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Will the Acne Return After a Laser Acne Treatment

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Will the Acne Return After a Laser Acne Treatment Laser acne treatment offers people a way to treat their acne, that does not involve using antibiotics or topical creams daily. Since it is a relatively new procedure there is a lack of scientific information on how effective laser treatments are at curing acne. Treatment results also vary based on which center or dermatologist that you go to, your skin type, and follow-up care done after treatment. Laser treatment for acne works by penetrating the deep layers of the skin without damaging the top layers. Laser may also treat acne scarring, so it could be used on people who have acne or acne scarring. ==> Go to For More Information <==

How Long It Takes to See Visible Results Laser treatment for acne normally takes several sessions over a few months. In most cases the more laser treatments that you get, the more effective the procedure will be for removing acne blemishes and keeping them away. Although you may see results right after your first treatment, it may take several treatments to see visible results. Acne may return between treatments. If you assess the results before completion of all treatments, you may think that the procedure is not working. ==> Go to For More Information <==

How Long Before Another Flare-up Laser treatment for acne is not a permanent solution for the skin condition. Acne will return at some point. How long the positive results last depends on a number of factors. Most patients with good results may not see acne return for 6 months after completing treatments, with a noticeable reduction in flare-ups for up to 2 years. How long the effects of laser treatment lasts, depends on the cause of the personâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s acne. Laser treatment is especially effective on acne caused by excessive oil production and skin bacteria. People who undergo laser treatments with these causes of acne usually have good results. If the cause of your acne is genetics or hormones, the results are not as effective or long-lasting. Taking care of your skin after laser treatment is also very important for keeping flare-ups at bay. ==> Go to For More Information <==

Choosing the Right Dermatologist Some people do not have very effective results from laser acne treatment like others. It is important to choose a dermatologist who is very experienced in laser treatment, because the equipment has many intricate settings that change, based on the needs of the person. Some lasers also deliver better results than others.

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Reviews Some people who have undergone acne laser treatments express dissatisfaction with the results. Some complained that the treatments made their pores appear larger and that they have tiny pock marks or other discoloration from the laser. Others expressed disappointment that acne returned soon after treatment. Others mentioned permanent redness, fat atrophy, and loss of skin elasticity. Some also felt that their complexions were worse after treatment than before. Some expressed satisfaction and said that laser treatment much improved their acne and/or scars. They said that they do recommend that other people get laser acne treatment. Those with more favorable results were those with moderate to severe acne and who had exhausted other options. These users mentioned how important it is to choose the right dermatologist and to take care of your skin after treatment. Those who reported poor results were those with only light acne. It seems this treatment should only be done after careful consideration and research, because among other factors, treatments are relatively expensive. ==> Go to For More Information <==

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Will the Acne Return After a Laser Acne Treatment