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What is The Young Musicians Partnership? YMP is a growing network of congregations who encourage youth in the music traditions of the church by establishing a local scholarship. In doing so, your congregation will receive the benefits of partnership:

• 33% match (up to $500 from LSM) to the church’s scholarship. • Partner resources and a network of congregations committed to building the next generation of church musicians. Five Easy Steps

1. Identify funds for a local congregational scholarship.

2. Enroll in the Partnership, either online or by filling out the attached form.

3. Receive benefits and resources to assist you in your local promotion.

4. Youth applicants will be guided by our

admissions team and awarded partner benefits.

5. Young musicians return to their home

congregations musically and spiritually enriched, ready to contribute to the worship life of your congregation.

Lutheran Music Program does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, color, gender, disability, or national or ethnic origin.

• 10% tuition discount for all member youth. Just one scholarship qualifies multiple youth members for this partner-only discount.

what they say Lutheran Summer Music (LSM) provides an opportunity for youth to experience worship through the traditional liturgies and hymnody of the church. LSM gives them a place to grow both musically and spiritually, as they prepare to serve with their musical gifts in worship at your congregation.

Partnering with congregations to provide financial support for young musicians to attend the Lutheran Summer Music Academy

Here are some quotes from LSM students who attended the 2009 Academy because of local scholarships provided by churches who are now a part of the Young Musicians Partnership. “Music is the heart of worship. It helps me to connect to God on a different level than words can.” “I believe that in worship, music can both inspire and illustrate God’s message. Music is both a demonstration of God’s creation and a medium by which to give God praise.” “Worship is the opportunity to give God the glory with others who help to enhance the experience. It is celebrating and thanking God in fellowship with others.” “Worship has always been for me a gathering in community to share faith and music with each other to worship God.” When students were asked if they were planning to serve musically in their home congregations, 97% responded that they were.

Who We Are

the opportunity

Since 1982, the Lutheran Summer Music Academy & Festival (LSM) has been the pinnacle program of Lutheran Music Program. We bring together 150+ young people from throughout the United States for four weeks of rigorous musical study and performance in a supportive community. We welcome qualified band, orchestra, choir, piano and organ students completing grades 8–12 from all faith backgrounds to immerse themselves in the LSM experience. As we seek to build and support future musicians for the church, we look forward to serving young people from your congregations and communities. Our program offers:

As a member of the Young Musicians Partnership (YMP), your congregation provides a local scholarship for member youth to attend LSM. Those dollars are then matched by LSM at 33%. Any youth member of your congregation who attends LSM also receives a 10% discount, regardless of whether or not they are a scholarship recipient.

Yes, our congregation wants to build the future musicians of the church! We plan to provide the following scholarship(s):

Partner churches establish scholarships in various ways. Many churches hold fundraisers or special concerts to collect funds. Others provide for the scholarship through their annual budgets or foundations. We can provide you with many tools for fundraising and can connect you to a network of Partnership congregations to find and share ideas.

 Scholarship(s) @ $_____* ___# of Scholarships

Primary Lessons. Students take two ½-hour lessons each week on their primary instrument or voice.

Large Ensemble. Each student is placed by audition in the band, choir, or orchestra.

Small Ensemble. Students play or sing in a chamber ensemble coached by LSM faculty.

Musicianship Class. Our customized curriculum teaches music fundamentals and composition.

Concerts & Recitals. Students experience outstanding professional musicians (their instructors!) in solo and chamber music recitals. They gain confidence through their own solo, chamber, and ensemble performances.

Electives. We offer many unique ways for students to explore the elements of music: conducting, Collegium Musicum, jazz ensemble, jazz improvisation, beginning and advanced handbells, class piano or voice, Chapel Choir, and church music.

the benefits LSM provides one of the only opportunities for youth to explore spiritual and musical growth while being immersed in the musical heritage of the church. For over 25 years, Lutheran Summer Music has seen alumni become church organists, choir directors and music leaders in their communities. Join us to ensure that church music remains strong by supporting your youth as they explore not only excellence in music but also their place in those traditions.

how to Move Forward 1. Determine the amount of your local scholarship and communicate with us what you plan to provide so we can set aside matching monies. 2. Communicate the scholarship within your church: host an LSM Sunday, notify your youth choir, etc. We have many resources available, from worship bulletin inserts to student musicians in your area. Contact us; we are happy to assist. 3. Complete the attached response form or enroll online via the “Congregations” section of our website. We will confirm your enrollment as soon as it is received and follow up with you along the way. Contact Susan Olstad at solstad@ or 612.230.3291 with additional questions.

ymp response form

 Scholarship(s) @ $1500

___# of Scholarships

 Scholarship(s) @ $1000

___# of Scholarships

 Scholarship(s) @ $500

___# of Scholarships

*Scholarships must start at $500 to qualify.

Church Contact name and relationship to church Address City / State / ZIP Phone (Daytime) Phone (Evening) E-mail address  Please add me to the LSM e-mail / mailing lists. Mail or fax to: Lutheran Music Program Young Musicians Partnership 122 W Franklin Ave, Suite 230 Minneapolis, MN 55404 612.879.9547 (fax) 888.635.6583 (toll free) 612.879.9555 (local) (“Congregations” section)

Save time and postage:

enroll online now!

Tri-Fold Brochure  

The organization for which this brochure was designed had a small budget, so we opted for no bleeds and a two-color scheme that matched the...

Tri-Fold Brochure  

The organization for which this brochure was designed had a small budget, so we opted for no bleeds and a two-color scheme that matched the...