x 15� Mixed Media


Unknown Parts No. 1 20X15 Mixed Media

Multiple Exposure No. 1 20X15 Mixed Media


Deconstructed Figures Series No. 21 18 x 18� Mixed Media


Living in the Colorado mountains for more than 20 years profoundly influenced Melanie Roschko’s art. The colors, textures, shapes, movement and atmosphere of the rugged landscape are

Melanie Roschko

all part of her paintings. Although Roschko now lives in California most of the year, her work responds to her memory of the Rockies and the sounds of its music festivals. Music inspires the rhythmic, flowing movements within her work. The layered interaction of pigment, textures and lines creates dimensions of color reminiscent of mountain ranges. Viewers experience a sense of depth freed by motion and energy. Roschko lives in Westlake Village, California. MelanieRoschko.com


80 MPH World “Rip” 24 x 24” Acrylic on Stretched Paper


Rondo Allegro 36 x 36” Acrylic on Canvas

The New World 36 x 36” Acrylic on Canvas


Atonal 14 x 14� Acrylic on Stretched Paper


Sally Samins is an abstract artists strongly influenced by a childhood in Australia. After studying graphic arts, she became a well known sports

Sally Samins

photographer, specializing in America’s Cup yachting. After developing her artistic eye through photography, she decided to follow her childhood dream of becoming a painter and created a distinctive style that combines strong visual composition with rich color. She created images that convey the inspirations she derives from her native Australia’s deserts, oceans and urban landscapes. Samins work has a strong visual impact while evoking feelings of comfort and familiarity, and continuing to revel itself in its detail

Samins lives in San Diego, California. SallySamins.com

Darling Harbor 42 x 40� Mixed Media


Watson Bay 48 x 72� Mixed Media


Paddington 24 x 24” Mixed Media

Mosman 24 x 24” Mixed Media


Pinacles 12 x 12� Mixed Media


Geri Schonberg

Geri Schonberg is a watercolor and mixed media artist. Schonberg’s work originates from her search for beauty and joy in the world around her. Although her abstract works are open to interpretation, her inner passion compels her to give visual expression to her sense of the universe and her irrevocable connection with it. The essence of Schonberg’s inspiration and motivation begins with her free spirit and love of color and texture. Her search for harmony in a chaotic world is revealed with boldly contrasting colors in these deeply textural paintings. Schonberg lives in Westlake Village, California. GeriSchonberg.com

Metaphysical Landscape 22 x 21� Watercolor


The Other Side 22 x 30� Acrylic on paper


30 x 22”

My Time Mixed Media

Ectoplasmic Orbs – Edinburgh 14 x 14” Watercolor


Maestro 30 x 22�

Mixed Media


Albert Setton is a full time artist with more than three decades of painting experience. His current focus is a series of selfportraits with an intensely personal yet universally applicable theme: a record of the visual and psychic effects or ageing.

Al Setton

Influenced by Lucien Freud and Francis Bacon, Setton, who is now in his 60s, records the ravages of Father Time with an unflinching eye, using paint to muse how wear and tear might change one’s visage. How far can one’s image be distorted yet still be recognizable? As Setton shows: “A whole lot!” Setton lives in Los Angeles, California. AlSetton.com

Hooded Sources 24 x 53” Acrylic on Paper


Sixtsix Twenty four Sixtysix 37 x 59� Watercolor and Oil on Paper


42 x 36”

26 x 36”

Self-Portrait Acrylic on Paper

Ka Acrylic on Paper


Berserker 42 x 61� Acrylic on Paper


Nature inspires watermedia artist Mary Hayes Sievers and, every day, she finds something within it she wants to share: Sometimes it is the excitement of the rhythm of repeated shapes, other times, the magic of the moment

Mary H Sievers

when the contrast of light and shadow catches her eye. Sievers work is impressionistic, occasionally abstracted while remaining representational. She is drawn to large, simple shapes and frequently focuses on one small area of a subject. For Sievers, design and style are more important than accurately rendering that which is in her vision. Sievers, a retired R.N., lives in San Diego, California.

Ancient Bristlecone Pine 30 x 22� Watercolor on Paper


Lassen ii 23 x 17� Watercolor on Tyvek


Mountain Vista 15 x 22” Watercolor on Gessoed Paper

Low Tide 20 x 26” Watercolor on Yupo


Surfs Up 20 x 26� Watercolor on Yupo


Lynn Steffner

A former theater set decorator and interior designer, Lynn Steffner is a confident and assured impressionistic artist. She creates bold, imaginative paintings of landscapes, water, icons, buildings and people. The images come to her from many sources including television, theater, newspapers, and everyday life. Inspired by her teacher, the late Franklyn Liegel, Steffner produces dramatic, textural images by mixing acrylic paint, heavy gels, texture paste and paper. Some consider the content dark, but others see it as enlightening. These differing perspectives on her work fascinate Steffner and motivate her to continue to develop the enigmatic images. Steffner lives in Carlsbad, California. SteffnerArt.com


Haiti 20 x 24�

Mixed Media


Rio de Janerio 24 x 30” Acrylic

Breezy Point 24 x 36”


Picking Poppies 24 x 36�


Deborah SwanMcDonald has a passion for painting people. She most enjoys portraying the character of her subjects. She is inspired to paint when she recognizes an expression or pose that alludes to the subject’s

Deborah Swan-McDonald

deeper feelings. Her goal is to visually describe an aspect of the subject’s internal journey using fluid watercolor washes. Often the content of her paintings expresses a universal message that the viewer can relate to in his or her own life. She lives in Woodland Hills, California. DeborahSwan-McDonald.com

18 x 13”

Child of Haiti Transparent Watercolor


The Professor 13 x17� Transparent Watercolor, Charcoal and Rice Paper Collage


The Cellist 21 x 15� Transparent Watercolor and Charcoal

Boy With A Bird 17 x 13� Transparent Watercolor and Guoache

Sanctuary or Flight 20 x 19� Transparent Watercolor and Guoache


Charlotte Tanner has been painting and drawing since, as a young child, she brushed bold, black watercolor figures over the pink-and-blue wallpaper that had just been hung in her bedroom. She expresses the joy she feels in life through color, shapes and design.

Charlotte Tanner

Her work is always a response to things in her environment. In recent years she has resumed her work in watercolor. Currently she is exploring the artistic possibilities of an iPad, which offers new ways to paint color and light, and to revise. Tanner divides her time between her home in Riverside, California, and an island in Puget Sound, in Washington State.

4.875 x 7.75�

Untitled Digital Painting


Untitled 4.85 x 7.75�

Digital Painting


4.875 x 7.75�

Untitled Digital Painting

4.875 x 7.75�

Untitled Digital Painting


Untitled 4.875 x 7.75�

Digital Painting


A mixed media artist, Ken Weintrub’s subject matter and color choices are strongly influenced by his research into the use of mineral and earth pigments in Japanese art.

Ken Weintrub

The paintings invite the viewer to look, and then explore more deeply to discover the quiet and sometimes not-so-quiet subtleties contained within. Weintrub uses simple shapes, but makes changes in hue, size and relational placement to evoke an emotional response, which often belies the seemingly uncomplicated imagery. Weintrub lives in Sierra Madre, California.


Oil on board



Mixed Media and Japanese Mineral Pigment



Mixed Media and Japanese Mineral Pigment


Mixed Media and Japanese Mineral Pigment



Mixed Media and Japanese Mineral Pigment


Lynn Welker

Lynn Welker is a mixed media artist who paints abstract landscapes that combine elements of the past and the present. She leads the viewer on a seductive path of discovery with an unexpected use of texture and color. A former resource specialist who designed educational materials, Welker continues to be driven by the need to innovate. She paints intuitively, looking beyond the surface to explore the effects of erosion, sedimentation and the passing of time. Welker’s works aim to reconnect people to the richness of the land. Welker lives in Newport Beach, California. LynnWelker.com

24 x 24�

Passage in Time Mixed Media, Acrylic and Gel Medium on Canvas


When the Sky Began 18 x 24� Mixed Media, Acrylic and Gel Medium on Canvas


Guarded by the Cliffs 24 x 24” Mixed Media, Acrylic and Gel Medium on Canvas

Blue Fences 18 x 24” Mixed Media, Acrylic, Gel Medium and Graphite on Canvas


Land of Red Earth and Blue Sky 24 x 24� Mixed Media, Acrylic and Gel Medium on Canvas



Avilasakul, Maryanne Beck, Jean Brayton, Francesca Chang, Angela Dodge, Dani Giandalia, Herlinda Grein, Melanie Hansen, Bente Hart, Kathryn Hayes, Helen Johnson, Julienne Koff, Bernice Kolstad, Teresa Lacy-Huff, Sharon Lee, Dorothy Mackinnon, Christel Matthews, Melinda Megerdichian, Sylvia Mettler, Marion Roschko, Melanie Samins, Sally Schonberg, Geri Setton, Al Sievers, Mary Steffner, Lynn Swan-McDonald, Deborah Tanner, Charlotte Weintrub, Ken Welker, Lynn

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