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Imagine you can communicate with your grandchildren 50 years into the future. What words of explanation do you have for them about the way your generation approaches and deals with threats to the environment in the present day. Write your ideas as part of a letter to your future grandchildren.

Dear grandchildren,

29 march, 2013

I am writing you this letter in March 2013. I am hoping that you will still be able to read this letter because today I am not so sure whether the planet earth that I know still exists. Just as the way I think of my grandparents, I know that you will think that I am very old-fashioned with all the technology (smartphones, laptops etc.) that I use in my daily life. But I want you to know how us human beings treated the environment in 2013. Today the sun is still shining brightly on to planet earth and I can still breath in the air without having to cough or get sick. However, in past years there have been many environmental issues that the world has been facing. Us humans use too many cars and other vehicles than we actually need which causes a high level of CO2 emission. Global warming is killing us slowly day by day. I believe that you will not be able to visit many cities that exist in my time such as New York and Singapore the little island in Asia where I grew up. My prediction is that due to global warming Antarctica and Greenland will melt and all the cities and islands that are not at a high level over the sea level will disappear under the water. Some organizations are trying to prevent global warming but many people on earth don’t believe that it will end as bad as I believe it will. All I am hoping for is that you are all safe and happy. Furthermore I want you to know that whatever happens you must stick together as a family and stay strong. I really do hope that my predictions that I am making in 2013 are completely wrong and that your life is a happy, safe and clean earth. And I also hope that technology has helped the human race to develop in a very positive way without creating any wars between different countries. I am crossing my fingers in 2013 so that you will have a bright future! With lots of love, Granny Laube

Letter to Grandchildren