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March, 2008 Volume 3,

The New London Theatre opens second production in new home, “Arsenic and Old Lace�!!!

Editor: Leslie Raab

The New London Theatre debuted Godspell in their new home during the month of February with a very successful run. We had quite a few shows sold out. We hope you had the opportunity to see this wonderfully done production. Next on the agenda is the comedy Arsenic and Old Lace played with multiple casts, one being a youth cast of 18 and under for all roles. Get your tickets soon as we expect a large turnout. We have added some extra show times so check out the schedule on the website. See the ticket page for dates and times and purchase right there online with by using your credit card or PayPal account.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who helped get the theatre up and running. So many people pitched in doing various needed projects and jobs of all kinds. Also, many things were donated and we very much appreciate that as well. Thanks for believing in The New London Theatre! Come by and see how good it looks these days. We still have more work to do, but at least now we have a wonderful place to have our productions. If you have any ideas or suggestions on activities you would like to see at the theatre at other times, please let us know. We hope to see you soon! The New London Theatre Board of Directors


You can now pay for your tickets on our website via and use your PayPal account or your credit card!

Arsenic and Old Lace is a comedic stage play by Joseph Kesselring, written in 1939, and ran many years on Broadway, then, it was!turned into a movie with Cary Grant. It is about a daffy family called the Brewsters, with three sons, Mortimer, Jonathan, a Boris Karloff type person, and Teddy, a Theodore Roosevelt type person. There are two aunts, spinster type women, and several policemen. Also, in the cast is a German doctor, called Einstein. There is a lot of slapstick, doubletake comedy in this play that has become a classic movie and play around the United States, with many community theatres and high schools performing it.




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NLT Journal Read about the experiences of our actors or other members of the NLT family!

From Jonathan Cates, a veteran actor with NLT: As a youth, I was smitten by the acting bug in grade school, and then moving closer to the Hollywood area, I caught the movie business bug in Tustin High School. Try as I did, I only managed uncredited parts in movies, while substitute teaching in the greater LA area, from 1980-1985. Claiming to “retire� from show business, we moved to Snellville in 1985, and for 20 years, I worked away in one of the local school districts. Then one day, I was asked to drive my 7 year old grand daughter to rehearsal for the Wizard of Oz, at NLT. I knew right away, I wanted to be a part of the theatre scene again. I volunteered for every opportunity I could without quitting my day job at school. Now, I serve on the board, act in some plays, volunteer with the house crew, and enjoy as many activities in NLT as possible. I have met the most talented group of actors, costumers, construction experts, set designers, directors, and just the finest, friendliest, greatest troupe of theatre people in my life, whom I consider all, to be wonderful friends. The list of names is too long to number, and each time I visit the new theatre in Snellville Plaza, I am thankful for that one day I drove my granddaughter to rehearsal. Jonathan Cates February 24, 2008


NLT Journal, continued

From Greg Simons, a newcomer to NLT: Arsenic and Old Lace" is my second production with New London Theatre, following last December's "It's A Wonderful Life."! Both shows have been great experiences, giving me the chance to play some fun, challenging roles in two terrific productions.! In addition, I'd have the opportunity to work with a lot of fantastic people who really enjoy community theatre.!!Everyone in the cast and crew is encouraging, supportive and dedicated to making each show as good as it can possibly be.! And working on the theatre building itself was very rewarding, helping to make NLT's dream of its own home a reality.! Even though I'm fairly new to NLT, and to theatre in general, I've been warmly welcomed.! I would encourage anyone who has thought about getting involved with community theatre to give New London Theatre a try.! I think you'll really love it. !

House Crew Volunteers Needed! Not part of the cast? Not ready to audition? Or maybe you have interest in the theatre but don't know where to lend a hand. Why not consider joining the House Crew. The "crew" is an important component to each show production. It helps round out the total experience for our patrons. House crew members help as ushers and with ticket and concession sales. Patrons who have an enjoyable evening or matinee at the theatre are interested in returning for another show. Part of their decision rests not only on an outstanding performance but also on how they view the entire theatre facility...the welcome at the ticket counter, the service at the concessions booth, the assistance with finding a seat and the overall perception of quality. You can help build a positive perception by volunteering to help with orlike more shows asexperience a member ofNew the London house Theatre crew. to If do so. I invite anyone whoone would to share their with you'd like at more details, please call Tom Martin at Write it interested up and send itortoifme via email 770-979-8939 or Currently, volunteers are You never know, to what youwith share“The may inspire someone elseand to experience their dream or try needed help Lion, The Witch The Wardrobe�! something new. Thank you!


The New London Theatre

We are Here!

Our new address is: 2485 Highway 78 East, Snellville, GA 30078


WORK DAYS –watch the website for the next workday. Thanks for helping!! ACTIVITIES New London Theatre is organizing activities for everyone to participate in. We will be attending various plays and sporting events and hopefully taking advantage of some group discounts!! Please check the New London Theatre website for up to the minute details. We hope you will come and join us.

Elocution Festival A new festival is in town! It's a festival that is geared for our young people to be heard, and celebrated, and supported as they participate in this innovative event. If you desire to be inspired, entertained, and cheer our youth as they ARE lauded and celebrated, earning certificates, and medals, and more... then spread the word about: "THE YOUTH SPEECH AND ELOCUTION WORLD PEACE FESTIVAL" A.K.A. "The Youth S.A.E. (pronounced: 'say') World Peace Festival" This is the brainchild of founder, CharmaineJoan Hemmings. Ms. Hemmings is an accomplished actor of theater, radio, and television. She has also produced productions, and owned her own theater in Jamaica. The festival will be on Saturday, May 10th, 2008. It is opened to all Middle and High School students. The categories are geared toward developing various aspects of peace in your daily life. The participants will compete using monologues, poetry, speeches, soliloquies, and twocharacter performances that incorporate the message of peace. For further information, contact Ms. Hemmings at;, or The New London Theatre. We are also looking for sponsors. This is something to really get excited Exciting activities coming up: Tailgate Party at Stone Mountain Park: Spring, 2008 MAY HAS SOME EXCITING EVENTS PLANNED, LOOK FOR THE BUDDY AWARD DAY, AND THE NEW ELOCUTION FESTIVAL! Sparkles Roller Skate Night for NLT troupe and friends, NLT OPEN HOUSE CELEBRATION, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 3PM Habersham Theatre Trip to see DAMN YANKEES : Possible dates-email if interested: April 24, 25, 26, 27, May 1, 2, 3, or 4? Holly Theatre Trip, Dahlonega, GA Black Bear Dinner Theatre Trip ( ) so be watching your email for more info. You may also want to join the yahoo group, ALSO, has 2 New London Theatre groups, and a Lion, Witch and Wardrobe group to join! Want to be on the NLT Birthday List? Birthday Alarm is set upEmail or call (678) 520-1710 with your 1.Name, 2.E-mail address, 3.Birthday or Anniversary. You will receive a free e-card from the New London Theatre on that date.


The New London Theatre Wish List

Urgent needs, can you help with these items? The next big project for us is to clean out the storage area, which will become our dressing rooms and shop area. We have a huge need for donations of large Rubbermaid type storage containers, shelving, cabinets, and clothes racks. If so, please let us know and drop them by any evening. Thanks very much!! Email us at

Other wish list items:

• black paint • painting supplies! • large rubber storage containers with lids • canister vacuum cleaner with hose and wand • lobby style dustpan with long handle • sewing supplies • trash bags- 8 gallon, 13 • gallon, 55 gallon • fabric for costumes and sets • tickets (two part) • shelves for shop • large mirrors for dressing room • coffee maker (large one) • storage cabinets for shop • large folding tables- 4 and 6 foot!!

• a four unit walkie talkie set with headphones • money (always needed) • theatre style crowd control ropes with poles • PA system for front of theatre • sewing machines (that works well) • nice clothing suitable for costuming (suits for men/women, fancy dresses, hats, etc) • 24 inch dust mop, frame, and handle • folding chairs (Commercial Fabric Folding Chair) • sponsors for program printing, signs, etc. • Indoor/outdoor spotlight • laser jet printer/ scanner/fax/copier


Check out the website to see who’s in these casts!!

Interested in seeing pictures of our past and present productions? If you would like to look, order prints or other goodies, please visit: New London Theatre earns money on all of your purchases!! Thanks for helping.


The New Director's Showcase and One Act Festival will provide variety for both the auditioning actor and the viewing audience.! With nine participating new directors, we will be having two full evenings of shows that will alternate the way we usually do a double cast show.! Each evening will provide a variety of one-acts that will provide entertainment for any and all who attend; from child to adult there will be something for everyone.! Here is the line up in no particular order: ! Beth Elam is directing Trifles - a drama about a murder - if you knew who did it...would you tell?? ! Kathi Mardis is directing Reduced Shakespeare Company's Romeo and Juliet - an hilarious comedy version of the well-known tragedy...right. ! Lorrie Harris is directing The Queen in the Kitchen - a fun show for children that brings the royal personage out of her normal domain and into that of the common woman. ! Tony Webb is directing The Storm - a drama with a thought provoking twist at the end, which involves a man tracking down the hit and run driver that killed his wife and daughter. Anna Jones is directing The Flattering Word - a well-known satire about an uptight preacher, who sees all theatre as evil, finds himself face to face with his wife's old school friend...a famous actor. Joan Apperson is directing Rupunzel – wellknown story for children about the desire for a neighbor's lettuce...a beautiful, but soon bewitched daughter, and a doll with a legacy.! (Let's not forget that good-looking prince!)

! Kyle Simonis is directing Majority Rules a short piece that!looks at!our everchanging judicial system with a large dose of humor. ! Patricia Cox is directing Family Affair her original work that brings the young man home to meet the family...that just happens to be all women...which could make any prospective date a bit on edge. ! Cassie Clack is directing Check Please - a well-known one-act comedy piece. ! The audition information and monologues will be up on the web page soon, so keep an eye out for them.! This will truly provide variety of parts for actors of all ages and abilities.! We are currently looking for production staff as well.! If you are interested, email!! ! ! 11

Interested in seeing pictures of our past and present productions? If you would like to look, order prints or other goodies, please visit: New London Theatre earns money on all of your purchases!! Thanks for helping.

Audition Info Everyone is invited to come and audition, whether you have done it before or not. You never know, you may be the next “Snellville Idol”. No seriously, it is a lot of fun and whether or not you make it into the cast, there is still plenty of good stuff to do. Bring the kids and make it a family affair. Just check our website for audition dates and watch your email for further info. If you have a question about auditions, please email us. We are happy to answer any questions you have about the process. We are also looking for people who have had experience in Directing. If you would like to get involved in that aspect of the theatre, please let us know.

Please do us a favor and forward this newsletter to all of your friends and family who live in the area! That will help us get the word out!!!! Thank you.

Do you have any favorite plays that you would like to see performed by New London Theatre? Watch the website for an opportunity to vote for a play you would like to see!

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Thanks for reading and for your support of New London Theatre!!


New London Theatre March Newsletter  

Excellent Newsletter on what's happening in NLT by Leslie Raab