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Mexico can be an exciting and rewarding place to live as a teacher. With many teaching opportunities available, and many opportunities to help students of all economic backgrounds, it can be extremely beneficial as a career choice to focus on Mexico as a destination for a job. Like many other locations, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to teaching in Mexico. There are some important tips to consider as you make your decision and ultimately transition into a position in the country. Tips for teaching in Mexico from 1) Research Early: Before you make the decision to move, start a job search in the location that you would like to teach. You can search online for job postings, but the most effective way to both find current positions and get yourself in the door as the front candidate is to call schools directly. 2) Get the Offer: Ask the school if they would consider moving through the hiring process over Skype or similar contact options before you relocate. Currently, with more contact options available over the internet, many schools conduct hiring steps over the web. You may need to come in for a formal interview at the end of the process, but one trip is less costly than multiple – or worse, relocating and then finding that the job wasn’t available. 3) Consider Your Options: Like many other countries, there are a variety of teaching options available for instructors in Mexico. Private schools, public schools and private tutoring are all job options for new and existing teachers. Even after arriving and accepting a position, there are many other positions available to earn additional income. 4) Review Language Requirements: Many teachers in Mexico are required to speak both Spanish and English fluently. Others are accepted with minimal understanding of the other language. It depends on the specific school you are applying for – and your language understanding is something to discuss throughout the interview process. 5) Consider Adult Options: Though most teachers begin by teaching younger students, the market in Mexico is ripe for teachers willing to instruct adults through English skill programs, universities, and even private tutoring relationships. 6) Consider Private Classes: If you don’t find the position you want, there is also the option to offer private classes on a given subject. Some universities and schools will partner with you to offer the classes – giving you the freedom of managing your class while also offering the support of an established institution. 7) Research Cost of Living: The cost of living varies by location – as it does anywhere else. It is important that you understand the cost of living where you will reside so that you can best plan for what income requirements you may have. It is often helpful to plan for a small commute so that you can save money on living expenses, but work in a higher paying area. No matter what type of position you are looking to fill in Mexico, it is important that you research all of your options early. There are many different ways to become a successful teacher in Mexico – it just takes planning and careful consideration to find the right avenue for you. Teach in Mexico

5 biggest cities to teach in mexico  

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