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I really don’t know about these people but they seem to be enjoying themselves and we too are enjoying their funny fashion ideas. Believe it or not, there are those seemingly weird fashion ideas that should just be left as ideas but some people still want to turn it into realities… The jumper suit that shows your whole belly button and has elongated suspenders This one made us laugh big time since the man wearing this one looked like an 11 month pregnant man while holding a mug of beer. A word of caution, beer can do that to your belly so drink moderately. The thing about wearing this jumper suit is that you should always shave your belly or happy-trail. You will easily get tanned stomach with this one. The man who wear a long skirt over pants while topped with a turtle neck Alright, we all know that in this coming age, we are all concern about equality and how people should fight for it. This isn’t what we had in mind and it’s very much weird and senseless. Super Mario Outfit where the bottom is a skirt in high-heels and red stockings We were utterly left speechless when we saw this outfit since the man wearing it was way over middle age and has round glasses walking down the streets of some Asian country… Unless you want people to think you are repressed then don’t wear this outfit, ever. Overall coats in purple shag This look definitely seems to be following Barney’s style, not only is furry but the hood for the head can really make you look like Barney’s bride. The See-through Plastic Suit The Japanese had these really cool see-through plastic umbrellas that you can look at the sky

even if you’re using an umbrella in the rain without getting wet. Wearing the same material as a suit will not let people see the sky but your underwear. You might as well just go out on the streets wearing nothing but your undies. Bikinis with really tiny covers The cover for the bikini only covered the line of the pussy and the nipples. We can’t seem to figure out if it’s sexy of just slutty. Chanel said to let people imagine what is underneath not reveal it, where’s the mystery in that? Thankfully, not a lot of people are courageous enough to try this one.

Weird Fashion Ideas that Ever Made the Public Eyes  
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