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As with any location that you may be searching for a teaching position, Argentina offers many opportunities for growth. But, similarly, it also offers different requirements. Because of this, it is important to make plans and research before you make your decision about where you would most like to teach – in any country. Tips for Teaching in Argentina via Below, you will find some items to consider as you make the decision about where you should teach – and if Argentina is the best option for you: 

Consider getting a TEFL Degree – While it isn’t necessarily required, a Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification may help you get the job. It is offered over the internet or in cities around the world as an additional measure that prepares you to teach in countries that primarily speak another language. Though you may not be interested in teaching English 100% of the time, the English certification will make you a more viable candidate for other fields as well.

Consider costs – It is important to research the median wages for the job you would like to fill before taking it. Equally important is the cost of living in the area you wish to teach. Make sure that it is worth it financially before you take the job. If it’s a close call, consider moving further outside of the city to reduce costs. And weigh your options for additional work that can supplement your teaching income. If teaching is your passion, there are many ways to overcome income issues.

Consider Passport/Visa requirements – Depending on your location, you may be required to get a working Visa. In some cases, for short term positions, a Passport is sufficient – but you should always know the answer before you go. Obtaining a Visa can be a lengthy process and you don’t want to relocate for your job unprepared to meet specific government requirements.

Consider your schedule – Work requirements in different countries require different schedules. In Argentina, it isn’t uncommon to be expected to work a 12 hour shift as a teacher – and that does not include travel time when covering multiple student locations. The days can be very long – so it is important to consider what you are willing to work and how often.

Consider your stay – If you are looking to relocate for a teaching position, it is always important to consider how long you wish to stay in your new location. If you are willing to work there for five years or more, it is often worth taking a lower position with the end-goal of making local contacts and references that can help you build a strong career. If not, you have to consider the long-term benefits of working in a new location before taking the position.

As you weigh your options for teaching in Argentina, it is important that you search for the tools and resources available to new teachers in your new location. Understanding your options early, and preparing yourself for the career transition, will help the move go much smoother – and ensure that it benefits you in the long run. Teach in Argentina

5 biggest cities to teach in argentina  

Read this guide to understand the five biggest cities that are the best to visit or search in if you are looking to teach in Argentina.

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