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Career Opportunities November 28, 2012 Entry #14 -My first career is a visual manager for Macy’s. I think this career would be a good fit for me because I definitely want to be a manager and of a store like Macy’s would be fantastic; It’s so big and I hear it’s a great company to work for. Being in charge of visuals would be so much fun.

-My second career is a store manager of Guess. I watch my store manager now and she does so much and treats the store like her baby. I think it fits me perfectly because of the fast pace lifestyle, always up on the latest trends, and having a professional job while running a business.

-My third career is director of operations. Any career I choose is going to be a lead position because I am a leader. This job would be perfect for me because I get to express my leadership skills, I would get to work with customers, and make sure businesses are running properly.