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Is this Profitable? sss

YES. PERSPECTIVE will make available content through print subscription, digital subscription (PDF) and online (multimedia). Ads on pages viewed in both print and PDF form will be priced according to the CPM model. Online advertising will be less expensive due to the difference in content and will be priced according to the CPC model. With a digital subscription, readers can access multimedia content, such as videos, polls, and forums online and download full pages in PDF form to tablets and laptops. Print will be offered both jointly and separately from online access.

Digital (Online Multimedia and Downloadable PDF): $20 Digital/Print Subscription: $35 Print Subscription Only: $25

Get a FREE print subscription when gifting a digital subscription to a friend Renew print subscription and receive digital access for free

My chain of magazines is international in scope, ranging from simple travel magazines to foreign policy journals. PERSPECTIVE caters to a highly literate demographicc while still appealing to those with a less comprehensive understanding of global issuess and policies.


You know, it's my magazine of the future