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Augusta High School 2020 Ohio Street Augusta KS 67010 December 2011 Volume 79, Issue 4


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Merry Christmas As part of a seasonal event, AHS staff members decided to dress up as reindeer on Ugly Sweater Day. Shown here are Dianne Riechard, Jane Mapes, Tim Laner, Deana Walls, Traci Payne, Rachel Simmons, Kelly Groom, Rebecca Timberlake, Audra Shelite and Donna Nickel. Each staff member represented a reindeer, with Nickel being Rudolf, of course, and Laner as Santa. The women designed their shirts. (Photo by Paige Riechard)




Augusta High School 2020 Ohio Augusta, KS 67010 Policy Statement

The Oriole is published monthly from September-May and distributed free to the members of the high school community. It is reproduced at the USD 402 Copy Center. IT is also available on the USD 402 website and Facebook under Augusta Oriole newspaper. The Oriole is a student-produced newsmagazine published to entertain the community and educate members of the Newspaper Publications class. Opinions expressed are those of individual authors and do not necessarily relfect the views of administration or the staff. Signed guest articles are encouraged but are subject to editing for grammar, length, legiblility and taste. (Member of KSPA)


Editor in Chief................................Natalie Sykes Layout Editor......................................Ally Spease Photographer...............................Rachel Pangrac Reporters: Hailey Base, Mackenzie Cool, Laura Ewertz, Kathryn Hooglugt, Nick Reimer

Adviser.......................................Kathey Gibbs

Coming Next Month... Jan. 3- New Semester Jan. 11- ASVAB Testing in Library Jan. 16- No Classes ( Martin Luther King Jr. Day) Jan. 23- Winter Sports Pictures at 2 p.m. Jan. 19/20- KS Communities That Care survey

Christmas Spirit! Choir members preform “The 12 Days of Chirstmas” at the Senior Citizens Concert. (Photo by Natalie Sykes)

Choirs, Bands bring Christmas cheer By Kathryn Hooglugt The annual holiday music concert was Dec. 6, a Tuesday night, at 7 p.m. The entire auditorium was decorated for the Christmas theme. It was brightly lit with Christmas lights, and there was also a decorated Christmas tree. The Concert Band was dressed in their marching band uniforms. Down below on the floor was the Jazz Band, dressed in different uniforms. The Take 2 girls wore sparkly dresses and all of the guys wore tuxes. The Concert Choir and Mixed Choir girls wore the normal black dresses. The Bella Canto wore red sweaters or red shirts and black pants. The order of the show switched from band to choir, then band again. The first to perform was the Concert Band. They played a song called “Dance of the Slippery Slide Trombones.” Then the Jazz Band played “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,” and “Jinglebell Rock.” Next the Mixed Choir came on stage and played

“Now Sing We Now Rejoice,” and “Pat-aPan.” Then Jazz Band played “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” and “Joy to the World.” As the Bella Canto came on, they sang “Frosty the Snowman.” Then they continued with “Santa Baby” with soloists Exandrea Morehouse (11) and Kori Visor; “Sussex Carol” with soloists Cassidy Hartup (10) and Caroline Phipps (12); and finally “Here Comes Santa Claus.” The Concert Band then played “Russian Christmas” and “Santa Loves to ChaCha.” Then the Concert Choir sang “Personent Hodie,” “The Little Drummer Boy,” “Carol of the Bells” and “Peace Peace.” As the Concert Choir was singing “Peace Peace,” all the other choirs came on while singing “Silent Night.” Then the band and choirs performed the mass ensemble to “Our Winter Wonderland.” As the band was leaving the stage,the choirs sang “We Wish You A Merry Christmas,” ending the night with joy.



Rachel’s Challenge touches hearts of millions

By Natalie Sykes “Compassion is the greatest form of love humans have to offer. According to Webster’s Dictionary, compassion means feeling of sympathy for another’s misfortune. My definition of compassion is forgiving, loving, helping, leading, and showing mercy for others. I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion, then it will start a chain reaction of the same. People will never know how far a little kindness can go.” Rachel Scott wrote these words in her “My Ethics, My Code of Life” essay that she wrote for her English class. Scott walked into Columbine High School April 20, 1999, with the hope of changing the world with kindness. Tragically, her life was ended that same day. After her death, her father found six diaries full of her hopes and dreams of changing the world. This was the beginning of Rachel’s Challenge, a project to start a chain reaction of kindness. “Let me ask you something…did you ever ask them what their goal in life is, what kind of past they came from, did they experience hurt, did you look into their soul and not just their appearance? Until you know them and not just their ‘type,’ you have

no right to shun them. You have not looked for their beauty, their good. You have not seen the light in their eyes. Look hard enough and you always find a light, and you can even help it grow, if you don’t walk away from those three impressions first.” These sentences are also from Rachel’s essay. Darrell Scott, Rachel’s father, to help Rachel’s dream move forward, started Rachel’s Challenge. The organization exists to inspire, equip and empower students to create a permanent, positive change in their schools. Since Rachel’s Challenge started, 3300 high schools and middle schools from 50 states and 6 countries have answered the call to fight against violence. With more than 11 million people reached with her message, 7 documented school shootings or violence have been prevented. When Rachel’s Challenge is presented, a video of Rachel’s life and the Columbine tragedy is played during a school presentation that inspires students to be more positive. This presentation is followed by a 90-minute training session involving both adults and student leaders. That evening the speaker has a session with parents and community leaders. The session ends with a specific challenge

reinforcing the positive decisions that students are making. A Rachel’s Challenge Club is being started here at Augusta High School. There are 10 staff leaders: Audra Shelite (Art), Matt Ingrim (Physical Education), Rebecca Timberlake (English), Aaron Craig (Learning Lab), Tim Laner (English), Deana Walls (Special Education), J.D. Hand (Science), Alisha Bodyk

(Sophomore and Senior Counselor), Angela Glaves (Freshman and Junior Counselor) and Donna Zerr (Principal) are the leaders who have been chosen to lead the group. There were three assemblies Dec. 14, one for the high school, one for the middle school, and one for the community. There was a training session for the students, Dec. 14, at 11:30 p.m. for the 70 high school students who signed up in advance.

Fa vor ite Chr i stma s Memor ie s By Ally Spease “In fifth grade, when my mom bought me my puppy named Rascal! He was a black lab.” – Kailee Headley “The year when my aunt got me and all my siblings miniature tents to set up in the living room. She got us sleeping bags, lawn chairs- everything! We opened them Christmas eve and slept in them in the living room until Christmas morning. It was fun.” – Adrianna Ates “When my grandparents and I would take oatmeal and glitter and I’d mix it all up to make ‘reindeer food.’ I’d scatter it all over the yard on Christmas eve for Santa’s reindeer to eat.” – Hope Laubhan

“Getting dressed up with all the girls in my family and going to see ‘The Nutcracker’ together.” - Sidney Dey “Watching ‘The Polar Express’ every Christmas eve since it came out.” – Christina Downs “When me and all my sisters unwrapped our presents while our parents were gone and then we rewrapped them all before they got home!” – Mia Davis “When my grandpa made me a wooden horse and wooden steer so I could practice roping.” – Dustin Blake “Probably when my grandpa gave my brother a box of bricks as a present” – Logan Elrod



What is your favorite Christmas movie?

“The Grinch” Dayton Baxter (12)

“Frosty” Mariah Davis (10)

“A Christmas Story” Hannah Blackwell (9)

“Elf” Chance Runnion (11) (Photos by Rachael Pangrac)

Earth population hits 7 billion By Hailey Base The seventh billionth person was born this year on Oct. 31. Of course, we can’t ever really know exactly who this person is, but it would be pretty cool if we could meet him or her so that we could get them a shirt that says “SEVEN BILLIONTH!” There’s also like a ten percent chance that when the seven billionth person was born, somebody died...and then the SECOND SEVEN BILLIONTH PERSON WAS BORN, but it’s all statistics at this point because it’s very difficult to count the number of people living in the world. Seven is a lucky billion? I’m not so sure. Whenever this number is brought up, talk of over population follows quickly. To be completely clear, I have a problem with talking about this “problem” of population. No matter what world issue comes about, there is always someone in the

background saying, “Well this wouldn’t be a problem if we just had a smaller population.” There are a ton of things that would just solve all of our problems... like if the trees just suddenly started making electricity or if we could eat air. All of our problems would be solved, but its useless to talk about that because there is only one way to decrease the number of people we currently have living in our world and that is for them to die. Hopefully you aren’t advocating for the death of billions of people, because I’m fairly certain we can all agree that that is not a good thing! The other problem with saying that population is “the problem” is that every one of those 7 billion people is a person, and when we think of them not as people but as problems that need to be solved or mouths that need to be fed and not as what they actually are, powerful forces for the betterment of mankind,

for themselves, for their families, for everyone...that not only objectifies them as people, but it diminishes our ability to come up with real solutions to the problems that we face. I’m not saying that there aren’t problems, because boy do we have problems! Last year we created enough food to feed 11 billion people, yet out of the 7 billion living here, a billion struggle with hunger. So WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?! There’s also good news, though. Disease rates are lower. Poverty rates are lower. EDUCATION RATES ARE HIGHER. Overall, we’re doing surprisingly well, especially considering what we expected the world to look like 40 or 50 years ago. I am very hopeful about the future of our species. Yes, we have immense challenges to face, but we have immense resources to face them with. I feel privileged to be one of the 7 billion people experiencing it.

By Nick Reimer “When I was growing up, we had a snow day. Now a days, it’s not a big deal that you have to stay home. You get to stay inside and play video games or sit on the couch, watching TV, but back when I was a kid, there was nothing to do inside but play board games or read.

I was very bummed out. The snow looked like it had to have been six feet tall. It was probably more like four, but you know how it goes when you’re young. “My dad worked at Iowa Beef Packing, and this plant never shut down. Never. But it did this day. Apparently my dad and my uncle had got up early that morning

and built this awesome fort. They had shaped bricks out of the snow and everything, actually built the thing up. It had two towers and a barrel so it wouldn’t cave in. “Two days straight of snowball fights. I’ll never forget the day it melted….” (As told by Bryon Sturm.)

Teacher’s amazing snow day



Rachel’s challenge hits home with reporter By Laura Ewertz Look at my last name. Now try to pronounce it. Ewertz, E-wertz is how it’s said. How it’s spelled is how you say it. Yes, people make fun of my last name. I’ve been called Warts multiple times. I get it, my last name is funny but it’s not at all funny when I tell people where my name originated. My family is from Germany. If you type in my name to Google Translate, it will immediately detect that the word is German. My family migrated to the United States before World War II. That means that my family had no part in WWII for being on the German side. As a little girl, most people didn’t really care that

my last name was Ewertz. But as time went on and my classmates learned about the history of our nation, they started to question my heritage. I went on a website that shows immigration of your people’s ancestors, and the first of the Ewertzs came to America in 1855, almost a hundred years before WWII. If I could, I would ask my family about our ancestors, but my grandfather and great-grandfather are both dead so there wouldn’t be much to find out. So onto the topic, I have heard many things said about me. I’ve been called a Nazi for one. Just because I’m from German ancestry does not mean I’m a Nazi or liked what the Nazis

did. I was horrified to learn about WWII. Another name I heard was Jew. I know that some Germans were Jewish, but I am not. I’m Christian. The one thing that absolutely hurt me the most was people saying that I am a Hitler follower. Hitler was probably the worst human on this planet. I would never follow or ever like anyone who would kill millions just because of their religion and/or appearance. The whole point I’m trying to make is don’t be rude to your classmates. Racial discrimination is something that shouldn’t be tolerated. I walk through this school and hear so many rude things pointed to someone’s race,

religion, and even their hair color. “Gingers don’t have souls”…I know for a fact that every redhead has a soul. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be alive. “If you’re German, you must love Hitler or you must be a Nazi.” No, I would never love a murderer, and my family was in America before WWII. I would like to say that if you are rude to someone because of their race, religion, or anything, stop. It is very disrespectful and one day you’ll feel bad for ever doing that to anyone. If you have ever heard anything rude said to someone, stand up for that person or at least comfort them. Don’t hate. Love everybody.

Feature artwork of Amanda Mongmery

Amazing Artist Amanda Montgomery earned this month’s title of featured artwork. (Photo by Rachael Pangrac)

By Mackenzie Cool Amanda Montgomery (11) has created an outstanding piece of art which she claimed took only about a week to create. The colors collide together with a passion and an explosion of beauty. “There is a story behind this. It’s about how a happy bunny goes from having a perfect, bright day, then all the sudden the bunny day just turned into a dark cloudy day,” said Montgomery. This piece of art explains how real life goes from how people have good days to how

something miserable can happen in seconds. Instead of drawing a person, she chose a bunny. The reason why she used a bunny was that the Easter bunny came to her mind while she was creating the art piece. (If you draw what comes to your mind, you never know–it might good enough to be artwork of the month!) Montgomery went with what she thought about and she came up with this marvelous artwork. Maybe one day we will all see her masterpieces in a famous art show, being sold for $ millions!



Reimer’s Review

By Nick Reimer As many of you know, I am a man of simple pleasures. I like to build things on Minecraft. I like to build traps and laugh my face off when monsters get stuck in them. I like to blow things up, and revel in the downfall of my brother’s six hours of work via a few blocks of TnT. So, when a good friend of mine showed me the trailer for Terraria, my heart raced. I knew I had to have it. And so it began. I got hooked into it. Terraria is basically a platformer version of Minecraft that is more combat based. It plays very uniquely, sideways with your little avatar in the middle. You grab heart crystals in the mines (which are all



over the place; just dig down) which increase your total health. You can find magic items in chests down there, like enchanted boomerangs and spears. Basically, Terraria is a freeform platformer where you can build whatever you deem fit. It has a bit of a skill curve, as the monsters will take you out fast if you don’t get the jump on them; but besides that, it’s a great game. Other game mechanics includes NPC’s that only show up when you build them acceptable houses, random orc army attacks, zombie uprisings and falling stars. And you can litterally dig down into the underworld! I’d give Terraria an 8 out of 10.

The Joys of Christmas O H O E N V N L X L A U Y














Spoiler alert!

Breaking Dawn reviewed By Laura Ewertz “Breaking Dawn.” Two words that many people hate. Most people are sick of hearing about it, but I’m not. As the end of the series is drawing closer, “Breaking Dawn” did not disappoint me. The fight between the vampires and wolves FINALLY comes to a close as they forget about their differences for Bella. If you have read the books, you know what is going to happen. Jacob finds out that he’s invited to Bella and Edward’s wedding, and he gets upset. The couple gets married in front of their families and their friends. Then comes the honeymoon...They do what most people do on their honeymoon. After being on their honeymoon for awhile, Bella feels sick, and ends up finding out that she’s pregnant. They fly back to Washington but keep their homecoming a secret. A couple weeks later, Jacob, who recently came back from running away, finds out Bella and Edward have returned. Jacob thinks Bella was changed into a vampire. Angrily,

Jacob rides his motorcycle to the Cullen’s house. Instead of seeing a blood thirsty Bella, he sees a pregnant Bella. This makes him want to kill Edward. Instead, he groups with the Cullens to protect Bella . Bella is about to die because the baby needs blood and Bella doesn’t have a lot. Jacob suggests that Bella drink blood to help the baby. Now on the nastiest scene I’ve ever witnessed in a movie... Bella drops her cup of blood, and in a natural reflex, she bends down and reaches for it, causing the baby to break her back. She literally looked like a boomerang.Edward delivers the baby then realizes Bella is dying. He stabs a giant needle into her heart and injects it with his venom, but she doesn’t move. The vampires and wolves start fighting. While that’s happening, Jacob tells the wolves that he will kill the baby and that’s what he goes to do. Then he looks into the child’s eyes. He imprints on her and immediately falls in love. He runs out and stops the fighting by telling the wolves that he imprinted on the one thing they were fighting about. A couple days later, we see Bella’s body changing and turning to almost normal. Then she opens her eyes....



Delicious food on the Waterfront

A hidden wonder for you: Suite 102 By Ally Spease Very early every morning, before most people even think about opening their eyes, Guillermo (“G”) is busy slaving away in the kitchen of his Italian restaurant, Chiao, located at the Waterfront. G makes his delicious and flavorful sauces, pasta and pizza crust from scratch every day before he opens his bistro so that they taste perfectly fresh

TAM when a pack of freshman boys start following you while singing The Imperial March – Morgan Cox

for his customers. Standing out front of the bistro, you can smell the scent of fresh bread and flavorsome pastas. And when you walk in, you are greeted with a romantically lit atmosphere, accompanied by beautifully glowing lights lining the vaulted ceilings that alternate colors slowly. Strategically placed tables with candlelight centerpieces are set up throughout the restaurant; like a scene from a romantic movie.

As the restaurant has only been open a couple months, you can almost always be seated for dinner right away if it’s a weeknight. However, on the weekends it is packed full, as all the waterfront restaurants always seem to be. But unlike most places in the waterfront, reservations are available! To add a little bit of “zazz” to the experience, the waiters greet you to take your order, but while

TAM when your ex-boyfriend almost steps on you – Sierra Kirby

they’re talking, they proceed to write their names upside down, backwards, in cursive, on your table cloth so that you don’t forget who to ask if you need something while you’re dining. Another thing that sets this restaurant aside from the norm is that most of their entrees are under $10! How many waterfront restaurants can say that? Not many.

TAM when someone says “TAM” and it’s not even awkward at all – Breck Winter


“Tam” originates from when the AHS Dance Team was overusing the phrase “That Awkward Moment” and needed a short abbreviation for it. You can use the term TAM when something totally awkwad and uncomfortable has happened and there is really nothing else to say!

TAM when you’re in the bathroom and your friend is making animal noises outside the door - Michael Sullivan

TAM when your boyfriend can sing higher than you can – Brianna Keene

TAM when you text your mom asking her to bring you food and she replies, “Write a letter to Santa” – Aubrey Gaston



WH AT’S N E X T? a preview of upcoming community & school events



National Bird Day Scholars Bowl tournament @ Andover Central



Sherlock Holmes’ Birthday Basketball @ home vs Mulvane


Return from Christmas Break



All-state Band Auditions @ Salina



Isaac Newton’s Birthday



Bubble Bath Day Elvis Presley’s Birthday


aThe cheer squad

has another new coach! Her name is Ashley Weaver. She will be replacing Coach Rinkenbaugh.

a Stuco’s Nov. 22

Turkey Bowl raised over $150 for the Augusta Caring Center.

aScholars Bowl JAN.


National Apricot Day Scholars Bowl Novice Tournament @ Douglass



Rubber Duckie’s Birthday



Benjamin Franklins Birthday Girls Basketball @ home vs Collegiate Varsity Boys Basketball Tournament @ Baldwin City



National Hugging Day



Pitt State @ Lunch uppercommons Peculiar People Day



National Dress Up Your Pet Day Varsity Wrestling Dual Tournament @ Kapaun State Dance Competition @ Olathe



Winnie The Pooh Day JV Boys’ Basketball @ home vs Circle



National Brownie Day Show Choir Millard West Competition @ Nebraska



ASVAB Testing @ 12 p.m. Library Prom Committee Meeting @ 7:00 p.m. Auditorium



Yearbook Senior Picture deadline



National Work Harder Day Varsity Wrestling @ home vs Winfield


Popcorn Day Varsity Wrestling @ home vs Mulvane



Chinese New Year Winter Sports Pics @ 2 p.m.

aBusiness plan advisers came Dec. 12 to mentor the YEK students.



No School

Martin Luther King Jr. Day


had a varsity tournament Dec. 1 and placed 5th, making their current record 6 - 2.



Inauguration Day Varsity Boys’ Basketball Tournament @ Baldwin City



Compliment Day Boys’ Basketball @ home vs Collegiate

aThere was an

AHS art show on Dec. 12 at the Arts Council.

aStudent Council

provided refreshments for the Senior Citizen Music Concert Dec. 14

aSADD has an

adopt-a-family program for Christmas presents going all December.

aThe last day to

order your yearbook with the early bird discount is Dec. 31!

aStudent Council

is working hard this month to plan your Winter Homecoming!


DECEMBER 2011 Colleges and ACT scores

Preping for the big day

Congrats! Several students from AHS received a certificates in carpenter. (Photo by Rachel Pangrac)

Class prepares students for jobs By Kathryn Hooglugt If you are looking for a job in carpentry after you have graduated, AHS now has the class for it. Before you can take the class called Carpentry, you have to take IIT, or a drafting class. The IIT class is a semester long, and the carpentry is a year long. The teachers for these are Tom Sullivan, Chris Husselman and Steve Pazzie. If you are looking forward to working in construction or carpentry, then these classes would help you tremendously. Carpentry was available for the first time ever last year. After you have taken this class, you will be certified as a carpenter or as a construction worker. You are then eligible to be hired for these jobs. Everything that you learn in these classes will help you. Students who recieved certification for taking this class were Logan Allen, Wright Bosley, Kaleab Brat-

ton, Patrick Bruce, Daric Dunn, Lucas Hall, Ryan Jenneret, Jacob Lowery, Scott McMurphy, Dominic Mosier, Victoria Oestman, Cody Thompson, Jacob Traylor, Ethan Brown, Travis Erwin, Mikey Hildibrand and Justin Schwartz. The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) is a not-for-profit education foundation. It helps develop a standardized construction, maintenance and pipeline curricula with portable credentials that help to address critical skilled workforce, according to Husselman. Having these classes at AHS is a big accomplishment. If you wanted to do construction or be a carpenter, then you would have to go to college or technical school and pay a huge amount of money, but having it here at AHS is much easier for students who wouldn’t or even couldn’t go on to school otherwise.

By Rachel Pangrac The ACT prep class is new to AHS this year. The class provides a chance for students to practice through tests and quizzes from McGraw Hill. ACT Prep used to be an opportunity during seminar, but now is a semester long class that is taught by Jeff Regier. This class covers topics such as English, math, science and reading testing. Regier has 15 students in his first semester class. Sophomores, juniors and seniors are welcomed to sign up for this class. The benefit of taking the ACT Prep class is to gain higher scores on the actual test, which can help you get into better colleges. The ACT is accepted by all four-year colleges and universities in the United States. If you’re interested in independent practice, you can also go to When you are ready to take the ACT, it is $34.00, without the writing test. You can go to the counselors’ office to find dates for when you can sign up. After you take the ACT, they will send your ACT score to four different colleges of your choice for free. If you get a high score, you can probably expect academic scholarships to be sent your way. You need only a 21 to get into any University in Kansas. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t do as well as you had planed to do the first time. You can take the ACT up to 12 times, and the best score will be used. The next national ACT test date is Feb. 11, 2012, meaning you have to register by Jan. 13. If for some reason you can’t make it to the February test day, you can register March 9 for the test day April 14.

Students of the Week Dec. 5 - Dec. 9 Jerrod Long (11) nominated by Steve Reichardt Mary Allen (12) nominated by Erika Richardson Dec. 12 - Dec. 16 Taylor Click (12) nominated by Kellee Roberts Ashlyn Rosenbaum (9) nominated by Roger Robben


T he G re at D eb ate


W h ich one’s b et ter : t he Mon go o s e or t he Honey Bad ger?

Mongoose By Nick Reimer “There’s just no question. Even asking that is wasted air,” said Lee Baldwin, in regard to the fight between the mongoose and the honey badger. I support this statement full heartedly. The mongoose is the superior creature in every way. To start, let’s look at some facts. First; the Mongoose is quicker. It has lateral movement second to none. Second, they’re fierce. I mean, they protect themselves from king cobras on a regular basis. Third, it is respected. “I’m the big bad mongoose, I take down king cobras in my spare time. Back off, Honey Badger,” Baldwin instructed. Baldwin, an expert on the mongoose, explained that “Pound for pound, there is no bigger BA than the Mongoose.” And it’s true! Look up a picture of one of these creatures. They’re like an awesome cocktail of ferocity and dexterity. Strength and speed, Mongoose are forged of pure power. “There’re three things you can count on in life. First? You’re going to pay taxes. Second? You’re going to die. Third? The Mongoose is the biggest BA of the animal kingdom,” Baldwin explained. The Mongoose is a hero, too. Rikki-tikki-tavi. He saved his family. HE

Honey Badger

SAVED HIS FAMILY. HE’S A HERO, GUYS. What is a Honey Badger? He’s a fat Mongoose wanna-be who is endorsed by some guy with a lisp on Youtube. The Mongoose is endorsed by Lee freaking Baldwin. Honestly, I can’t fathom why anybody would side with the Honey Badger. Forgive me for mud-slinging, but... really. He’s called a Honey Badger. His name just oozes pansy. It’s like calling him a “sugar bear.” Mongoose. Just say it out loud. Mongoose. He’s a monsoon, a jungle storm, built into a ferret. And ferrets are the embodiment of savagery. You add that much savagery to an already savage creature... forget about it. This fight is over. There’s no competition. Clearly the Mongoose wins.

Honey Badger

By Hailey Base Mongoose vs. Honey Badger? Yeah…not even a competition. In 2010, the Honey Badger was voted most fearless animal in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records because footage of three honey badgers taking on seven lions emerged…and the unthinkable happened! The Honey Badgers prevailed. Honey Badgers are practically invincible. Their natural defense mechanisms are literally insane! Like an Olsen twin, Honey Badgers have more skin than necessary given their frame. This means, that if any predator gets ahold of a Honey Badger, its loose skin allows it to twist around and retaliate if need be. Also, even if somehow the little weasel of a Mongoose manages


to gather all of the Honey Badger’s loose skin up, restricting its movement… the skin of a Honey Badger is so incredibly thick that not even arrows or bb-guns can pierce it! The next reason I can basically guarantee a Honey Badger win here is that the first thing the Honey Badger attacks on any animal… is the groin. This is called demasculating their prey. So basically, they injure the most sensitive area and then attack the rest of the animal. The last reason the Honey Badger would just DESTROY the Mongoose in a battle, is that the Honey Badgers secrete scents from their glands that can kill! Whenever Honey Badgers are getting honey from African bee hives, the Badgers secrete the scent which is so awful that either the bees fly away…or they plummet out of the sky because they are dead. To sum this all up, the Mongoose doesn’t have a chance of survival in a fight with a fearless Honey Badger. Honey Badgers are valiant, with skin that can’t be penetrated by arrows, and if their demasculatation technique doesn’t work out…then you know their deadly scents will affect the opposition. Therefore, the Honey Badger will beat the Mongoose and that’s a fact!



Lady Orioles beat Winfield Taking it to the mats Wrestlers begin their season on top

By Natalie Sykes Sports fanatics get ready. Winter sports are gearing up. Girls’ basketball tryouts were Nov. 14-16. They had about two weeks of practice before their first game agianst the Hesston High School Swathers Dec. 2. The Lady Orioles traveled to Hesston and where they lost 41-30. Augusta hosted the Andale Indians Dec. 9, and suffered another loss of 48-10. This made the Orioles 0-2. The Lady Orioles headed to Winfield Dec. 13. Augusta managed to get a one point led to beat the Vikings 4847. Christina Downs (12) lead the team with 11 points, 7 assists, and a handful of steals during the game. “I thought we played a pretty solid game defensively, but we struggled on the offensive end and got pretty tired late in the game,” said Head Coach Brad Kholman about the first game. Kholman, a fifth grade teacher at Ewalt Elementary, said ,“This team has lots of experience, but we aren’t very deep so we try to develop the younger girls to try and add some depth to the varsity level.” Taylor Williams, Shawnee Wallace, Becca Carr, and Christina Downs are the only four seniors on this years varisty team.

State bound again?

By Mackenzie Cool The Orioles wrestlers are off to a great start this season. Andale hosted a wrestling meet Dec. 8 where the Orioles won 40-33. They also competed in the Andover Central Double Dual Dec. 1. Placing for their individual weight classes, Jake Goldenstein (9) was first in 106. Jacob Hill (11) was second place in 170, Colton Clayborn (10) was third in 145 and Brian Prentice (12) received fourth place in 220. “This year we are spending more time focusing on technique. We are a young team,”

By Kathryn Hooglugt There are 24 bowlers on this year’s bowling team. Once again the head coach is Kellee Roberts. The team has three returning state qualifiers. The team is made up of seniors Adam Tabor, Brandon Hallmark, Lexi Wallingford, Alyson Blackwell; juniors Isaac Gonazlez, Kayl Warne, Sam Wilson, Eric Smith, Sierra Ricker, Brock Keazer; sophomores Evan Newman, Andrew Orocio, Logan Allen, Jacob Clark, Nicole Wright, Madison Marcotte, Mason Kuether, Bethany Watson, Katy Nordman; and freshmen Nate Kroeker, Quentin Araiza and Cheyenne Brunhoeber. Like a any team, they are divided into JV and varsity. These spots are not permanent. If one person doesn’t do as well as someone else, their spots could be switched. The bowling team practices at the Alley in Wichita. “We have a pretty strong team this year. With practice, we will get better and beat Andover Central,” said Wright. The first game isn’t until Saturday, Jan. 7. It’s for both varsity and JV girls’ teams. It is the Carrol Tournament, and it will be held at West Acres.

By Natalie Sykes On the gym floor, the Orioles are beginning to get heat things up, with six seniors on the varstiy boys basketball team. Winfield hosted the game Dec. 13. The Orioles ended up winning the game 62-56. The Orioles played Andale at the first home game Dec. 9. They were tied at halftime at 21-21; however, Andale came back in the second half to win 50-39. The Orioles traveled to Hesston Dec. 2 for the first game. Augusta had a 25-20 lead at halftime. When the final buzzer sounded, the Orioles were at the top of the totem pole. The final score was 52-43. “We played very hard, but we have a lot of room to improve,” said Head Coach David Stephenson about the first game. “We do a lot of things during the summer including camp, Mid America Youth Basketball (MAYB), and team tournaments,” said Stephenson.

said Head Coach Brandon Terry. Having a younger team might mean that there will be more energy put into taking down their opponents. “My strongest position is being on top. My weakest is taking it from the bottom,” said Clayborn. “I think we will be pretty strong for our middle weight classes,” said Goldenstein. “Being a part of this team, you have to not only be physically strong but mentally. You have to learn what position you should do within a matter of seconds,” said Jacob Riddle (11).

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What’s in your: Purse #2

Be Prepared Alyson is ready for all her classes, thanks to her purse.(Photo by Rachel Pangrac) By Rachel Pangrac Alyson Blackwell (12) carries with her daily not only her typical school items but a strange assortment of passes and chapstick. She also carries everything but the ball and

alley with her for bowling. Blackwell’s expansive number of objects isn’t the only oddity She totes all of these things around in a large, vibrant orange and tan purse that is covered with skulls and flowers. Inside

you will find… • 4 pens • 7 pencils • 5 highlighters • 4 stray erasers • Body butter • Agenda book • Lady products

• • • • • • • •

Water bottle “Ma phone” Pink Socks Glow stick bracelet Bat ring Bowling clothes Driver’s license Protractor

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