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Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Music by: Alan Menken Lyrics by: Howard Ashman and Tim Rice Book by: Linda Woolverton Directed on Broadway by: Robert Jess Roth

Artistic Production Team



A beautiful but self-absorbed prince gets the chance to help an ugly old lady, but he dismisses her. She turns out to be a beautiful enchantress, and she casts the prince into a spell of ugliness and loneliness. His servants are transformed into objects. In his isolation, he gets a magical mirror to watch the world through. To reverse the spell, he must learn to love a person for who she is and receive her love in return, all before the magical rose loses its petals.

Production Assistant Director

Her father is a goofy inventor. He goes off to compete at an inventor‟s fair, but gets lost in the woods and ends up a prisoner at the Beast's castle. Belle finds her father there, and pleads with the Beast to let her father go in return for her staying with the Beast. It's a done deal, and Belle is trapped now in the castle with the Beast and his magically transformed servants.


Teagan Eley


Jennifer Mardis

Emily Elam Ryan Hollinger


Anne Simmons


Jackie Long Lorrie Harris

Lighting Design

Wendy Mardis

Light Board Operator

Jennifer Ritchie

Props Mistress Hair

McKenzie Carlson Brea Shafer, Cecily Tartaglione, Garrett Wise Lorrie Harris Kathleen Mardis, Wendy Mardis

T-shirts, Ads & Biographies

Jonathan Cates, Tony Webb

House Manager

Sharyn Berg

Stage Manager 2

Jolinn Robison


Sound Technicians

And the ending begins....

Joanne Alford

Mary Rodriguez

Spot Light Operator

This almost works, but the Beast lets Belle out just in time to save her father and prove there is a Beast. She shows them the magical mirror and Gaston takes an angry mob to go and kill the Beast.

David Clack


Props Mistress

In the village, the ignorant but manly Gaston is angry that Belle isn't interested in him. When Belle‟s father claims she is trapped with a Beast, Gaston sees the opportunity to have Belle‟s father committed to a n asylum, in an attempt to force Belle to marry him.

Kirk Buis Debra Hughes

Costume Designer

Belle and learns to love the Beast thorough many fantastic days and a very romantic evening.

Medley Long III

Vocal Director

Set Design and Construction Head Costume Designer Costume design & Construction

In the village, Belle, a beautiful young girl with a passion for books, is lonely and misunderstood. She daydreams about leaving, getting a better life, meeting a prince.

Wendy Mardis

Beth Thiemann


Beauty and the Beast Scene Synopsis and Musical Numbers Act I Act I Scenes Prologue

Act I Musical Numbers

The Young Prince, Enchantress,


& Narrator


Belle, Villagers, Lefou, Gaston,


& Maurice

No Matter What

Scene 2 Forest

Maurice & the Wolves

Wolf Chase

Scene 3 Castle

Maurice, Enchanted Objects,


& the Beast

Is This Home?

Silly Girls, Gaston, Lefou, & Belle


Enchanted Objects, Belle, Beast,

Be Our Guest

& Gargoyles

If I Can't Love Her

Scene 1 Town

Scene 4 Cottage Scene 5 Castle Scene 6 Tavern

Gaston, Lefou, Villagers, Silly Girls, & Maurice

Scene 7 Castle

Enchanted Objects, Chorus, & the Beast

Act II Act II Scenes

Act II Musical Numbers

Scene 1 Forest

Belle, Wolves, & the Beast


Scene 2 Castle

Belle, Beast, & Enchanted Objects

Wolf Chase

Scene 3 Tavern

Something There

Scene 4 Castle

Gaston, LeFou, & D'Arque Lumiere, Cogsworth, Beast, Mrs. Potts,

Scene 5 Town

& Belle

Beauty and the Beast

Belle, Maurice, D'Arque, Lefou,

A Change in Me

Scene 6 Castle

Gaston, & the Villagers

Show Me the Beast

Scene 7 Castle

Entire Cast

The Mob Song

Entire Cast

Transformation and Finale

Special Thanks Charles Walker, Amy Haney, and


Human Again Maison de Lunes


Beauty and the Beast

Cast and Crew CAST Beast Belle Gaston Lumiere Maurice Mrs. Potts/Ensemble LeFou Monsieur D„ Arque Cogsworth/Ensemble Madame de la Grande Bouche Babette/Ensemble Chip Prince/Ensemble Enchantress, Silly Girl #1 Silly Girl #2 Silly Girl #3 Silly Girl #4 Silly Girl #5 Silly Girl #6 Bookseller Baker


Brody Wellmaker Chelsea Belcastro/Gretchen Swanson Austin Kulp/Bryan Lewis Taylor Kulp/Jesse Farmer Brian Jones Shade Oyenakinwa/Lynn Renshaw Ted Wilkes Jamarious Wicker Perry Rosenbaum/Paul Thiemann Holly Belcastro Samantha Carlson/Melissa Rust Colby Freeman/Caroline Moody Ian Schwaner Rachel Delgaudio Alex Berardi Halley Daigle Sariah McCall Megan Megahee Meagan Price Tony Webb Shane Grizzard


Michal Berg Lane Blaha Amelia Blanton Sydney Converse Joshua Davis Sarah Davis Beth Elam Teagan Eley Holly Harris Samuel Itskov Kira Kulp Andrew Lewis Megan Lewis Jennifer Mardis Keegan Robison Samantha Rodriguez Chris Suddeth Sean White

Alex Hodges Chelsea Icoz STAGE CREW Gabby Arenas Emily Arvidson Josh Brook Kristen Elam Nick Parrish Jackson Wooten


Beauty and the Beast Cast and Crew Biographies Joanne Alford (Head Costume Designer) To designers Anne, Jolinn, and Ryan, you guys are the best! You really outdid yourselves. Kathi, Mary, Samantha, Emily, Jackie & everyone who helped: THANK YOU for all your hard work and time.

Emily Arvidson (Stage Crew) Emily is excited to be working backstage after being onstage for NLT‟s One Act Showcase. Thanks for coming & enjoy the show!

Chelsea Belcastro (Belle) This is Chelsea‟s 3rd New London Theatre production. She‟s portrayed numerous roles including “Gabriella” in Disney‟s “High School Musical,” and “Sandy” in “Grease.” She‟d like to thank Bill Newberry and her friends and family.

Holly Belcastro (Madame de la Grande Bouche) Holly‟s very excited to be portraying the role of the “Wardrobe.” This is her first musical production. Holly would like to thank her voice coach Bill Newberry, her family, friends, and director Kirk Buis.

Alex Berardi (Silly Girl #2) This is Alex‟s second show at New London; you may have seen her as “Susan” in “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.” She is thrilled to be playing a role so different from herself. She hopes you enjoy it as well.

Michal Berg (Ensemble) Michal‟s enjoying her second play with NLT and couldn‟t think of a better way to spend her summer evenings! She‟s loved the whole NLT experience and all her new friends!


Lane Blaha (Ensemble) Lane‟s participated both on and back stage in several productions for NLT since the fall of 2007. These include “Steel Magnolias” through to “The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe.” This is her first musical and so far it‟s her favorite!

Amelia Blanton (Ensemble (Pepper)) Amelia‟s excited to be in her second production at NLT. Last summer you might have seen her in “CATS.” She has also been in several musicals at Brookwood High School and in ASYO‟s “Carnival of the Animals.” Enjoy the show!

Josh Brook (Technician) This is the very first production he has been involved in at New London Theatre. He is very excited and hopes you all enjoy the show!

Kirk Buis (Director) Kirk is the co-founder of New London Theatre. He taught Dramatic Arts at South Gwinnett High School for fourteen years. He‟s directed, produced, or acted in over 100 shows. Kirk thanks you for supporting community theatre!

McKenzie Carlson (Spot Light Operator) McKenzie is happy to shine the light on the stage after being in the dark for the One Act Showcase.” She says “hi” to friends and family! Enjoy the show!

Samantha Carlson (Babette) This is Samantha‟s third time performing with New London Theatre. She‟s also worked backstage as part of the technical crew for the One Act Showcase and the Lilburn-based Christian dance company, “Praise in Motion.”


Ryan Coleman (Ensemble) This is Ryan‟s 4th play here at NLT. He will be entering the 6th grade at Crews Middle School this year. He‟s done 8 plays in a row since he was only 9 years old.

Sydney Converse (Ensemble) Sydney is thrilled to be in her first ever performance. She thanks her family for being her chauffeur service and their support.

Halley Daigle (Silly Girl)# 3) This is Halley‟s first show with New London Theatre. She is now a senior at Parkview and has been involved in Parkview Drama since her freshman year. This will be her 9th musical ever and she can‟t wait to faint, fawn, and drool over Gaston (it NEVER gets old)

Joshua Davis (Ensemble) “Beauty and the Beast” is Joshua‟s third play with NLT. He‟s thankful for the opportunity. Sarah Davis (Ensemble) Sarah enjoys jumping on the trampoline while doing advanced gymnastic stunts, acting (this is her first play), and knitting. She is thankful she got cast in this play.

Rachel Delgaudio (Enchantress, Silly Girl# 1) This is Rachel‟s 1st show at New London, but her 20th show ever! She will be attending Emory in the fall as a double major in Biology and Theater.

Beth Elam (Ensemble (Aristocratic Lady)) Beth is thrilled to be on stage again with this show. She‟d like to thank her family for all their wonderful support, especially her daughter Emily, who‟s worked very hard with costumes.

Emily Elam (Costume Designer) Emily‟s thrilled to be working with NLT again! She is returning as a costume designer this time, but she has been in numerous plays such as “It‟s A Wonderful Life” & “Steel Magnolias.”

Kristen Elam (Stage Crew) Kristen is excited to be working backstage for NLT‟s production of “Beauty and the Beast” and 9

Teagan Eley (Choreographer/Ensemble) Teagan has been with NLT for 5 years and has been singing, dancing, and acting for 19 years. She‟s also appeared in movies, cartoons, and radio. She would like to thank her little big toe!

Jesse Farmer (Lumiere) Jesse is extremely excited to be with The New London Theatre. This is the second show he‟s done. He also enjoys long walks on the beach. He would like to thank his parents for their support as well as his little big dipper.

Colby Freeman (Chip) This is Colby‟s 5th performance with NLT. Colby is a 2nd grader at Pharr Elementary School. He enjoys singing, acting, swim team and playing baseball and basketball. Colby is excited to be in another musical with NLT and hopes you all enjoy the show!

Shane Grizzard (Baker/Ensemble) Shane just played Mushnik in South Gwinnett High School‟s “Little Shop of Horrors,” where he took the phrase “break a leg” a little too seriously. This is his first NLT show. Thanks to Chels for getting him involved with this production!

Holly Harris (Ensemble (Salt)) This is Holly‟s fourth show with NLT and she excited to be in “Beauty and the Beast” for the second time. She hopes that everyone enjoys the show and make sure to catch her three lines.

Lorrie Harris (Props Mistress) Many thanks to the props team - Lynn Harris, Holly Harris, Gabby Beatag, & Kayla Folsum - for all of their hard work on this production! Thanks also to everyone in the cast that loaned, located (I swear nothing‟s been stolen - that I know of), etc. - for B&B. Ya‟ll are great!

Alex Hodges (Assistant Stage Manager) This is Alex‟s second play as a technician, the other being the One Act Showcase. He would like to thank Chelsea, Shane, and his family. He hopes everyone enjoys the show.

Debra Hughes (Vocal Director) A music teacher who loves musicals best of all! This cast is amazingly talented and has done a fantastic job learning their music so the audience can have many „goose bump moments„!

Chelsea Icoz (Assistant Stage Manager) This is Chelsea‟s first time being anyone important, and she loves bossing people around. She wants to say “hi” to Alex, Shaney, her Mother, and her Sister. Enjoy the show!

Samuel Itskov (Ensemble) This is Sam‟s first show with New London and hopes to be in many more. He loves this musical and the great cast. 10

Brian Jones (Maurice) Brian is glad to be singing again with his New London friends. He recently directed New London Theatre‟s “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” and appeared as “Teddy” in “Arsenic & Old Lace.”

Austin Kulp (Gaston) Austin‟s very excited to be in his first musical. He has just graduated from Brookwood High School, where he got four excellent roles. This will be his first production at NLT.

Kira Kulp (Ensemble) Kira is overjoyed to be in “Beauty and the Beast,” especially since her two older brothers also have parts. She thanks her brother, (Gaston) for inspiring her in theatre.

Taylor Kulp (Lumiere) Taylor is a senior studying electrical engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. He would like to thank his brother (Gaston) who inspired to try out for this incredible play - his first.

Andrew Lewis (Ensemble) This is Andrew‟s second production with New London Theatre and he is so excited to be in “Beauty and the Beast!”

Bryan Lewis (Gaston) Bryan is attending Georgia Institute of Technology in the fall, and this is his first show at the New London Theatre. Bryan has played the role of “Ugly” in “Honk!”, “Billy” in “Anything Goes,” and has been part of the ensemble in “The Wiz,” “Fiddler On the Roof”, “Damn Yankees”, and most recently, “Bye Bye Birdie.”

Megan Lewis (Ensemble) This is Megan's first show here at the New London Theatre. She‟s very excited to be a part of “Beauty and the Beast.” Please enjoy the show!

Medley Long, III (Production Assistant) Medley is proud to be involved in his seventh NLT production. Medley is enjoying his Summer as a rising Junior at Brookwood High School.

Jennifer Mardis (Choreographer/Ensemble) Jennifer‟s really excited about this performance of “Beauty and the Beast.” She is proud to have the chance of performing in her favorite Disney fairy tale! Enjoy the show!

Wendy Mardis (Producer) Wendy has really enjoyed working with the cast and crew on this NLT production. She would like to thank NLT for giving her the opportunity to put on what will be a most memorable show!

Sariah McCall (Silly Girl#4) “Whatever doesn‟t kill you makes you a better artist.” Megan Megahee (Silly Girl#5) This is Megan‟s sixth show at New London. She loves the new people she has met and loves doing plays.


Caroline Moody (Chip) Caroline is five years old and attends Hopewell Christian Academy. This is Caroline‟s first performance with New London Theatre but as a “veteran” of the stage; she‟s played the role of “Woodstock” in “A Charlie Brown Christmas” for the last two years at the Lion Heart Theatre Group and is excited to spread her wings!

Shade Oyemakinwa (Mrs. Potts/Ensemble) This is Shade‟s first show with New London Theatre. She‟s been acting since the 2nd grade and has a deep brooded passion for musical theatre.

Nick Parrish (Stage Crew) Nick is excited to be working backstage with NLT for “Beauty and the Beast.” He is an amateur magician and has assisted with many New London shows.

Meagan Price (Silly Girl#6/Ensemble) This is Meagan‟s third show with NLT. “Beauty and the Beast” was her favorite childhood movie and she has had a blast doing the play. She hopes that everyone enjoys the show!

Lynn Renshaw (Mrs. Potts/Ensemble) Lynn had such great “Memories” from playing “Grizzabella” in last summer‟s production of “CATS” that she is excited to be working again with NLT! Her only regret is that there are no food or beverages allowed in the theater, because she has learned that almost any trouble life can hand you is easily solved with a nice warm cup of tea. Thank you for being here tonight - enjoy the show with one lump or two!

Jennifer Ritchie (Light Board Operator) Female. 16. Collins Hill High School. Jesus, theatre, church, music, movies and friends = love. Lives life and “yada yada, blah blah blah.” Please and thank you‟s to you and you. And you.

Jolinn Robison (Costume Design & Construction) Jolinn has been designing and sewing for over 24 years and has made costumes for many plays including “My Fair Lady,” “Man of La Mancha,” and “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” This has been the most fun and challenging yet. For this play her favorite designs are “Mrs. Potts” and “Belle‟s” gold dress.

Keegan Robison (Ensemble) Keegan is so excited for this musical! It‟s one of her absolute favorites. And it‟s her dream to be a dancing, singing spoon. Thanks everyone who helped make her dream a reality. Enjoy the show! Mary Rodriguez (Costumer) This is Mary‟s first time working as a costumer at the New London Theatre. She is always here


Samantha Rodriguez (Ensemble) This is Samantha's first time at the New London Theatre. She's always here singing,. She dances at Carol Walker Academy.

Perry Rosenbaum (Cogsworth) Perry is excited to be in his first production with New London Theatre. He recently played “Ali Hakim” in Brookwood High School‟s production of “Oklahoma!” He‟d like to thank his family and friends for their support.

Melissa Rust (Babette/Ensemble) Melissa just recently finished up her senior year at Parkview High School, where she performed in shows such as “Zombie Prom,” “Pippin,” and “Children of Eden.” She‟ll be attending Georgia State University in the fall.

Ian Schwaner (Prince/Ensemble) Ian loves „showbiz‟ and is a dedicated actor, dancer, and model. You may have seen him in the recent NLT show, “The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe,” as “Peter”. He is thrilled to be back!

Anne Simmons (Costumer) This is Anne‟s second play with New London Theatre, after someone ran her down the street in downtown Atlanta asking her if she did costumes. Well, she did, and still does.


Chris Suddeth (Ensemble) This is Chris‟s 19th show that he has performed between South Gwinnett High School and New London Theatre. He has enjoyed working with an amazing cast and hopes that you enjoy the show!!

Gretchen Swanson ( Belle) This is Gretchen‟s first show with the New London Theatre. She‟s also performed with Athens Creative Theater, Stone Mountain Park, and Brookwood High School. Gretchen is studying music education at UGA and will be student teaching in the fall. Enjoy the show!

Beth Thiemann (Stage Manager) This is Beth‟s 2nd stage management job at NLT and 2nd time with “Beauty and the Beast.” Much thanks to the cast and crew for being wonderful! Live, Laugh, Love… and enjoy the show!

Paul Thiemann (Cogsworth/Ensemble) This is Paul‟s second show here at the New London Theatre. You may have recently seen in him at Parkview High School in plays such as “Children of Eden,” “Pippin,” “Zombie Prom,” and other various shows. Please enjoy the show!

Tony Webb ( Bookseller) This is Tony‟s 29th play with the New London Theatre. Now purchase a coke and popcorn and enjoy the show.

Brody Wellmaker (The Beast) This is Brody‟s very first production with New London Theatre. He hopes to make his family and friends proud with his performance. Enjoy the show!

Garrett Wise (Sound Technician) This is Garrett‟s 1st summer play with NLT and Garrett is looking forward to it!


Sean White (Ensemble) Sean is very excited to be in his first ever New London Production. You may have seen him in “Grease” and “Oklahoma!,” at Brookwood High School. He hopes everyone enjoys the show! Jamarious Wicker (Monsieur D‘ Arque) Jamarious is very pleased to be a part of this production with the New London Theatre. Being “Monsieur D ‟Arque,” and is giving his part his “all.” “D‟ Arque” has been a change from his normal acting range and has been fun to portray. Jackson Wooten (Stage Crew) Jackson is happy to be working with New London Theatre for his second show. He previously worked backstage for the One Act Showcase. Enjoy the show! Ted Wilkes (LeFou) Ted took the stage in 1959 and has performed in over 50 musicals & plays to include national tours of “You‟re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” & “Pippin”. His movie credits include “Deadly Tower” (w/Kurt Russell) and “Autobiography of Miss Jane Pitman” .


New London Theatre Is always looking for people who know that there’s “No Business like Show Business!” Get involved today . Check our website: Email: 16



New London Theatre B&B Program 5.0  

Program for the New London Theatre 2008 production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast

New London Theatre B&B Program 5.0  

Program for the New London Theatre 2008 production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast