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Ivan Bucar Best Dad Ever

Ivan Bucar Best Dad Ever

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day



A Van Curb I Caviar Bun Vain Curb Car Via Nub

Our Dad’s best skills

... mmm skinny pancakes

... mmm beer can chicken

... mmm popovers

Crepes-schmapes. Skinny Pancakes are the best!

If it comes off of Dad’s grill, it is amazing. He’ll suck the bones dry for you!

Only the very fortunate know the joy of popovers.

Field trip #1

Field trip #2

Field trip #3

A trip to South Berwick could mean two or three joyful trips to the dump a day.

Publix has it all: blood pressure machines, cereal, and unsuspecting people to make fun of. No one would EVER pass up a trip to this store.

A newer addition to the list of fun things to do with dad is checking on the nasty white frogs that hangout on his front porch (and in his hose!)

Animal Lover: Bucky

Animal Lover: Sinbad

Animal Lover: Zoobie

Bucky is the reason Dad has no butt!

How do we know that Dad loves us? He has never threatened to leave Sinbad in our care.

Dad loved Zoobie so much he offered Dan Hodson $10 to make him disappear.

Happy Fathers Day • 2009

Favorite Dad Movies Midway, Top Gun, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, The Bridge on the River Kwai

Our Dad’s best skills


Created with felt tip markers and other office supplies during GE meetings, your doodles are amazing displays of color, business concepts, clouds, bugs, and geometry.

Plastic Jesus

Martin guitar

Watch out Picasso

Everyone’s favorite song on the guitar.

Swapping lawn mowing for your Martin guitar was so clever. Katherine is still healing from the guilt she felt when she dropped it on the ground.

This Bearnstein Bears painting is so perfect. We all love to show it off. What can we do to get you painting again!

Happy Fathers Day • 2009

Letter to Dad

From your daughter most likely to dance on a table, Katherine

Ivan Bucar: Best Dad Ever

It’s true! We love you so much. Just not enough to buy a real present.

Ivan Bucar: Best Dad Ever is a collaborative project formed in 2009 to: tell Ivan Bucar how very special he is to his three daughters; poke fun at the old man; and fill in for a more traditional Father’s Day present. We hope you enjoy our first issue. Look for more ways we love Ivan in future publications.

Dear Dad Happy Father’s Day. This year I want to share one of my most precious memories I have of our father-daughter relationship. Do you remember visiting BU and taking the tour of the campus. It was the prettiest walk along Bay State Road. The Dogwood trees were blooming and I couldn’t help but dream about living in one of the brownstones (my wish came true). Being close to Storrow Drive seemed more cosmopolitan and exciting than anything about the curriculum. I have a couple of theories about why this memory stays with me. For one, it’s a reminder that during the time I was making the decision about where to go to school you never spelled out your philosophy to me. Instead you allowed me to choose whatever harebrained method I needed to use for this process. (Apply to one school per New England State) In the end, when I was between BU and UVM your singular comment helped me make a final call: “Emily is going to UVM, do you want to go to school with her?” I didn’t! But the real reason taking the BU tour is special to me is because I think I learned a valuable lesson on observation that day. During the BU tour, we didn’t stand at the front of the group and ask dorky questions. Instead, we hung back a bit. We had to strain our ears to hear about the school, but from this vantage point we were able to observe the other prospective families on the tour. And, checking out potential classmates gave me much more information about my possible life in Boston than stats about the University’s founding fathers. My point is this, the reason everyone loves you, respects what you say, and thinks your hilarious is because you have the best read on people. You always know what someone is thinking. It’s an amazingly useful skill. I’ve seen you read someone and diffuse their temper is three seconds. You can sense if someone trying to screw you out of money and you’ll get into their brain make sure they never try messing with Ivan Bucar again. During the tour at BU you did two amazing things. You read me, and could see that my I cared more about the students than factoids, even though I would have never known that about myself. And then, you read the rest of the group and probably said something funny/ insightful about one of the families.

Table of Contents Brave Dad .......................1 Words of Wisdom ...........2 Storyteller .......................3 Good/Bad Guy ................4 Letter from Liz ................5 Letter from Becky............6 Letter from Katherine......7

I’ve learned a lot from you, Dad. I have a long way to go before I am nearly as good as you are, but I think I picked up some of your people skills along the way. It makes me so happy to think that one of my most special skills is something I learned from my Dad. I promise to use it for good, not for evil.

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Happy Fathers Day • 2009

Ivan Bucar: Best Dad Ever Staff

Elizabeth Marie Bucar – Assistant Professor, Religious Studies, UNCG Rebecca Lyn Bucar – Assistant Engineer, Town of Trukee, California Katherine Alexandra Bucar – Communications Associate, MPC

Happy Fathers Day • 2009

Our Dad is the bravest Dad

Thank you. We appreciate every thing you do for us. You are great!

Letter to Dad

... the savior

Dear Dad

. Windy days and canoe trips make for a bad combination. Becky learned this lesson the hard way when she took out the canoe on Jenness Pond and couldn’t make it back to the Camp. Cue Super Dad and his Boston Whaler. You towed her into the cove and she was wary of wind from then on.

I am writing this letter to make sure you know what a great dad you are and how much I love you. Of course you have done all the normal expected dad things, like you have helped me make tough decisions, you give me financial advice, and you even loved me when I would wear nothing but camouflage. But, besides all that you make me laugh and you are someone I really look up to. Why else would I come up with this answer when asked at my interview with the Town of Truckee “name three people, living or dead, that you would like to invite to dinner and why:”

. The only thing worse than a root canal is getting the bill! Without your on the spot donation to Katherine’s dental fund, she’d be toothless by now. . Within the first 24 hours of bringing Zoe home from the hospital, Liz knew she needed help. She called the one person who would drop everything to help out: Dad! You were on your way the next day.

While most people would consider Boston Whaler’s a fishing boat ... Ivan’s Whaler was a floating dock, tow boat, and speed boat!

From your daughter with the best cackle, Becky

. Ivan Bucar . Benjamin Franklin . Jimi Hendrix

... the escape artist . Picture this: Heavy rains, flash flooding, and our Dad stuck in the middle of favela in Rio, wearing a three piece suit, and carrying $3k in cash. How you got home safe and sound is a miracle.

I love your sarcasm and your wit and wish I had your determination (working hard at GE, reading the complete encyclopedia set, sticking it to the landfill folks,…). Kyle loves you as well. I wish you could hear him whenever your name comes up…”Becky’s dad, Ivan, is awesome and frickin’ hilarious.”

. There are two things to remember when making the drive from Parati to Rio during a storm. First, be alert for giant boulders in the road. Second, bring some cash to bribe the police officers! . During a trip to Costa Rica, you escaped death 17 times. Any one who doesn’t believe this can watch the video. Favela. Beautiful, isn’t it?

It is really hard for me to live so far away from you. But I know that you are there for me no matter what and I hope you know I would do anything for you. I am not great at writing this sentimental stuff but I hope I got my point across. I love you, I admire you, and I could not have asked for a better dad.

What are the benefits of a brave dad? Brave Dad breed brave children. Liz travels to the Middle East like some people travel to Disney World. Beck lives among bears, boys, and crotchety troll renters and rides dirt bikes! Katherine can happily maneuver her bicycle through the streets of Chicago. Even Zoe is showing signs of braveness: a dip in the pool at 10 months proves we have a lionhearted girl on our hands. She expressed concern during her first trip in the pool, however, Zoe will learn to love the water (dammit!)

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Happy Fathers Day • 2009

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Happy Fathers Day • 2009

Letter to Dad

From the mother of your favorite granddaughter, Liz

Our Dad’s words of wisdom

Dear Dad

... putting things into perspective

So its Father’s Day again, the day that the bourgeoisies capitalist West has decided to try to commercialize one of the most important relationships in my life. My liberal training (thanks again for footing the Harvard bill) encourages me to reject the very notion of celebrating fathers on this particular day, At the same time, some sentimental part of me (must be some recessive Whippen gene) thinks is nice to have the opportunity to tell you what an awesome dad you are.

. You don’t need to tell people how great you are. They will figure it out.

On On On On

love life money friendships

. You could go to a private school, or you could go to state school and get a brand new JEEP.

JEEP’s are cool, just not cool enough.

I have new perspective on the whole daughter-dad relationship in with my new WZL (“With Zoe Life”). In my WZL, I get to watch Alexis adore his daughter, play with her too rough, and look up in the reference book every time she does something new to scientifically prove that she is exceptional. In my WZL, I get to think about all the things they get to do together and wonder will I be able find GE graphic paper for her to learn her multiplication tables on? Will he be able to make up stories on the fly, given the following sort of parameters: tonight I want a story about a Princess Liz, koala bears, and the beach. And I’ve also gotten to see you interact with her, hand on chin, misty eyed, awe-struck by her ability to do basically nothing for hours at a time. “Exceptional, obviously very exceptional.” And to watch you watching me trying to be a mother.

... money and politics . If you are young and Republican when you are young, you have no heart. If you are old and a Democrat, you have no brain. . Don’t take any wooden nickels. . Rule #1 Call me if you need anything. Rule #2 Do not lend money to Sarah. . Upon hearing Liz wanted to buy a house in Turkey, your response was “That is just more proof that being educated don’t make you smart.”

Guess none of the Bucar girls are old yet!

Which brings me to the point of this letter. This year I’m not going to thank you for begin so supportive, or giving great advice, or making me always feel safe, secure, and loved. You know you are a good dad (duh, look at your three daughters, all who are happy, healthy, in loving relationships, and in fulfilling jobs). This year I want to thank you for something very very selfish: thank you for Zoe. What are the benefits of all this wisdom? No Bucar girl would be where she is in life - happy, healthy, grounded without your influence and solid advice. You advised Liz to follow her heart when choosing grad schools. Or, against all your instinct, you told Becky it was okay to make less money so long as she would be happier ... and you were right! For Katherine, the time between college and finding a job was extremely difficult. Your reassurances that things would work out was much needed and incredibly comforting.

How, you might ask, doe the Old man get credit for her highness, Miss Zazzafrazz? Well I don’t know if you have noticed, but I tend to work a little too hard (not sure where that trait came from). Kids were not really in the plan, at least not until I was ruling the world. And then you, the Old Man, started doing some really stupid things like having legs cramps, getting stints put into your heart, being a “cancer survivor.” And I realized if I ever had a kid and I wanted them to know you, I better get on it. And that cinched it for me. Alexis took some convincing, but I got my way.

When Dad says he is proud of us, well, it’s the most wonderful thing in the world.

So thanks, Old Man, for being so old and gimpy and crusty, and helping to kick my butt a little to start my new adventure as Zoe’s mom.

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Happy Fathers Day • 2009

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Happy Fathers Day • 2009

Our Dad the storyteller

Bedtime Stories! Tall Tales! Fooling Fools! Oh My!

Our Dad is the good guy and the bad guy

... bedtime stories

... the softie

We all remember bedtime story time with you, Dad. Picking out all the characters was so special and fun! You could have sent us to the priciest schools in the country had you recorded those stories and sold them to the masses. Oh wait, you did send us to those schools, but without making a buck on story time.

. Dad, watching you and Zoe play makes everyone’s hearts soar. Liz looks back on your visit during Zoe’s first week as one of the most special times ever.

Ivan Bucar is the kind of guy you want on your side.

. Father to your girls. Father to Sherry’s boys. Father to Kyle, Alexis, and Sam. A good Dad is a fun thing to share with people you love. . Flying is expensive, exhausting, and stressful. All worries disappear the moment we spot you waiting to pick us up at the airport. You are never late and always have something insightful to say about the other drivers! A story by Ivan could start with ordinary mushrooms and develop into a fantastic saga that would put ole’ Lewis Carroll to shame. All without hallucinogens.

His reign as Best Dad ever has been consistent ever since he took the role on Nov. 29, 1973. The role of Best Grandfather came very quickly and easily too.

... the tall tales to unsuspecting souls

... the hard ass

Who doesn’t like to hear the Mrs. Gorsky story? How about the one where Dad convinced Chuck that he was in WWII? Or the French Fry incident? These stories must be repeated over and over as a public service to the rest of the world: a person never – ever – can tell when Dad is lying.

. So this is retirement? Waste Management had no idea what they were up against when facing the power house of Dad and Sherry! One thing is certain: it takes a team of suits to fight you, our short and t-shirt wearing Dad! . Zip! Zap! Pop! Crack! The neighbors from across the cove launched a fireworks assault at our camp one Fourth of July. You didn’t like this one bit. With careful wording (or, with a strategic counter attack) you saved the day and retaliated!! We never heard from them again.

Club Chuck may not have been the smartest bulb in the box – a fact Dad relished – but even the Harvard graduates have to be careful when Ivan gets going.

How do you know if Dad is about to kick some ass? The ole twitching cheek would be a good indication that heads are going to roll.

What are the benefits of having a storytelling dad?

What are the benefits of a softish hard ass Dad?

The apples do not fall far from the tree. Dad, you should be proud of the tall tales we can dream up. Liz has been an expert from the get-go (forgery anyone?). Her skills have developed so that she can even thank people for gifts she hates with grace. The Durham police never took to Becky’s style of storytelling, but she has grown increasingly convincing over the years. Witness her feigned interest in other people’s athletic accomplishments and competitive sports gear collection. With Katherine, you never know when she is fibbing, or not.

One thing the Bucar sister’s have learned is that it is extremely hard to buy you a present you’ll actually use. We hope that this proclamation of our love, admiration, and devotion to you, Dad, will appeal to your soft side.

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As plausible as it may seem, even Ivan doesn’t steal ketchup packets.

Happy Fathers Day • 2009

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! We love you.

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Happy Fathers Day • 2009

Ivan Bucar, Best Dad Ever  

Happy Father's Day, Dad 2009

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