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Katherine P. Trnka (231)392-4893

11221 NE Glisan St, Apt 2 Portland, OR 97220

Summary * Detail-oriented editor with comprehensive publishing experience * Excellent written and verbal communication skills * Strong web-editing, HTML, and CSS skills * Extensive customer service and management skills * Enthusiastic and self-motivated team player

Relevant Skills and Experience Editorial and Publishing

* Developed fluency in editorial processes, from acquisition to line editing to proofreading, through graduate coursework and Editorial Lead position at Ooligan Press * Extensive marketing and publicity experience gained through coursework and hands-on experience at Ooligan Press * Fluent in Chicago style; familiar with a wide range of style guides and strict adherence to house styles * Digital publishing skills, including HTML, CSS, and ebook design experience, acquired through rigorous and immersive graduate courses * Collaborated with other department heads (Marketing, Design, Social Media) to meet deadlines and ensure quality of work put out by Ooligan Press * Gained web-specific experience working for Vortex Music Magazine, including editing photos for web display with the use of PhotoShop, posting pieces through a content management system, and linking to relevant external content

Customer Service and Management

* Able to identify and satisfy customer needs; customer-driven focus on operations as a whole * Demonstrated written and verbal communication skills, ability to mitigate conflict, solution-oriented approach to challenges * Ability to translate processes into real action, delegate tasks to a team, and communicate effectively to produce results, both through retail experience and in role as Editorial Lead

Clerical Skills

* Fluent in Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and a variety of web-publishing and social media platforms (eg, WordPress, ProcessWire, Facebook, Instagram) * Fast, accurate typist * Strong organizational skills

Education Portland State University Portland, OR Lawrence University Appleton, WI

Master of Science: Book Publishing Bachelor of Arts: English, Music

June 2016 June 2007

Work History Associate Editor (Intern) Vortex Music Magazine October 2015–Present Portland, OR Non-Perishable Specialist (Buyer) Whole Foods Market Editorial Lead Ooligan Press

February 2009 – Present Portland, OR (2011–Present) Baton Rouge, LA (2009–2011) June 2014–June 2015 Portland, OR

References Dr. Per Henningsgaard (503) 725-3573

Adam O’Connor Rodriguez

Erin Sillasen-Banks (720) 212-9877

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