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Search Engine Prom otion According to a research conducted by iProspect and Jupiter research, 62% of internet users click on a link within the first page of results. To win higher rankings in natural search engine position results, businesses and individuals have sought the assistance of search engine optimization (SEO) service providers and consultants. Some of the search engine promotion techniques used by search engine optimization service providers and consultants are web content optimization, which is the frequency of a specific keyword or keyword density throughout the pages of the site. A web page optimization report provides this information and an analysis on what to improve and work on in terms of on-page SEO. However, search engines, nowadays, have been very clever in crawling the sites and have set keyword density limits to avoid spamming and outright promotion and advertising. Another common search engine promotion strategy is by securing links to the site from other high-ranking websites. This is, by far, the easiest search engine optimization service either by link submission to link building directories or by link exchange. However, if one has the extra budget, and would want to go the easier way of search engine promotion, what better way to do it than by having a paid search campaign. Popularly known as Pay Per Click Management, paid search campaigns drive traffic to the website and at the same time increase its search engine position ranking. Though reaping the benefits of increased visibility and search engine promotion, there are also a couple of misconceptions of having an SEO website. One of which is that the whole search engine promotion stops once the website has reached its desired search engine position and ranking. In line with this, there are also people out there who think that establishing an SEO website and achieving a high search engine position is enough. It may be enough for a couple of days or weeks but as more and more people seek search engine optimization service providers, the more difficult for one’s SEO website to sustain its position. In addition to the usual SEO techniques and campaigns, the success of an SEO website and its search engine promotion is market and competitor intelligence. Some search engine optimization service providers and consultants provide ranking and indexation reports to be aware of how well their competitor’s websites fare in search engine promotion and ranking and to compare which one is improving or being left behind. My name is Katherine Johnson and I have self-learned the SEO techniques over the last year and have successfully applied to my websites generating very good generic traffic. I hope that the content of this article has been of some help. Please visit my blog to learn more techniques.

Search Engine Promotion  

Some of the search engine promotion techniques used by search engine optimization service providers and consultants are web content optimiza...