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Sustainable OU Leaders SOUL SOUL will be a liaison group aimed at assisting the Office of Sustainability, Ecology and Energy Conservation Committee, and the university further implementation of the Sustainability Plan and Climate Action Plan. Who is invited to participate? Any student, faculty, or staff member interested in making a positive impact in sustainability at Ohio University is welcome to become a member. Ideally, each division or academic department will appoint a Sustainability Departmental Liaison (SDL) to serve a member of SOUL who can provide support to his/her department on sustainable practices.

Benefits of Participation:    

Improve skills in leadership, communication, networking, and policy development Potential for regional and national marketing of efforts Gain professional development experience in sustainability and how it applies to a variety of disciplines Contribute to leading efforts in furthering sustainability at Ohio University

Structure: Regular meetings for core members of SOUL will begin in January of 2013. Topics of discussion will include the short- and long-term objectives outlined below. In addition, SOUL members may engage in communications with various units or departments, or participate in hosting presentations at brown bag lunches.

Ecology & Energy Conservation Committee

Office of Sustainability Sustainability reporting

Oversee and provide accountability

SOUL Implementers and liaisons

Academic and University Departments

Sustainable OU Leaders SOUL

Proposed Objectives Short-Term     

Increase sustainability literacy of SOUL members Make connections with individuals and units across campus Discuss and develop a collective vision and strategic plan for SOUL Create a timeline and specific objectives Identify the units/departments responsible for different points of the Sustainability Plan and Climate Action Plan and collect information about what resources and support they need

Long-Term 

  

Develop SOUL into a successful group of empowered individuals who act to implement the Sustainability Plan and Climate Action Plan Support integration of sustainability into all institutional units Create a recognition system for individuals and departments to reward efforts in furthering sustainability Establish Sustainability Departmental Liaisons as the primary link between university departments and the Office of Sustainability

Resources: Ohio University Sustainability Plan: Ohio University Climate Action Plan: Fiscal Year 2012 Sustainability Plan Report: American College & University President’s Climate Commitment:

SOUL Overview