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Minutes of the General Meeting of Southern Gwinnett Community Arts April 16, 2012 Treasury Report (Kirk Buis) $50.00 in the Treasury OLD BUSINESS 1. Discussion of Fall Festival, Grayson Day and Snellville Days. Jonathan Cates called for fliers from local businesses and will convas the area to get more. Kathleen Mardis presented format for fliers and use and types of printing were discussed. 2. Discussion of efforts to enhance City Hall with work of local artists. Kirk Buis will contact the Mayor to get a copy of the lawyer-approved version of agreement to place art in city hall. SGCA will take action to add the application process & art juror contacts to our website (Leslie Raab). The contact at city hall for this item is Melissa Arnold. Art will display for one month and SGCA will put art in 'sets' so as to fill 22 spaces once the judges approve the art. 3. We discussed the the attachments to the agenda: the calendar (anyone who wants to add dates/events, please contact me (; the survey – please fill out and return to us when you get the chance. This survey will also be added to the website.; and the 10 position points of the SGCA. ONGOING ACTION: Kathleen Mardis, Leslie Raab NEW BUSINESS 4. Discussion of getting some 'welded art' for Briscoe Park – Gene Baldwin is the point of contact. 5. Discussion of going to the meetings of Shops on Scenic, Snellville Commerce Club. This is a true record of events Kathleen L. Mardis Recording Attendees: (+ anyone who did not get to add their name to the sign in sheet)

Kirk Buis Jonathan Cates John Duke Bobby Howard Crystal Huskey Kelly Kautz Kathleen Mardis Leslie Raab Tom Witts

April 2012 Minutes - General Meeting  

Minutes of the general membership meeting of Southern Gwinnett Community Arts