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Vogue December 4, 2012 Entry #3

The Return of Culottes— And How to Wear Them by Esther Adams

Photographed by David Sims, Vogue, October 2011

Like a wistful reminder of the halcyon sixties and seventies eras—think model Brigit Larsen strolling through Paris or Lauren Hutton in New York—culottes are making a comeback for resort. But as they land at mid-calf, making for a tricky length that exposes plenty of skin, can you really











Carven’s Guillaume Henry says, mais oui. “It’s an easy piece to wear with stockings. They’re fresh and give the silhouette a tailored attitude.” His ornately printed renditions were shown layered with a preppy shirt and all-important warming peacoat. And Céline’s Moroccan tile-print incarnations were also given a Parisian flair: a marinière top, blazer, and elegant scarf to ward off winter chills. Meanwhile Acne showed them with knee-high lace-up sandal-boots, which almost takes them out of the realm of shorts entirely. “Long boots give the impression of a continuation into pants,” says blogger Jayne Min, who wears a pair by Zara with her elongated shorts: “But they have to have a heel










Min, who lived through the nineties clamdigger trend first time around and professes to having worn “offensively” baggy boy’s skater shorts for most of last year, latched on to culottes for comfort and ease. “Regular pants have to be the perfect length so they don’t scrunch with an ankle boot. Culottes are more forgiving,” she says. So how does she pull them off? With a considered sense of balance: “I’m going for an Ali MacGraw seventies vibe,” she says of pairing her loose, Zara jacquard culottes with a slim-fitting blazer and knee-high boots, or an equally voluminous top with a delicate shoe that shows off a spindly ankle. Either way, for Min, “they’re a foray into something more feminine.” Not 100 percent ladylike, culottes are more a halfway skirt for tomboys that give off a playful vibe suggesting you don’t take yourself too seriously. Says Henry: “I find elegance in them despite their usual casual feel.” November 15, 2012 4:08p.m

I found this article to be very interesting because I had never heard of culottes. After finding out what they were from this article I was fascinated. I enjoyed reading this article mainly because I had never heard of this particular trend before. Although I have read a lot about a sixties era trend going on right now and I feel like this article reinforces what I have been reading on trend forecasting websites. This article basically talks about these culottes pants and how comfortable they are. Also it talks about the different ways they are worn, with tights and blazers. After reading this I really want to see these pants sold in stores. I have no really noticed them until now, but I am really excited about them. The closest things that I have seen in stores to culottes are trousers, the only difference is the length and leg opening.