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TERM 1, WEEK 3-4 February 22, 2011

Principal’s Message Hello everyone, my apologies for the delay in the sending of this Newsletter; the Newsletter is scheduled to be circulated on Friday of the ‘even’ weeks, so my apologies once again for the delay. Parents and Guardians are reminded to check their child’s diary at least once a week, when students know they are being monitored/supported it helps to keep them focussed and reinforces the importance and value of their education. Staff over the last two weeks have been monitoring the ‘work ethic’ of each student in their classes and have reported to me their findings. This provides me with solid feedback about how classes have settled and has highlighted the students who are applying themselves and also drawing to my attention those students who are not working to capacity or who have lapses in effort. It is pleasing to note that many classes and students are settled and working extremely well, thanks to staff and students for their efforts. Teachers, Year Coordinators or the Assistant Principals will make a note in the diaries of students who need to improve their effort once all the data is collected. Over the next week teachers will be identifying students who are at risk in their classes. Parents can expect contact from their child’s Teachers if your child has been identified ‘at risk’ in their subject. This will be followed up with a letter home to parents. Teachers will provide Assessment Plans to all their classes in Week 7 when Teaching Programs are finalised, these Assessment Plans will be available on the website. Parents are encouraged to contact Classroom Teachers directly in regards to Classroom issues and the appropriate Year Level Coordinators for issues that extend beyond the Classroom. It continues to be a busy time at Katherine High School and I am looking forward to all of us being able to settle into our routines and enjoy a less hectic pace for the remainder of the term. On the last day of Term 1, Friday April 1, 2011 there will be a whole school Professional Development day to introduce a new reporting system. This day will be pupil free and will provide staff adequate time to learn and implement the new system which will enable us to produce better quality reports. Please make contact if you have any concerns, and if parents can be vigilant in checking and signing your child’s diary that would be greatly appreciated. Anne White Principal WEEK 5 (Feb. 21-25)

WEEK 6 (Feb. 28- Mar. 4)

Whole School Assembly KHS Gym, Feb. 24, 8:10am.

Year-Level Assemblies, March. 3, 8:10am

Year 12 Workshop Knotts Crossing, Feb. 25.

Swimming Carnival Town Pool, Friday Mar 4.

Knowledge, Honour, Success

NRL Cowboys Coaching Visit On Tuesday the 8th of February; Katherine High school had a visit from Jack Cooper and James Tamou of the northern Queensland Cowboys and a rugby league training officer. Students from years 7-12 were involved in a skills training session; which occurred from home group up until recess. Students were engaged in different activities in a round robin scenario. The different drills and skills students learnt ranged from passing and kicking; tackling, team work and communication. After the skills session students were given the opportunity to meet and mingle with the players and they all received an signed autograph from the players and a Northern Queensland 2011 players poster.

2010 Study Tour to Japan

On the 28th of November last year four staff and fifteen very eager and excited students travelled to Japan. Their first stop was Tokyo where they visited the remarkable Tokyo Disneyland, rode the world famous rollercoaster at Tokyo Dome with its steeper than vertical descent, took part in local cultural and religious experiences at various Temples and parks and were amazed by the sheer scope and size of one of the world’s largest and busiest cities. On their way to Hiroshima, the students visited the amazing Miyajima Island and its incredible floating gate, one of the most recognisable symbols of Japan. The Peace Museum and Memorial Park plus the Atomic Bomb Dome were must sees in Hiroshima as was the historic castle in Osaka. A visit to the Kyoto Prefectural Higashiuji High School was also arranged where the students participated in local classes including a trivia quiz on all things Australian and Japanese. A trip to the Fushimi Shrine and its famous deer residents, along with some hands on local art workshops in Kyoto provided some further cultural experiences. The group returned on December 11th and despite a delayed flight home, an unforgettable time was had by all.

Netball Tournament On the 17th of February 2011 In the Katherine High gym, the cert 2 sport and rec class had organized and ran a Netball Tournament for any age and any gender student in the school to participate in. This was held in lessons 4 and 5. They had 4 teams registries and made 6 games in total. There was a brilliant display of sportsmanship, teamwork, school pride and skills. People who didn’t play often and weren’t so sure of the rules participated and put in great effort. Senior years guiding the middle years and everyone getting along and making new friends. People with experience and people learning umpiring skills. People taking it in turns for tasks including umpiring. This was an opportunity for Pam to view the skills of players that are interested in the Waverly International Schools Netball Championships, And for the cert 2 students to complete an assessment task. It was a happy atmosphere with lots of smiles and people enjoying themselves. A big congratulation’s to the cert 2 sport and rec class for such an enjoyable and successful event, Thanks to Those teachers who came out in their spare time to supervise, And of course thanks to those students who played and participated. And a major thanks to Pam for overseeing this event.

School Notices Swimming Carnival The annual school swimming carnival will be held on Friday March 4th at the town pool. It is an all day event. Buses will take the students directly to the pool in the morning and pick them up from there in the afternoon. Students who find their own way to school need to go directly to the pool. Attendance at the swimming carnival is compulsory.

Year 12 Workshop On Friday the 25th of February a full day workshop at Knotts Crossing Resort will be provided to the Year 12 students. The purpose of the day is to develop the student’s skills to assists them to successfully manage the coming year’s challenges and opportunities. The workshop will be delivered by a presenter from Youthworxs and cover topics such as goal setting, personal resilience and time management.

Harmony Day

Pupil Free Day Friday April 1st (last day of Term 1) has been set aside for staff Professional Development to introduce a new Reporting system and will be a pupil free day.

Community Notices

Looking For an Apprenticeship or Traineeship in Katherine? School Based Apprenticeships Available Right Now!! Hospitality Operations: Certificate II - 3 positions available Financial Services: Certificate II (Banking, indigenous program) – Several positions available. Call 8941 2112 and speak to Jason Greene

Get your L’s, and your P’s and 12 driving lessons for $186 TOTAL

Lessons are conducted in our modern, dual-control driving school cars. Male and female instructors are qualified teachers with loads of experience. We have manual and automatic cars and can pick you up from school and drop you home. We encourage buddy lessons. DRV4LYF donates the DRV4LYF Perseverance Award at Katherine High School’s Graduation and we support the local community through Rotary International. $1 of every lesson is donated to charity. Provisional dates (DTAL Theory 1): March 1st and 2nd 3-6pm Katherine High School April 4th and 5th 3-6pm Katherine High School May 2nd and 3rd 3-6pm Katherine High School Provisional dates (DTAL Theory 2): March 5th 2-5pm Charles Darwin University May 7th 2-5pm Charles Darwin University Students who complete the DTAL course and pass their P test will go into the quarterly draw to win an iPod Nano. Want more information? Check out our website: or email or phone 0448890653 or 0438808835. Further information is also available from Sheryl Fotakis, Senior Teacher Administration, KHS

Proudly Supported by Katherine Regional Community Bank ® Branch

Community Notices

School Contact Details • Anne White (Principal) (08) 8973 8200

• Suzanne Horton (KHS Council)

Compulsory School Uniform Just a reminder of our standard uniform that is compulsory for all year levels. This involves a school shirt and black shorts/trousers. Boardshorts are not acceptable. Also, students must wear enclosed footwear - no thongs.

Student Email Every student has their own email address that can be checked at school or at home. We are encouraging students to access their email more and more. At home, students can use ‘webmail’ to check their email:

TERM 1 WEEK 5 February


WEEK 6 February/ March


WEEK 7 March





FRIDAY 25 Year 12 Team Building Katherine, All Day




Swimming Carnival Aquatic Centre All Day

KFA Leadership camp - Darwin





KFA Beswick V KFA

11 Disco - Lunch time in the gym

WEEK 8 March



KFA senior trip Alice springs



NT Schools Sports Swimming NT Championships

Every Child, Every Day Improving student enrolment, attendance and participation is everybody’s responsibility and everyone’s business.

18 KFA Beswick V KFA

NEWSLETTER 2011 T1 W3-4  
NEWSLETTER 2011 T1 W3-4  

Hello everyone, my apologies for the delay in the sending of this Newsletter; the Newsletter is scheduled to be circulated on Friday of the...