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Read chapter 7 in The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind. You are a visiting journalist from a western country. Write a 400+ word news article about a news worthy event in the chapter. Include some commentary on customs and traditions that would be relevant to your audience. Upload your news reports to ISSUU and embed it on the News Report page on the wiki

FAMINE IN MALAWI At the end of last month the people of Malawi have run out of maize chaff and now many of them are dying due to hunger. The precious gaga of the country has run out during the last few days of January. Gaga is what we call maize chaff. Famine has started in Malawi a small country in the southeast of Africa. There has been a lot of drought in the past and many poor farmers were suffering to survive for a very long time now. Looking around in the small villages there are many horrible sights of people looking like skeletons starving to death. The villages no longer have a happy and colorful atmosphere. It is very silent on the streets however sometimes you might find some people looking for food wherever and whatever they can even dug up roots and tubers, grass from the roadside or seeds. Many people are even eating the poisonous pink and green insecticides which make them even weaker than they already are by giving them diarrhea and vomit. Most families can’t afford to have two meals a day anymore and have to cut down to only one meal daily. And these meals are not the same size we eat here in America. No, one meal in Malawi is most of the time equivalent to just one mouthful of food. Many families decide to have their only meal for suffer because they do not want to sleep with an empty stomach however this make working in the morning with an empty stomach a very hard task to do. This is a very terrible issue in Malawi right now. Now because of the lack of food the prices have increased a lot making the people of Malawi afford only very little or no food at all. Unfortunately, nobody including the government is doing anything about this to solve this big problem that the country is having right now and this must be changed immediately. A few days before the famine has broken into the country the students have received their results on the exams that they have studied very hard for. A few days ago a new chapter of their lives have started because they have joined a secondary school that fits to their education level. However because of the famine many families cant afford to send their children to school anymore due to the lack of

money they have. Kackokolo, which is the school with the lowest standard, has lost most of their students, which is not good for future generations for Malawi.

Famine in Malawi