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My Grandpa Brown As we pulled in the parking lot, I began to get fidgety because I wanted to see my grandpa. He was sent to the hospital because he had to have surgery to get a pacer maker put in to help his heart stay beating. As I walked in the room I was surprised at what I saw...... !

Since my grandpa had just woken up from the anesthesia, he was still a little tired and was a little out

of it, too. We asked him how he was feeling and if he felt any better. He shook his head and went back to trying to wake up. After about an hour after coming out of the anesthesia, he was awake enough to tell us what he felt like and was able to eat so we ordered him some food. As we waited, my grandpa told us all the story about when he woke up during the heart surgery. !

“When I woke up, I looked around and all I saw was a blue tarp. I thought that I was in the morgue,”

my grandpa said very seriously. “It was cold and quiet and I can remember one time I had a dream about being put in the morgue while I was still alive. I was very uncomfortable, but still didn’t feel what the doctors were doing to my body. When the doctors realized that I was awake, they gave me more anesthesia so that I would not feel the pain.” As my grandpa stated these facts, we were amazed that he remembered waking up in the middle of the surgery. “The doctors were amazed when they came in to check on me because I was talking all about how I had woken up. They were very shocked that I remembered any of this.” !

After my grandfather had started feeling better, he began walking around the hospital and eating his

dinner that the hospital had personally made for him. Everyone was shocked that my grandpa was able to do all of the things that he did. The doctors were expecting my grandfather to be in the hospital for at least one week. But he went home the day after he got out of surgery. All of the other people in the hospital were coughing and having a hard time adapting to the pace makers. The doctors told us that my grandpa was very strong and that we needed to keep a close eye on him just to make sure that he was doing okay. !

The day after my grandpa went back home, we went to sleep and didn’t wake up until the next day.

The doctors told my grandma that he will be very tired and will want to sleep since he just got out of surgery. After getting his rest, my family went out and ate dinner with them and talked to my grandpa, asking questions and helping him with a new thing in his life.


My grandpa really cares about us and we care about him. We would do anything for him, even if it would

give us a lot of trouble. My grandpa getting a pacer maker just helped him, it didn’t hurt him. Just because someone has something wrong with them, doesn’t mean they are totally different. That is one lesson that my grandpa taught me, and I will always follow in my grandfather’s foot steps because I know, my grandpa made the right decisions. He taught me to live my own life, and to always stand for what you believe in.

Personal Essay- grandpa  

strong and that we needed to keep a close eye on him just to make sure that he was doing okay. story about when he woke up during the heart...