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Based on the following statement, write a reasoned argument either for or against the statement. Choose a relevant text type and write between 150-250 words. Traditions are an important part of our national identity and should be preserved at all costs Letter Dear parents, As you might have noticed your children are losing a lot of your own personal traditions whether you are from the UK, Korea or Australia. Our future generation is all slowly loosing their national identity. What happened to writing long personal letter for a family members or friends birthday? Why do children refer to play a computer game on their own instead of a board game with the family? All these small little details in life have changed over time. But do you believe that every single tradition must be preserved at all costs? In my opinion it depends on the situation. Important traditions such as why we celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or national celebrations must be preserved at all costs since those are the things that make your background and where you come from. If everyone would lose such important traditions everyone will slowly become the same and the world will be filled with boring people. However I believe that some less important details such as sending e-mails instead of snail mail do not have to be preserved. You as parents must understand that time is changing and the world’s technology is improving and evolving and there is nothing that you can do about it. I do believe that it is a much more personal and nicer way to communicate through hand-written letters however I will not complain that e-mails and social media is becoming a lot more popular due to the convenience. I would like you to decide for yourselves what is important to you. It all depends on how you would like to raise your children. However do consider my opinion. Katharina Laube

Based on the following statement  
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