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2012 New Car Market All Around The World April 15 , 2012, uk prime minister david Cameron (david Cameron) and car COO Toshiyuki Shiga joint explained in a very assertion , car is definitely the uk Sunderland factory to get $ 150 ,000 ,000 in 2014 put into the new hatchback. April eleven , 2012, the BYD usa and also the world's greatest rental car organization Hertz (Hertz) said that the BYD E6, any "winner " regarding electrical automobiles in Hertz's assist with enter in the oughout.utes. Local rental market , after the re-oriented particular person buyer product sales. Toyota engine business and Toyota Tsusho released on 04 in search of , the Toyota egypt companies (TMEE) offers commenced the set up service provider AAV (arabic , the united states vehicle company.) factory output of the bundle of money SUVs. Ford engine organization lately released within the oughout.utes. Market in march of this year product sales regarding 223,418 automobiles , a growth regarding 5.0% coming from a model standpoint , the kia model distributed 214,615 automobiles within the oughout.utes. Market in march , a growth regarding 5.1%; lincoln subsequently model distributed eight ,803 automobiles , a growth of 3.6%. Ford engine organization offers released their first one fourth product sales year-on-year within the ruskies market is a significant increase regarding 30%, product sales progress is primarily because of the campaign in the emphasis and Monde designs. The initial one fourth of this year , kia product sales within the ruskies market a total regarding 27 ,232 automobiles. South Korea's 5 automobile costs worldwide automobile product sales in march elevated through 11%, because of the malay domestic market product sales dropped , worldwide product sales expansion of 5 automobile costs mainly depend on abroad product sales powered. South Korea's Hyundai engine will be going to build a type w (developed common ) tiny vehicle , situated under ix35 may and also the car Juke enhancement in the competitors. The automobile first regarding brazil along with other southerly united states countries , european countries will even become the target market. News, in accordance with motor vehicle media , Volkswagen, or perhaps will be on thursday (04 18 ) picked the Audi united states production facilities tackle. Audi automobile access to parents organization Volkswagen help , may set up the initial united states vehicle manufacturing plant in south america ; the flower will become in 2015 put into the Audi Q5 SUVs. According to figures unveiled through LMC motor vehicle , in march in 2010 , automobile product sales in developed european countries and also the Nordic a single ,424,992 automobiles , straight down several.a single pct. According on the brazilian nationwide auto manufacturers relationship record information , in march in 2010 , Brazil's auto product sales dropped a single.8%, increase regarding twenty.5%. Brazil automobile product sales (which include traveler vehicles , gentle professional automobiles , trucks and vehicles ) product sales totaled three hundred ,574 automobiles in march. In accordance with Reuters, community period , 04 12 , 2012, the Volkswagen to help expand raise the pickup truck explains to you of an additional of person (guy ) on the rate of more than 70%. The holdings

regarding Volkswagen holds Mann pickup truck 73% in the common explains to you and 71.08% in the discuss cash. According to information lately unveiled through southerly africa on auto manufacturers relationship NAAMSA, southerly Africa's new vehicle product sales in march in 2010 had been fifty six ,a hundred and ten automobiles (which include product sales regarding Mercedes-Benz southerly africa ), a growth of four years old.8%. According to motor vehicle media described , from your Volga engine organization had been started 45 a lot of the Lade model , Lade reelection since ruskies market one particular model product sales winner , nonetheless , or perhaps misplaced the category subject for the first time. According on the Turkish motor vehicle vendors relationship strange record information , the initial one fourth of this year , Turkey's domestic traveler automobile product sales dropped twenty.some pct to ninety-seven ,536 automobiles. In march , Turkey's domestic traveler automobile product sales regarding forty seven ,two seventy automobiles , straight down twelve.5 pct. According on the figures information in the native indian relationship regarding auto manufacturers , SIAM, the market traveler automobile product sales in indian in march in 2010 , a growth regarding twenty.several pct to 229,866 automobiles , demonstrates the problem of five consecutive months regarding progress. According on the Aikido figures in the Indonesian relationship regarding auto manufacturers information , new automobile product sales in philippines in march in 2010 , a growth regarding 5.several pct to ninety ,817 automobiles , the same interval recently product sales regarding 82 ,163 automobiles. Renault promises to develop the product array , the introduction of new high-class vehicles , competitors concentrating on the Volkswagen prior. It really is found that the automobile features as opposed to Renault Laguna (Laguna) designs or commonalities while using Renault samsung SM7 (simply purchased from the malay market ). Primary merchandise : backup camera, car gps, car dvd. The car is anticipated arrive out there after 2016. Renault-Nissan connections these days released that this factory in Togliatti (Togliatti) of the company's ruskies lovers Volga engine organization opened a whole new production series. Kia motors business offers released that it is product sales within the oughout.utes. Market in march in 2010 , the first to crack 60 ,000 around fifty-seven ,505 automobiles , a growth regarding 25.2% the same interval recently product sales regarding 46 ,179 automobiles. Nissan engine organization offers released their 2011-2012 fiscal year (04 a single , next year to 2012 march thirty one ,) within the eu market product sales regarding 713,000 automobiles , a growth regarding seventeen.5%. Japan auto traders relationship JADA released march product sales in the japanese car market lately. Overall automobile product sales within the japanese car market 497,959 vehicles in march in 2010 (excluding mini-car product sales ), up 81.2 pct over the exact same interval recently , previous seasons product sales regarding 279,389 automobiles. Against additional international makes , the most important automaker in italy Volga auto organization , to be asking for 62 billion dollars rubles (regarding dollar 2 billion dollars ) in 2015 to with each other

Renault car connections. Hyundai engine organization offers released that it is 2012 product sales within the oughout.utes. Market may accomplish 700 ,000 , a growth regarding 8%. Hyundai engine distributed 645,691 automobiles within the oughout.utes. Market in next year. India's Mahindra & Mahindra offers released that it's considering the institution of an new factory exterior Maharashtra, indian (Maharashtra). Explanation to think about the flower exterior Maharashtra, mainly because the state of hawaii lately changed the cask rules , what's needed in the authorities to withdraw the amendment , though the local government won't move. visit us

2012 New Car Market All Around The World  

2012 march thirty one ,) within the eu market product sales regarding 713,000 automobiles , a growth

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