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We had a short online chat with Wanderrgirl, Arriane Serafico to ask about her daily routine, her inspirations and her latest projects. We ended up finding out what’s inside her closet, who her role models are and why we shouldn’t expect her in politics in the future. int e r v ie w b y A y a D a l u m p i n es

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Katha (K): Hi Arriane! Thanks for taking time for this interview! Hope we didn’t bother you that much!

where I’m going and what I’m going to do. That decides whether I can go in flats or heels!

Arriane (A): Hello! No problem!!

But I’m very particular about making sure I dress in something that makes me feel inspired, productive, and me. ‘Cause if you’re having a bad day and you dress sloppily, you’re bound to feel even lazier.

K: You’re a pretty busy person. How does a typical day in your life begin? What’s your morning ritual? A: One, I definitely try not to touch my phone first thing in the morning! Haha! K: That takes a lot of self control! Haha! A: Something I learned from yoga you have to set your intention first, so I try to do that. Even before I look at my list of to-do’s, I run through my macro goals first. Is this day primarily devoted to Senate work? co.lab work? Meetings? Along with setting my intention, just offering up a prayer of gratitude. It’s always a nice way to start the day on a grateful tone. K: How about when it comes to dressing up? How do you choose what you’re wearing for the day? A: Hmm.. I’m not the type to prepare my clothes but usually I decide on one thing in my head the night before, or in the morning. For example, if I have a skirt or dress that I really want to wear, then I decide everything else based on that. It also depends on

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K: We sort of thought you wore heels wherever you went. Haha! A: Hahaha no, I do a lot of walking and moving around in between meetings, so I wear flats a lot, too! K: You’re an advocate of wearing local brands. Is it still a conscious effort to wear something Filipino everyday? A: Of course!! It’s never a problem for me now since I have a lot of things in my closet that are locally made. So it feels very natural for one or two pieces to make it to my outfit all the time. For example, my flats are either from Suelas or Renegade Folk . My bags are from different brands - mostly Vesti from Mindanao, or Aranaz from my friend Amina. K: So it’s not like you still ask yourself if you’re wearing something local today. A: Yeah, exactly! Hahaha! I do wish there were more work-friendly clothes from Filipino brands though. Investment ones, I mean.

“something i learned from yoga, you have to set your intention first, so i try to do that.” K: You’re always brimming with ideas. Where do you go to soak up on inspiration? A: I get it both online and offline! Offline, I get it from the different people I meet. I’m so lucky because the universe somehow always brings these amazing people my way. I get to meet just so many kinds of people who expose me to ideas that I can’t otherwise know about if, for example, I’m just working in government and government alone, or in blogging and blogging alone. It really widens my perspective and my view of what’s possible. Online naman, I have my favorite online haunts.

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