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By: Kathleen  Cush  

Catching a  cable  car  up  Table  Mountain  

This five-­‐minute  ascent  to  the  top  of  Cable  Mountain  offers  tourists  a  360  degree   view  of  the  city  of  Cape  Town,  the  ocean,  and  the  neighboring  peaks.      

2. South  African  Na9onal  Gallery   The  South  African  NaIonal  Art  Gallery  features    collecIons  ranging  from   colonial  to  contemporary  art.  It  holds  over  8000  art  works  featuring  a   variety  of  painIngs,  photography,  sculpture,  beadwork,  texIles  and  works   on  paper.  It  is  also  oNen  supplemented  by  visiIng  exhibiIons  from  abroad   that  explore  contemporary  themes  in  interesIng  and  someImes   controversial  ways.  

3. Cape  Town  Stadium  

A newly  built  stadium  that  hosted  the  2010  FIFA  World  Cup.   Tourists  flock  here  just  to  admire  the  unique  architecture.      

4. Cape  Town  Fashion  Tour  

This tour  allows  spectators  to  meet  local  fashion  designers  in  their     studios  or  bouIques,  and  get  behind  the  scenes  of  the  city’s  fashion   scene.  

5. The  Spring  Queen  Pageant  

The world’s  largest  fashion  show  featuring  workers  as  models.  It   celebrates  the  workers  behind  the  designer  labels,  shoes,  and   garments  sold  in  retailers  and  bouIques  across  the  country.  

Cool hunting in Cape Town, South Africa  
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