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What Types of Acne Treatment Should Be Used on Sensitive Skin?

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What is Acne? What is acne? Acne is a skin disease that affects the oil glands of the skin. This occurs because of the overproduction of oil by the glands. While many commercial treatments rely on harsh chemicals to treat this disease, there are over the counter treatments that can apply if one is serious about getting rid of this troublesome condition. ==> Go to For More Information <==

What Treatments Used to Treat Acne Sensitive Skin One of the first things to do when treating acne in persons with sensitive skin is to avoid over the counter prescriptions with large amounts of benzoyl peroxide, alpha hydroxyl acid and beta hydroxyl acid. These three chemicals work by increasing exfoliation in the skin and skins that are sensitive can acquire redness, tingling and a burning sensation after use. People ailing from the acne disease with sensitive skin should avoid using skin cleansers with physical exfoliates such as peach pits or sand. People with sensitive skin using these ingredients will experience more skin irritation as well as more redness. For best treatment of acne on sensitive skin, one should use a gentle cleanser made with castile soap. Castile soap is good for persons with sensitive skin who has acne because it has pure vegetable oils extract. In addition, castile soap has mild moisturizing characters and is gentle enough for acne skins. ==> Go to For More Information <==

For treatment of sensitive skin with acne, one should wash his or her face twice daily. If face washed, too often, the skin will get dry and irritation will develop. If face feels greasy during the day, it is best to use a piece of tissue and wipe face after which a little rinsing will help. For people with sensitive skin that has acne, it is better to choose a treatment based on salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a gentle chemical used in a low enough percentage so as not to aggravate sensitive skin. Some salicylic acid based treatment is combining with moisturizer or lotion to help sooth sensitive skin as well as prevent skin from becoming dry. One with sensitive skin condition can use aloe vera that helps to heal acne scars. In addition, witch hazel is able to use on sensitive skins when treating acne. ==> Go to For More Information <==

Foods Not to Eat When One Has Acne Sensitive Skin One of the best-proven treatments for sensitive skins with acne is for one to modify their diet. Foods such as excess carbohydrates, sugar, saturated hydrogenated fats, processed foods, chocolate, caffeine, dairy products, shellfish and wheat and glutton products are all encouragements that cause acne breakouts. Since there are specific foods that cause acne, a few simple adjustments in oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s diet can result in clear skin and lasting beauty. People with sensitive skin should focus on eating lots of vegetables, fruits and whole grains as well as foods that are organic. People with sensitive skin treating acne should drink plenty of pure water because water helps to cleanse and detoxify the body. ==> Go to For More Information <==

Conclusion Finding the best treatment to use for acne on sensitive skin can be a challenge; however, for best acne treatment, one can develop a holistic natural acne treatment program that will help to keep the body in check as well as give it balance.

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What Types of Acne Treatment Should Be Used on Sensitive Skin?  

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