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the challenge

positioning approach

A national fully cross platform plan for Nissan, targeted at Multicultural (Hispanic American, African American and Chinese American) Millennials, ages 18-29.

Nissan gives Millennials a car that “gets them.” Really.


Nissan understands Millennials, and provides them with functionally innovative cars at a great price. Nissan is unlike competitors whom sacrifice quality for price, make cars out to be life changing “milestones” or rely on over the top antics to sell cars. Nissan provides a ride that is authentically in tune with real Millennials in today’s economically fragile, 24/7 digitally connected world while still providing them the fun, excitement and passion they crave.

Fiscal year 2013 (April 2013-March 2014)

budget Total $100 Million all-inclusive budget (music, collateral, promotions, giveaway cars, etc.)

background work As digital natives, we began by scouring every corner of the Internet for industry trends, competitive activity and external forces that may impact Nissan and, of course, everything about Millennials. We read about car-buying, in-store experiences, digital engagement, social media’s future, Multicultural MIllennials and much more.

Nissan knows MIllennials want innovative technology that works for them and is about them. Period.

engagement strategy To reposition the brand, the multifaceted campaign begins with engagement target number one: the dealerships. Once the dealers are “Millennial-ized” and the campaign is prepared, the engagement begins -- off and online. Nissan needs to begin building brand preference early on platforms and in places that fit. The Nissan Mulitcultural Millennial engagement mission is to build a relationship with the target in a way that makes Nissan and its innovation platform a sum of their lifestyles.

why ?

consumer work We are Millennials, so it is fitting that we start on the frontier we know best: digital. We listened to our target through social media sites big and small, surfed forums, and used Google+ hangouts to gather Millennial opinions nationwide. Next, we hit the streets. Via accompanied shopping and test-drives, small group interviews, intercept surveys, one-on-one in-depth interviews and several focus groups; we studied our target relentlessly.

Nissan must develop Millennials’ unaided awareness and interest in the brand. We must transform Nissan from “the other Japanese car” into the authentically right vehicle -- at the top of every young car shopper’s list. Nissan must surprise the target with their vehicles, and start building a relationship early through non-traditional engagement complimented with more traditional approaches to solidify our message.

our ultimate goal ? Nissan will become the apex of Millennials’ logical wants and the sum of their intangible desires. Innovation and technology meet authentic aspirations.


brand profile


millennial car trends




multicultural millennials


primary research




cross platform campaign


media & timing


evaluation & budget recap [1]

[brand profile] brand history

“Nissan is one of the few car companies that truly cares about delivering an enjoyable and engaging driving experience.”

Founded in 1933, Nissan “provides innovative automotive products and services, delivering superior measurable values to all stakeholders.” (NissanNews)

In 1959, Nissan arrived in the US with its “Datsun” compact pickup. The Datsun 510 and 240 Z were revolutionary. They looked good, performed well, were reliable and cheap to buy. Practically unheard of.

Nissan has a history of innovation, making driving a passionate experience and being in touch with consumers’ wants and needs. Yesterday and today.

AskMen, Dale Buss, 2/23/11

Innovation isn’t something we decided to do yesterday. It isn’t a new initiative, or a flashy marketing idea.

“What we had to do at Nissan was to reawaken passion, reconstruct a vision, rediscover a rhythm...”

Innovation... is what Nissan is. Carlos Ghosn, Fast Company March 2011

Carlos Ghosn, Renault Nissan CEO, Shift: 2004

recent brand innovations

- Brake Override Technology - Zero Emissions Clean Vehicles

- NISMO Performance Series Continuously - XTRONIC Variable Transmission® - 1st Commercially Successful 100% Electric Car: the Leaf

of Tomorrow” - “Taxi NYC 2011 Winner

Friendly - Environmentally Car Cargo Vessel,

- World’s Quickest

- CARWINGS - mobile car


Crossover Vehicle: Nissan Juke, 0-60 in 3.7 seconds 
 ( 1/11/12)

“The City of Petersburg” communications system

- Emergency Engine Shut Off System

- Green Program -

closed-loop recycling, increased fuel efficiencies, etc.


nissan by the numbers

757,000 $10,990 160 48th 16 11.3% 7.8% #3 #3 #2 $2

units sold (thru Q3 2011) in U.S. Versa’s MSRP, lowest in America as of 3/2011 countries with Nissan products & services on the Fortune Global 500 in 2011 Japanese production sites U.S. sales increase as of Q3 2011 market share (.3% increase) Nissan market globally -- 9.3% of total Nissan marketshare Asian car in the U.S. Nissan market globally -- USA 2011 total sales of 1,042,534 units billion production site in Mexico sources:;,,

[brand profile]

nissan usa : brand achievements current positioning Signature Signoff:

Brand Positioning:

“Innovation and excitement for all”

key millennial campaigns The Sports Illustrated Heisman Tour Interactive touch screens, RFID wristbands, “Heisman House” TV, contests and more

“Headroom” / “Legroom” Campaign TV, iPad2 ads, iAds with gyro-technology, “Foster the People” and more.

“My Versa Roadtrip”

Nissan GT Academy

Facebook contest, stop-motion camera equipped Versas to winners and social media diarying.

PS3 videogamers compete to win real race car experience. Reality show, social media support.


[millennial car trends] the biggest change : our digital world Consumers research every aspect, read unbiased reviews, find financing, shop insurance and share everything 24/7. On computers, tablets and phones.

long purchase consideration process

less electrification hype

For GenY, the extended pre and post shopping experience is very important, more so than for Boomers or GenX. A terrific, seamless experience across the broad shopping spectrum can make all the difference. (Deloitte, 2011)

Given the economy and increased fuel efficiencies of gas engines, hybrid manufacturers are struggling with only 2% of 2011 auto sales.

67% of Millennials “researched” cars on social networking sites in 2011 (vs. 25% in 2009) -- 86% use search engines and 87% visit manufacturer’s sites. (Deloitte, 2011)

the new dealer experience

influencers count .... a lot Friends and family have a huge influence on GenY’s car decisions. Millennials have a well-documented tight-knit relationship with their parents. And shares, likes and reviews (even from strangers) count.

“Everyone has a board of directors composed of close friends and relatives that you consult for important things in your life.” -- Thomas, 26, MIllennial Advisory Board, Capstrat 2011

Dealers have their work cut out for them. They have less control than ever. In addition, many Millennials are wary of dealers and will “drop” a brand if they encounter a negative sales experience anywhere along the shopping process. “They (Millennials) don’t want to spend endless hours at a dealership. They like buying, but dislike blatant sales pitches. They want...a salesperson they trust.” (Steve Finlay, WardsShow, 10/26/11)


( yet

big )

Cars are getting smaller, especially for Millennials, but sacrificing amenities is not an option.

65% of GenY would

prefer to purchase a car without negotiating with a salesperson.

50% will never consider a brand again, if have a bad salesperson experience. --, 7/2011

Millennials will start out with small, more affordable cars. But unlike earlier generations,

they expect luxury and connectivity.

(Huffington Post, January 8, 2012)

value and safety are givens ; personal automotive technology is hot Millennials now expect things like value and safety as automatic. Interest peaks with the customized “technology cocoon” created inside the car. Cars must be “highly contented.”

connectivity is life [4]

Over half of Millennials say that in dash technology is a critical factor in purchasing a car. Of those, nearly 75% said they want access to their smartphone apps. (Capstrat 2011)

(Deloitte, January 2012)

(, January 16, 2012)

‘Green’ living is important to Millennials, but technology integration is taking precedence over Hybrid or BEV engines. -- The Detroit Bureau, January 20, 2012

cars not as urgently desired ? Given the 24/7 connectedness Millennials have grown up with, the economy and “more affordable” “Many Millennials feel wants -- maybe, tied down by a car. ” a car isn’t (Edmunds, 2/6/2012) as appealing. The Department of Transportation reports 21-30 year olds have decreased number of miles driven by 8% from 1998 to 2006. The Federal Highway Administration reports a 10 year drop in 16 year olds obtaining licenses from 43.8% to 29.8% in 2006.

“Yet, 82% of Millennials get excited about the idea of shopping for a new car” vs. 71% of GenX & 66% of Boomers (Deloitte, “Gaining Speed: Gen Y in the Driver’s Seat,” 2011)

rebirth of “ buy american ”... maybe

[common millennial auto creative platforms] car love passion relationships honda

Millennials may be increasingly realizing buying American cars can help build their communities and their economy (e.g., Chrysler’s 2011 sales increase). However, when it comes to actual purchases, Millennials prefer small Aisan, particularly Japanese brands. (, 2010)



Car manufacturers are moving beyond the old car ad traditions (jet beaded vehicles, beautiful spokesmodels, the long and winding road) to new formulaic approaches targeting Millennials. Nissan MUST avoid these approaches to differentiate their brand.



sharing and extended test drives are very appealing





crazy over the top hijinks



road trip







Thanks to the collaborative consumption automotive trend (e.g., Zipcar, iGo, etc.) and the overall “sharing” mentality of Millennials (62% of millennials find sharing appealing) ideas of car “ownership” are changing. (Campbell-Mithun, February 8)

There used to be a stigma to renting that doesn’t exist for Millennials, as long as they get access. It is more about access than pride of ownership. -- Sheryl Connelly, Global Consumer Trends and Futuring Manager Ford Motor Company, 2/6/2012


[competitive overview] 2012 will be a very interesting year for the U.S. auto industry. Overall gains in 2011 by U.S. automakers, may slide as disaster-stricken Japanese rivals strike back. Bloomberg is predicting a combined 2012 drop of 1.3% market share for GM, Chrysler and Ford. Also, analysts predict continued increases in competitive pressure from VW and Korean brands. Layering in economic woes and increasingly demanding consumers, this all makes for a highly competitive, challenging marketplace in 2012 and 2013. (AutoNews, 1/28/12)

“U.S. automakers are still going to grow. They can’t lose sight of their new emphasis, which has been improving their cost structures, making cars people want to buy and selling the product, instead of the incentive.” -- Jesse Toprak, analyst,, 1/2012


“ moving

forward ”

- Refilling dealers’ lots with new products (2012 Camry, larger Prius V)

- “Camry Effect” - integrated mobile /social media campaign, shared Camry stories and memories

- “It’s Reinvented” new campaign for Superbowl 2012 - Multicultural: 100 Cars for Good, Y Amos, Asian American anime campaign


“ to

each their own ”

List” - embraces millennial lifestyles - “Leap and milestone moments Day Off ” campaign - “Matthew’s Matthew Broderick - SuperBowl 2012


“I LOVE MY HONDA” Facebook Experiment - TV, social media

competitive market share


(source:, Jan 2012)





Nissan Nissan 0%




Honda 2%





“General Motors’ research shows that only 64 percent of Millennials buy cars and that 90 percent in the 18 to 24 year old range opt for used cars.” -- GM / Chevy Sonic Presentation (MSN Auto, 2012)


“ drive











“ chevy

runs deep ”

- Chevrolet Cruze, launched Fall 2010, major success - “Let’s Do This” campaign targets youthful, adventurous consumers in SuperBowl 2012

one ”

pre-tax operating profit increase ($8.8 billion, 1/2012); - 6% 2011 net income of $20.2 billion (highest annual profit since 1998) (Marketwatch, January 2012)

- “Crazy Kevin” campaign; Kevin Hart endorsement; “Doug” puppet campaign - Apple partnership in dealership - MULTICULTURAL: “First” in Mexico; “Ford Fiesta”; “Let Your Inner Child Out”

- Multicultural:

Hispanic Scholarship Fund


“ new

thinking . new possibilities .”

- “Cheetah” and “Think Fast” SuperBowl 2012 - Multicultural: Veloster campaign


We’re [Ford] not just a car company, we’re a tech company.

-- Jim Farley, VP/Global Marketing, Sales & Service (Chicago Auto Show, 2012)

[the millennial consumer] millennials have serious employment concerns

millennials are ...

{Top-10 Job Titles{ 2.9 %


2.5 %

2.3 %



1.7 % 1.2 %

1.0 %

Sales Assoc. Owner


1.2 %

Millennials may be confident, well educated and connected - but, job titles are concerning. Many are underemployed. Job hopping, “boomeranging” back to the parents and entrepreneurship all make sense, given current economic woes.


.84 %


.94 %

.84 %

Supervisor Sales Rep.

“GenY & Facebook” - MIllennial Branding and Identified, Inc., 2012

millennial paint by numbers

Millennials Rank Milestones (by importance) 8% Buying a Car

7% Changing Jobs

10% Buying a Home

74% want to have children

70% want to marry

62 million Millennials in the US

41% have made a smartphone purchase

37% are unemployed 35% have started a side business to supplement their income

30% Getting Married

19% Having a Child


Millennials are working through life altering milestones. Ranked amongst their priorities: buying a car.


Capstrat, 2011

-- The New Consumer Behavior Paradigm: Permanent or Fleeting?, PriceWaterhouseCoopers 2010

Ideas that help to solve real problems are the “new cool.” They [Millennials] grew up at the speed of digital and are quick to hold brands accountable for immediacy of response.

-- Juan Pablo Quevedo, IMAGES USA Director of Marketing Research and Strategic Insight, 2010

36% rely on their parents for support 19% will personally buy or influence the purchase of a new car/truck/SUV

26% Starting a Job

“Gen Y is accustomed to instant gratification and demands the latest and greatest gadgetry; a tech lifestyle is a need, not a want.”

53% live in the suburbs 33% live in cities 14% live in rural environments 2.4 mobile devices are owned by average Millennial

*sources:, 2010 Census, Edelman Digital 2011, Pew Study 2010, Iconoculture 2011, Harris Interactive YouthPulse 2010, mashable 2011, Intrepid Study 2010


“They [Millennials] are fickle and can spot brands that feign understanding; they spot and shun brands that pretend to know them. The savvy millennial consumer wants to align with brands as badges of identity -as indicators of status. The need is for a much more meaningful relationship than simple utility. The savvy consumer wants to believe in brand properties that confer both instant and perpetual cool..... this generation does not use color as a way that they want to be defined.” (Steve Stoute, Translation founder, Ad Age, 10/2011)

2% disagree that they should pay more for higher quality items


[the millennial consumer] the “ reset ” generation The economy has reset Millennial’s definitions of success. They are more pragmatic. Life’s realities are harsher; thereby, their goals simpler and less aspirational.

multicultural millennials ... more alike or different ?

‘Tanning’ is a mentality that no longer determines your ethnicity, no longer determines what drives you spiritually or culturally, [that] comes from the shared values of other people. - Steve Stoute, The Tanning of America: 2011

“It’s much more a curated persona around this Millennial group. It makes our jobs harder, but it’s much more interesting.” -- Pushpa Gopalan, SVP/Strategic Planning Director, Leo Burnett USA

(source: Pew Research, 2011)


( ages 18-29 )

“While young multiculturals have different cultural influences and are often separated by distance, the sharing culture of today’s youth brings them together...That is tied to their expanding perceptions of what it is to be a young Asian person or a young Black person.” -- Shadyra Santiana and Tru Pettigrew, Alloy at “Youth Mega Mashup,” June 2011

The young populations of Hispanics, Asians and African Americans tend to be the trend-setters for the rest of U.S. society.... musical styles...literature...pop culture in general. Understanding them is a peek into the new mainstream trends.

-- Edelman Digital, May 2011

African American and Hispanic Millennials “feel the need to get involved with their communities” more so than Whites.

(source: Pew Research, 2011)

African American and Hispanic Millennials are significantly more interested in early trend detection: “Looking out for the next big thing in tech., fashion, music or art” 50% of those turning 21 in the next few years are Hispanic, Asian or African American 45% of Millennials self identify as “non white.”

White Americans 40% Hispanic Americans

(Images USA, 2010)

“One of the first to know about cultural events, trends, happenings” White Americans


Hispanic Americans

(Ad Age, 2011)


Millennials are more racially diverse than any generation before them.

African Americans


(Images USA, “The MIllennial Phenomenon, June 2010)

African Americans

53% 65% 70%

African American and Hispanic Millennials feel:

Very few brands and companies genuinely care about the state of my community.

(Futures/Yankelovich: ““Multicultural Millennials: The New Generation Coming of Age,” 2009)

[multicultural millennials] hispanic american millennials Family:


Parenthood is more valued than marriage, as with all Millennials.

Influences lifestyle, politics, religions, and big ticket purchases, like a car. Also, Hispanic Millennials live at home longer (recession, traditions) increasing collaborative decision making. (PRNewswire, 2011)

Yet they have the highest “commitment to family” index (80% vs. 74% Hispanic and 75% White) (Images, 2010 Multicultural Millennials Study)

(The Millennial Phenomenon Target Market New MAAX Summit June 29, 2010)

Success, Education and the “American Dream” 68% of young Latinos are of Mexican heritage. Their families have less “educational capitol” than other Latinos. Hispanic American Millennials want to be more successful than their parents, to “make them proud.”

The reality is Hispanic American Millennials increasingly prefer to be spoken to in English. Language usage patterns change dramatically as Latinos acculturate. Spanish media is usually less relevant to the native born. “English-language print ads have greater impact in mobilizing Latino voters than Spanish-language print ads. Once can identify as a cultural “Latino” without having to speak Spanish.” (Media Shift, PBS, “Misconceptions of the Latino Market” 9/2011)

Fastest Growing Demographics: 17.3 million U.S. Asians -- fastest growing demographic of any race (43% increase over 10 years’ time). (US Census 2010)

Highest Incomes: (US Census 2010)

They are more likely to take a stand on political issues. 45% are likely to be engaged in the community and believe they can make a difference.

81% of Hispanics feel a need to preserve their family’s cultural traditions. Family, elders, food, art and folklore are all important.

asian / chinese american millennials

30+% of U.S. Asians make $100,000+ annually.

Traditions and Values:

Traditions and Values:

(Pew, Between Two Worlds, 2009)

african american millennials

56% donate to a Church or Place of Worship (vs. 41% for Hispanic or White Millennials). 57% feel “being spiritually fufilled” is important. (Images, 2010)

Success, Education and the “American Dream” African American Millennials have an entrepreneurial spirit and believe that they can reach success. 60% of African Americans are financially optimistic and believe in the “American Dream.” (Pew, Between Two Worlds, 2009) African Americans are also reportedly more entrepreneurial than other Multicultural Millennials. (AdWeek, Feb 2, 2010)

Largest Percentage of Interracial Marriages 28% marry outside of their race today and the number is growing. (US Census 2010)

Early Tech Adopters/Trendsetters: Immensely driven by social media platforms, they integrate themselves in the latest technologies and trends in their earliest stages. (Pew Internet 2011)

Lack of “Cool” Stereotype? “Today...Asian Americans are viewed as math-and-science robots toiling over books and computer screens.” -- Amy Chua, The Battle Cry of the Tiger Mom, 2011

Coming Into the minstream Millennial Cool? “As soon as children see that there’s no need to talk to their parents in Spanish, they don’t.” --Ana Celiam Zentella, Ph.D., Mexican-Puerto Rican anthro-political linguist (Latina, “Will Spanish Survive In America?” 2012)

“Now, everyone in the generation after me wants to go to Parsons. Fashion has become a more prominent career in the eyes of the Asian parents.” -- Jasion Wu, 29-year-old Asian American, Designer of Michelle Obama’s Inaugural Gown

“The cultural emergence of Jeremy Lin, Far East Movement and K-Town (proposed Korean American “Jersey Shores-esque” reality show) demonstrates that Asian Americans are increasingly part of the U.S. mainstream.” (Asian Nation, Feb 13, 2012) The Council of Fashion Designers of America awards in 2012 all went to all Asian American designers - and, their 3 scholarships to Asian American students. (NY Times, “Asian American Designers Ascend the FAshion Ladder,” Sept 4, 2010)


[research] objectives


Understand the car buying process

2 3

Unearth “car priorities” Dissect brand perceptions

(versus the competition)

4 5

Identifyl ownable and relevant positiong areas Explore Multicultural Millennials similarities and differences

mixed methodology


- ethnography - dealer interviews - friend/family intercepts - nationwide surveys - national netnography - street interviews - in-depth interviews - focus groups - projective techniques - concept tests

- Low-tech, “Cold” and Far-Away Showrooms

Total Number of Multicultural Millennial Contacts:

1,917 [10]

ethnographic map




“I called to make an appointment with the dealer to come in and talk about a car. I got there and they had no one to help me.They said they didn’t have much time to help me.”

“After being passed around by dealer associates, one dealer decided to help. They were helpful. The dealer really tried to push the Versa, they had NO Versas.”

- Hannah, 23, Caucasian, Freelance Photographer

- Enrique, 23, Hispanic, Customer Service Representative

“It took 10 minutes for a salesperson to approach me. There were about 4-5 salesmen sitting around in a room in front of me, yet nobody approached me. The salesman that was sent out to help me was a younger Hispanic man. Throughout my experience he avoided eye contact with me.”

We watched, mystery shopped and tag-along shopped from California to Florida. showrooms were not exciting many times showrooms are in “remote places you don’t want to go”

- Millennials and “Dismissive” Sales Staff sales staff seemed generally disinterested and slow to engage when approached, only the “cheapest cars” were shown

- Money is a Real Priority “helpful” dealers talked budget and financing, some just pushed used cars didn’t appreciate as “serious new car buyer”

- Accompanied Shoppers

Millennial shoppers travel with their “crew” family and friends are valued co-shoppers

- Smart, Digitally Armed Consumers

Millennials go in knowing what they want, pre-shopped smartphones are out -- figures instantly checked, pics snapped and shared

-Katey, 22, Chinese, Blogger seattle bay area sacramento las vegas orange county pacific beach los angeles san diego

newark new york city philadelphia pittsburgh

chicago indianapolis st. louis detroit greenville jacksonville savannah miami atlanta houston dayton


“They made me feel comfortable, offered a drink, then forgot about me and I waited 20 minutes.” - Rene, 24, African American Retail Manager

dealer interviews


national survey

We also interviewed helpful Nissan dealers in high-indexing Multicultural Millennial market nationwide and asked their opinions.

- Practical is important, but “style” matters - inside and out “Multicultural Millennials seek style when car buying. They like to claim they are looking for something that is eco-friendly, but they are most interested in style, looks, and technology.” - Philadelphia

“Millennials mostly pick the pretty cars that have impressive features and can fit their friends and go with their lifestyle.” - Brooklyn

“Multicultural Millennials are drawn to more stylish vehicles. iPod docks, GPS, and USB ports are very important technoligies.”

A detailed questionnaire targeting Multicultural Millennials (Hispanic, African and Chinese American specifically between 18-29 years old) was fielded nationwide digitally. What’s Most Important When Looking for a Car?

Car priorities are the same - regardless of ethnicity

- Southern California

“They are concerned with the outside look of the car. They like style.”

Where Would You Get Your Car Information From?

- Jersey City

- Millennials do their homework

“Millennials come in prepared. They always do their research online first. They are smart buyers.”

Information resources (friends/ family, web and word of mouth) are the same - regardless of ethnicity

- Jersey City

“They are smart buyer. They are well informed and well versed before they come into the dealership. They do their research.” - Chicago

- Stronger digital presence desired for Millennials “Nissan could do better with their online presence. Ford is a great example of a company with a strong online presence.” - GM, Northern California

“Millennials want all their information online. They do not like when they can’t access information easily.” - Houston

What Car Features Are Important To You?

Most important car technologies are also very similar- regardless of ethnicity

- Multicultural Millennials - more alike than different? “Hispanics and Asians are more family oriented and typically are shopping with their parents.” - Pittsburgh

“Hispanics and African American usually have credit problems and don’t have parents behind them. Asians usually have parents to help them out and their credits are better.”

African American, Hispanic American and Chinese American Millennials are not much different than any other shopper. - San Diego

- Chicago

Although some media is consumed in languages other than English at times,

overwhelmingly (86%) PREFER English language media Do You Consume Media In a Language Other Than English?

Do You Prefer To Consume Media In a Language Other Than English?

- Millennials rely on influencers - family, friends, digital strangers “[Millennials] never come in alone, especially the younger crowd. Their family and friends are a huge influence. [They seek] approval across the board.” -Orange County

“They bring their family with them often times. Family - Chicago

is very involved.” [11]

[research] word associations : national survey & street interviews question : “Top 3 Words that Come to Mind When You Read/Hear ______ (brand)?” positioning boards tested tomorrow ’ s car , today

Toyota = reliable Honda = reliable

let ’ s be real

Nissan = ??? Ford = American

car crush

key findings : Competitors have clear positionings;

Nissan does not.



focus groups & mini friend groups “Mixed” and ethnicity specific groups (with appropriate moderators) explored millennial views about cars, positionings, media preferences, cultural cues, etc.

hispanic american ( ha ) groups :


Generally very “Americanized.” Speak English, unless with a non-speaking family.

- Media Consumption: Most media consumption is in English. Spanish language is used with family or occasional nostalgic comfort.


Car Attributes: as social gathering mechanism (family, friends); prices and milage important.

- Very low Nissan brand awareness. Top Two Positioning Areas: Car Crush and Let’s Be Real “My family was born in Mexico. But, I was born here and have my culture. I’m also very integrated here.” - Erika, HA

“Born here, raised here, but I have strong cultural connection to my family that are Mexican, it’s the best of both worlds.”

african american ( aa ) groups :

- Similarily, Chinese language seemed to be

- Media Consumption: Popular Black media choices;

- Media Consumption almost exclusively in


Essence, Complex, BET.

- Nissan Awareness: Unformed brand perception; low interest or awareness.

Top Two Positioning Areas: Let’s Be Real and Tomorrow’s Car, Today

“ mixed ”

groups :

- Jimmy, CA

“I’m Chinese...Chinese American actually. I don’t feel tied to any pop culture in Chinese. I feel a lot more tied to English based media.” - Nina, CA

“Stereotyping us...I feel most of the commercials are stereotypes.” - Betty, CA

reserved for families and/or a few friends. English (low Chinese literacy rate, concerns about many language nuances and variations).

- Perceived stereotyping in advertising was a common sentiment.

Top Two Positioning Areas: Let’s Be Real and Tomorrow’s Car, Today

overall takeaway insights :

- Car Attributes: “easy to operate” technology

- Message relevancy is far more important than language.

- Nissan Awareness: very low unaided, high aided,

- Nissan has low unaided brand awareness among

and passion for the first car.

not top of mind; unclear brand image or identity.

Top Two Positioning Areas: Car Crush and Tomorrow’s Car, Today

- Jorge, HA

“American culture is what I know and what I understand. It’s not to say that I’m completely ignorant to Chinese culture, but I definitely feel a degree of separation from it.”

chinese american ( ca ) groups :

Car Attributes: Balance practical with technology; reliability, safety, price...and technologically savvy.

“I don’t really know anything about Nissan.” - Denise, HA

“Nissan’s kinda like the over looked one.”

English is almost always preferred. Multicultural Millennials

- Nissan has unclear brand image/personality (some couldn’t even recall the logo).

- Nissan’s technology positioning is not clear to Millennials, yet. - Technology is important and needs to be made relevant in an authentic way.

- Car Crush, Let’s Be Real and Car of Tomorrow, Today were the most popular concepts.

- Chris, AA

“I don’t know. I’ve never really seen a car ad for them (Nissan).” - Gerry, CA

“When I see a car in a movie and I like it, I find out the facts and form my own decisions.” - Tyjuan, AA

Looking for:

Technology in a relevant, realistic way... built around their passions, their life. “I don’t want my car to be flashy, I want my car to represent who I am.” - Honey, AA

“I want a damn good sound system and I want it to look “Everything is technology...It’s a big factor bangin’. Would be nice to have touch screen controls too.” in the car. It makes our life a little easier.” - Tony, AA

- Jose, HA


[strategy] weaknesses



- Leading brand (#4 with Millennials*) - 11.3% increase in overall brand sales* - Technology brand attributes very

- Limited top of mind awareness - Low brand interest - Available technology currently not


- Internal structure (revival plan) - Model assortment - Awards and kudos

- Hybrids are desired, but the extra financial

- Increase social media engagement - Connect with Millennials at places

(e.g., Leaf Car of the Year 2011, etc.)


relevant to Millennial lifestyle

cost is not worth it to most Millennials

- Dealers not perceived to be “Millennial friendly”

- Social media presence could be increased - Brand imagery is unformed/fuzzy to Millennials


millennial positioning no - no ’ s No “firsts” hype insinuating a car is as important as life “firsts” like a baby, career or life partner.

Affordable Luxury, Upcoming, Satisfying

No “green guilt” pushing cars out of their price range.

Nissan is stuck in neutral. Nothing bad, nothing really great.

No down and dirty value messages making them feel as financially strapped as they may be.


creative mantra It’s not just a car. It’s a Nissan. Innovate your life. We don’t just build cars, we build relationships. We design our vehicles with the latest innovations and leave it up to our drivers to bring them to life.

The car becomes more than a car. It becomes a mirror of their passions. It becomes their own personal sound studio, their wingman, their race-car, their uninterrupted social-time with friends, their getaway from the real world.

It’s a Nissan.

nissan hierarchy of effects Advocate

“Nissan is great, my friends should buy one.”

desired positioning Nissan gives Millennials a car that “gets them.” Really. Nissan understands Millennials, and provides them with functionally innovative cars at a great price. Nissan is unlike competitors whom sacrifice quality for price, push financially unattainable “green” or rely on over the top antics to sell cars. Nissan knows MIllennials want innovative technology that works for them and is about them. Period.

- Car Sharing (iGo, Zipcar, etc.) - Previously Owned Cars - Buy American sentiment - Economy and Millennial employment

- Strengthen in dealership experience - Leverage family/friends influence

No road trip nonsense pretending a car makes them feel like Kerouac on an implausibly funded road trip or “the journey of life.”

does not have a clear positioning or brand personality.

(later licenses, less perceived need)

and times that matter

FORD (and others US brands to a lesser extent) =

For Millennials, Nissan

- Changing Millennial car perspectives

Millennials in authentic way

No wackiness; hamsters or otherwise.

HYUNDAI (other Korean brands, today) =

chasing MIllennials (Ford, Toyota, Honda, Chevy, Hyundai)

- Create clearer brand image/personality - Make technology resonate with

In our target’s mind (the only perception that matters), the competition are segmented as follows: TOYOTA and HONDA = Japanese, Reliable


- Competition aggressively

Growing demand for small and mid sized cars

Instead, Nissan gives Millennials more than just a car, authentically. Nissan gives them the technologically savvy car they really want. Nissan makes it their

car -- because Nissan knows.

It’s not just a’s a Nissan. Innovate your life.



important to Millennials

Not on the Millennial “list” (brand repertoire)

“Nissan is at the top of my short list”

Behavior Change

“I should test drive a Nissan”


“Nissan is worth researching.”


“Nissan has some pretty cool cars.”


“Nissan is still around...what are they like?”


Global recognition



[dealer preparations] dealerships

cross platform campaign objectives

1 experience throughout the purchase continuum. 2 Build targeted unaided brand awareness by 50%. 3 Build targeted brand affinity and pre-disposition by 50%. 4 Increase brand engagement by 50%. Create a personalized authentically Millennial brand

core strategies

1 2

Be where they are

Context plan brand contact points to meet Millennials in the right places, at the right time.

Go big or go home

Create Nissan moments worth sharing, retweeting and even, pinning. Make the Millennial marketing tactics as innovative as the Nissan brand really is.

Tap into hot buttons


Create events, moments, and executions connecting to the Multicultural Millennial’s passions -- music, sports, community, family, education, entrepreneurship, etc. to build a long term positive brand association.

Connect authentically

a brand personality and communications that bring the Innovation positioning to life in a 4 Develop way that matters to Millennials.


Reward sharing

Make brand engagement tactics irresistably fun and involving. Get Millennials to not just like; but, also play, create, dream and win big with Nissan.

& “ millennial

innovation ”

Pre-launch, Nissan dealerships in the top 25 Millennial markets will get “millennial-ized.” These dealerships will go high-tech, high-touch with retail fun. - Ever changing “storefronts” - tied to upcoming events, apps, partnerships, etc. - Contemporary showrooms with “lounges” (sleek furniture, free cafe, wifi, listening pods, mobile charging stations, etc. -- making it a fun place to hang and consider). - Interactive “swipe” wall displays - with videos, live tweets, pics featuring today’s customers in each dealership, car selection help and more.

dealers and financing program To help Millennials (and families) during the financing process, we introduce the Nissan Financing Program. Via this program, Millennials can: - Have a Google+ hangout chat with dealers (and their family, as desired) about financing. - Receive prompt email responses via Nissan dealers about financing. - Complete do-it-yourself monthly financing cost options on the Financing Calculator (available on app., dealer tablets, POS and website).

the ultimate b 2 b dealer pre - game prep party

Via a nationally simulcast preview “pre game” party, all Nissan dealers will:

1. Get an “advanced screening” of the new cross-platform campaign. 2. Learn great Millennial sales techniques from fellow dealers nationwide. 3. Receive a “pregame” local party kit with Kindle Fires loaded up for sales presentations, financing calculations, car customization fun, quick email responses, etc. The top Millennial sales team wins an all expenses paid trip to the NCAA Final Four. Winners will watch the game in a skybox -- with Ghosn and top Nissan USA execs.

nissan dealer hangouts Nissan “after hours” invitation-only parties will be held quarterly to lure Millennial prospects. If they don’t buy now, they will “like” and “share” their Nissan experience. putting Nissan on the top of their list. Events will feature swag tied to Nissan sponsored music events, “behind the scenes” looks at new technology trends, etc.


[out of home]

Traditional Billboards

the best jam sessions in class


The OOH program maximizes not only exposure, but innovative, interactive interest. Highly visible, traditional billboards and interactive wallscapes appear in the top 25 markets .

All of the pictures uploaded for our digital billboard, as well as through our partnership with Instagram and Facebook will be showcased on the interactive wallscapes. There will also be videos from Nissan’s YouTube page available. Combined, the pictures and videos create the image of the car. Users swipe through images and videos, tapping to enlarge and view. Videos will be sharable via Facebook and Twitter. [16]

Interactive Wallscapes

Also, digital billboards (based on Millennial tweets and twitpic) and interactive bus stop installations will be placed in NY, LA, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle and San Francisco.

Digital boards are an excellent way to interact with Multicultural Millennials. Synced to Twitter, the boards will display selected pictures of those who tweet to @NissanNews. After a screening review, Nissan will tweet back a capture of the billboard image.


[placed based advertising] Interactive bus shelters function as showcases for innovations found in Nissan vehicles. Collaborations with Zagat and 8tracks will highlight GPS-based search and music respectively. Millennials waiting for buses will be able to look for restaurants and entertainment options while listening to custom playlists.




elevator interior

elevator exterior

Customized interior and exterior elevator wraps will be placed in malls, concert halls and sporting venues. The exterior teases interest; the interior pays off in a big way with 8track mixes, music and live social media screens.


[tv-on and offline]

anthem spot

Television ads will run on high profile Millennial programming such as: Modern Family, American Idol, New Girl, Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist, Person of Interest, The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, The Voice, SNL and Smash. Spots will also run in key targeted cable programming including: ESPN (Sports Center), ESPN U (college sports), Adult Swim/Comedy Central (South Park, Tosh.0), Spike (MMA), E! (Chelsea Lately, Kardashian spinoffs), BET (The Game), VH1 (Basketball Wives, La La’s Full Court Life), MTV (Fantasy Factory), A&E(Criminal Minds, CSI, The First 48), AMC (The Walking Dead, Mad Men, Breaking Bad), TBS(House of Payne) and TNT (Bones, CSI).

V/O: Don’t think of us as just a car company.

V/O: Because we don’t just make cars.

V/O: We make private sound studios (SFX: MUSIC UP)

V/O: and sold-out concerts

V/O: We make get-togethers…

V/O: and getaways

V/O: We make your passion, ours.

V/O: We make proud owners.

V/O: It’s not just a car, It’s a Nissan. Innovate your life. (SFX: MUSIC OUT)

Key television events include: AMAs, VMAs, The Grammys, college football, NFL, Super Bowl pre-game, NCAA Road to the Final Four and NBA Network. Cable spot buys will be primarily during late, prime and fringe day parts, the highest viewership day parts for our target. :30 Pre-roll for TV & video programming 42% of television consumed by Millennials is online (Barkley, Boston Consulting Group, 2011). Pre-roll programming includes: and as well as, ESPN’s online video streaming site and, a newer Asian American online TV site. is only available on cable in few markets. Therefore, buying pre-roll was important for reaching the Asian American demographic. [20]

[print spectacular-off and online] The target is moderate to heavy magazine consumers. Titles were selected for their: particular multicultural focus, general high Millennial interest (with a slight male skew) and influencer potential. Spectacular inserts with USB drives with chances to win concert and sports tickets, exclusive locker room footage, backstage concert footage, and exclusive music play lists will be employed. The print media buy is extended via additional placements online and within tablet versions.

Nissan iAd

The Nissan iAd leverages all the strengths of the platform to connect with a fully engaged audience. Utilizing iAd’s superior ability to target individual audiences and tell stories with an array of rich interactive experiences, the Nissan iAd will act as a portal for enhanced versions of Nissan advertising content. iAds will appear within online and magazine buys on mobile. magazine insert (back)

Directly paralleling the print, the iAd incorporates links to special, and expanded content that is accessible. Finally, the iAd provides tools for researching and customizing Nissan vehicles, and options for interacting more effectively at the dealership.

magazine insert (front)

USB drives preloaded with custom 8track playlists, concert footage, exclusive locker room chats and more are built into the inserts.� [21]

[digital experiences] digital radio , rich media , youtube takeover

YouTube Two Day Take Over and Rich Media JibJab Partnership Millennials will create a virtual Nissan JibJab experience with their friends on YouTube. Partnered with JibJab, a greeting card site where users insert photos of themselves into comical messages, Nissan takes over YouTube’s home page. JibJab and Pinterest were named “the two fastest growing websites.” (Comscore, January 2012)

Here’s how it works: - Users opt-in via Facebook. - They insert their picture as well as 3 friends into a Nissan car of their choosing. - Next, they pick a car color, destination (Great Wall of China, Starbucks, Coachella, etc.) and an 8tracks music mix. - The funky Jib-Jab animated car then drives off. - Videos will be posted to the Nissan YouTube page, mobile app. and Facebook. Users can also share.

YouTube/Rich Media

Two Day YouTube Road Block The rich media campaign kicks off with a two day YouTube Roadblock. This buzzworthy stunt will generate buzz, increase awareness and maximize targeted impressions. The YouTube Roadblock will be place on the homepage and will consist of a rich media header that expands. Sites include: Yahoo!

The JibJab partnership then continues as rich media on targeted online websites. Sites selected are car research sites or Multicultural Millennials’ lifestyle driven (sports, jobs, news, etc.).

Digital (and traditional) Radio 34% of Millennials listen to traditional radio and 36% of millennials listen to streaming music (not on the radio or portable music players) between 9am - 5pm (AdAge. com). Plans therefore include: Spotify (:15 seconds with expandable banner) and Pandora (:30 seconds video as well as skins). [22]

Drive time day parts for traditional radio via Clear Channel will round out this buy in the top 25 markets.

Pandora Skin

Millennial Landing Pages - Mobile and Homepage The Nissan owned digital experiences -- the mobile website, homepage, YouTube channel and Facebook -- are all redesigned as a part of our campaign. Each platform caters to Millennial car-buying needs.

[nissan owned digital experiences] Mobile Website

youtube channel , facebook , homepage , mobile app

- The mobile site has been simplified to make researching and

Nissan cultural fun finding easier for our on-the-go target. - The Nissan USA homepage for Multicultural Millennials makes social networks more prevalent and first time car buying research easier for potential Millennial shoppers. It also makes culturally relevant aspects of the campaign more apparent (e.g., the community tie-ins, music sponsorships, sports activities and more).  

- The YouTube Multicultural Millenial page also zeroes in on their

interests. Multicultural Millennial videos (speaking to community, education, entrepreneurship, music, sports and more) are featured in the same young, contemporary voice.

- A separate Facebook page has also been created to address the Millennial target more specifically with events and the conversational style of Multicultural MIllennials. Millennial Homepage

Facebook Refreshed: “Innovate Your Life” Page Our Nissan “Innovate Your Life” page takes the Nissan Facebook page one step farther towards Millennial engagement. Using the timeline format, our Facebook is update to include the highly interactive ThingLink, streams from our many Multicultural Millennial events, contest updates and more. [23]

[lifestyle/event promotions - music] Nissan Music Festival Sponsorship: Nissan, powered by BOSE, will sponsor three major music festivals: Coachella (April - 90,000 attendance), Bonnaroo (June -- 80,000 attendance) and Lollapalooza (August - 270,000 attendance). The Nissan Street Team (employing Millennials - in and out of school) will make it all happen. Nissan’s concert sponsorship will include: - Nissan Stage -- artists and attendees tweet #JAMSxNISSAN and vote for bands live all day on stage screen. - Nissan Oasis -- air conditioned pavilion, comfy couches, flat screens showing twitpics, instagrams, and tweets. Also Kindle Fires will be on hand to learn more about the Nissan brand. - Nissan “Car Butler” - group rides in technologically packed Nissans to/from venue parking. Nissan Car Butlers will also let Millennials sample the “Nissan experience” to/fro sporting event lots, festival parking and more. - Nissan Food Trucks - will be strategically placed near the Nissan Oasis, of course! Nissan Stage


Nissan Festival Oasis

Digital Sharing Partnerships: Instagram Innovation “Test Drives”

[lifestyle/event promotions - creative sharing

A customized Nissan Instagram (iPhone and Droid) account -- featuring “test drives” of Instagram’s latest innovations -- lets Nissan fans share and upload their best pics. These Nissan Instagrams pics will be “shared” online, via interactive Nissan mobile boards, etc. At 7 million+ users, Instagram is an innovative force and spot-on Nissan partner.

8tracks Sponsored App:

Acclaimed by Time, mashable, Wired, Cnet, gigaom and more, this “hand crafter internet radio” app allows Millennial influencers to create and share their mixes digitally. Users can also vote for favorite tracks and win swag, Nissan exclusive mixes and more.

“Pinterest Sharing Contest” Per Comscore, Pinterest now has 17.8+ million registered users as of March 2011. Also, in February 2011, it drove more traffic to websites than Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. Nissan will host a special Pinterest competition encouraging users to create their own “Innovate Your Life” Pinterest Innovation Boards. Nissan will supply various car models and interiors. Users will then create their own Nissan boards to reflect their own personal style. The board with the most repins will receive an exclusive Nissan Kindle Fire.

Interactive Digital Kiosks Pop up Nissan interactive digital kiosks will appear at cultural events, college sporting events, malls and outdoor festivals. These kiosks will broadcast attendee tweets and twitpics, allowing visitors to take and upload event photos and news in a BIG way. It’s social media sharing and 30+ seconds of fame. Nissan street teams will be on hand helping with the kiosks and handing out Nissan swag. [25]

[sports marketing] Nissan College Tours: This top 25 Multicultural Millennials market collegiate tour will get the future student buyer and alumni talking. Step 1: Local artists compete to create custom Nissan collegiate cars. Winners are chosen by online voting on Nissan owned digital spaces. Winning car designs are placed in unexpected campus locations. Step 2: Motion sensitive custom college Nissans will turn into an impromptu DJ, incorporating the 8tracks underground music app and Nissan’s Bose sound system. Step 3: At homecomings, there will be a Nissan Halftime “light show battle” featuring the top two Nissan custom vehicles. The show will be posted on influencer blogs, Nissan YouTube channel, Facebook page, mobile app., website, etc.

Road to the Heisman with ESPN: Heisman hopefuls will be profiled throughout their Heisman quest. Continuing their Heisman Trophy Trust partnership, Nissan working with ESPN will showcase webisodes, players’ social media, in game reactions, 8tracks pre-game playlists and more. [26]

Nissan NCAA March Madness Partnership: Live Interactive Bracket Projections Nissan creates the first ever realtime outdoor projection for the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament. 64 lucky Nissan Facebook fans will be chosen to create a chosen team custom Nissan. Their “car” will be projected on the real-time bracket in high visibility areas. Real-time reactions will be shown while the games are in progress. Winning cars for each bracket “drive” to the next bracket, live. Final 4 winners receive a Nissan of their choice and Final Four tickets. Nissan street teams will be on hand with more information, swag and Nissan Kindle Fire tablets.

Nissan Top Ten: This micro site will display nightly top 10 plays accompanied by fans’ social media reactions and ESPN columnists’ opinions. The Nissan/ESPN Tops 10 plays will be available as an app. and on the Nissan website.

[multicultural lifestyle events/promotions] Car Culture Contest:

Community Mural Competition:

Customized Nissan “car murals” will be displayed in key multicultural events and parades (e.g., Cinco de Mayo, Days of the Dead, Lunar New Year, MLK celebrations, etc.). Here’s how it works: - Car designs ideas will be solicited in communities via community groups, schools, etc. - Design ideas posted and voted on Nissan Facebook, website, Twitter and YouTube channel. - Winners are chosen via votes and Nissan judges. - Winners receive $5,000 donated to multicultural organization of choice and a Nissan. - During the actual events, cars will be active participants with the Nissan street team, the mobile kiosks, swag and their Nissan Kindle Fires.

The Nissan Community Mural competition unleashes Multicultural Millennial creativity. Here’s how it works: - Partners: National Association of Latino Arts and Culture (NALAC), the Asian Americans Art Alliance, and The National Black Arts Festival (NBAF). - Millennials submit designs and a video story about “Innovation for their Community.” Friends/family/community vote on the Nissan mobile app., webpage, Facebook, etc. and partner organizations help judge the most popular entries. - Winner’s work is showcased in progress via posted videos, on partner sites, Nissan site, app., YouTube, etc. - “Unveilings” feature music and food sponsored by the partner organizations. The Nissan street team will be there with the mobile kiosks, swag and their Nissan Kindle Fires sharing the experience. - 3 winners receive Nissan car and $10,000 sponsored donation to the community arts organization of choice.

Nissan for Mom honors our Multicultural Millennial’s close parental relationships. Contestants upload a video to the Nissan website and Facebook page, telling Nissan why the maternal figure in their life (Mom, Grandmother, Aunt, etc.) deserves more. Winners chosen on Mother’s Day receive a Nissan Versa -- and, some beautiful “shareable” photos with their loving Multicultural Millennial offspring.


[multicultural cause marketing] Nissan and Millennial’s favorite coffee, Starbucks, partner to create millennial jobs and fund entrepreneurship. Here’s how it works: - $100,000 funding contest announced on Nissan’s Facebook, webpage, mobile, YouTube channel and through public relations outreach. Starbuck’s social media, web page and over 11,000 U.S. retail stores will also promote the partnership. - Contestants upload videos of their entrepreneurship idea. - Viewers vote (with Nissan and Starbucks) for the best video entry idea. (Twitter, Facebook, mobile, web, etc.) - 3 winners will be followed as their business develops via webisodes shared on Nissan Facebook, Twitter, mobile app and YouTube.

Nissan Distracted Driving Paul Atchley’s University of Kansas study recently revealed accident risk increases 400% with drunk driving; but, 2,600% with texting while driving. 95% of college students read texts while driving and 85% reply to a text while driving. In partnership with The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Nissan will address this serious issue with a guerrilla marketing stunt.

Nissan Education Innovation Project - Multicultural Scholarships The Nissan Education Innovation Project Scholarship assists Multicultural Millenials with a passion to innovate our world. Here’s how it works: - Partners: Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE), The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, and the American Association of Blacks in Higher Education. - Applicants submit a Nissan Project Innovation video to Nissan websites which is shared with Nissan’s Facebook, mobile app., partner sites and YouTube. Winners are determined by Nissan and partners.


Here’s how it works: - Windshield sized cling stickers giving the illusion of a broken windshield will be posted on various cars parked in college campuses and other high traffic Millennial locations. Anti-text messages will tell the Nissan / NHTSA story. - Stickers will direct driver to Nissan USA Microsite beresponsible, Facebook page or #BeResponsible. - Visitors can then order stickers or post clings to further spread the word about this dangerous, yet habitual Millennial behavior.

media objectives

all to be met within april 2013


march 2014

- To increase unaided brand awareness among 18-

29 Millennials (special emphasis on Hispanic, African American and Chinese Americans) by 50%

media strategies - Seed early targeted awareness and interest - Create relevant, buzz worthy media events - Place heavy-up dollars in key Hispanic, African

- To achieve a targeted reach of 70% with a 4X frequency

- To increase targeted digital brand engagement by 50% (measured by: shares, views, likes, time spent, pages viewed, tweets, retweets, etc.)

- To grow targeted brand interest by 35% - To increase influencer interest and brand buzz

top 25 multicultural markets


American and Chinese media markets and media apertures, based on context planning

- Maximize buys with value-added, relevant digital merchandising

- Encourage targeted influencer and peer-to-peer brand engagement online

- Measure, optimize and adjust buys continually



- Big cross-platform kickoff: digital, out of

a day in the life of an adult millennial

home, interactive, magazines, television (on and offline)

- Launch heavy-ups include a two-day

YouTube roadblock

- Revamped website, mobile, YouTube

seo / sem Search engine websites will be measured and evaluated for their ability to drive consumers to the Nissan website. Key campaign kickoff phrases include:

channel and Facebook also all commence


Magazine, digital and broadcast advertising to support College and Pro Football


“Road to the Final Four” NCAA sports heavyup – broadcast, print, digital.






Media Day in the Life,, September 2011




[integrated marketing]



Online :30 pre-roll Magazine 4.25%

OOH 3.70%


Digital Online-Rich Mobile Media 7.65%



[budget and campaign evaluation]

Dealer B2B Program Cause Marketing Radio, Multicultural Events & Promotions, Sports Marketing 0.60% 1.50% 2%

evaluation and measurement tools





Online :30 pre-roll Magazine 4.25% Online :30 pre-roll Magazine 34.70% 4.25% Online :30 pre-roll Magazine 34.70% 4.25% 34.70%

OOH 3.70%


3.70% OOH 3.70%

Digital Online-Rich Mobile Media 7.65% Digital Online-Rich Mobile Media 20.25% 7.65% Digital Online-Rich Mobile Media 20.25% 7.65% 20.25% 35%

To monitor this cross-platform campaign’s nissan dealers and sales management performance against stated objectives, we will Dealer B2B Program Cause Marketing Radio, Multicultural Events & Promotions, Sports Marketing work with 0.60% Nissan to implement the 1.00% 1.50% 2% following: Monthly dealer “check-in’s” and updates Dealer B2B Program Cause Marketing Radio, Multicultural Events & Promotions, Sports Marketing <1% 1% 19% 1.00% 0.60% 1.50% 2% (including online anonymous survey) Dealer B2B Program C ause Marketing Radio, Multicultural Events & Promotions, Sports Marketing <1%


3% 19% 1.00%2% 1% 0.60%

35% 1.50% 1.50%



Quarterly focus groups in 5 markets nationwide 3% 19% <1% 35% 1% 2% 35% 4% 3% 2% 1% 2% 1% 2% 8% 20% 4% 4% 2% 1% 2% 20% 1% Online 1% 8% community 4% management daily, measuring: 4% 1% 20% 1% Online :30 pre-roll Magazine OOH Digital Online-Rich Mobile Media Dealer B2B Program Cause Marketing Radio, Events Promotions, Sportslikes, Marketing 1% sentiment, TV 8% Multicultural themes, posts,&&tweets, retweets, shares, etc. Online :30 Magazine OOH Digital Online-Rich Mobile Media Dealer Program C Radio, Promotions, 4% Events :30 pre-roll pre-roll Online-Rich Mobile Media Dealer B2B B2B 0.60% Program Cause ause Marketing Marketing Radio, Multicultural Multicultural Events & Promotions, Sports Sports Marketing Marketing % Online 4.25% Magazine 3.70% OOH 20.25% Digital 7.65% 1.00% 1.50% 2% Online :30 pre-roll Magazine OOH Digital Online-Rich Mobile Media Dealer B2B Program C ause Marketing Radio, Multicultural Events & Promotions, Sports Marketing TV % 4.25% 3.70% 20.25% 7.65% 1.00% 0.60% 1.50% 2% Online :30 pre-roll Magazine OOH Digital Online-Rich Mobile Media Dealer B2B Program C ause Marketing Radio, Multicultural Events & Promotions, Sports Marketing Online :30 pre-roll % Online :30 pre-roll 4.25% Magazine 3.70% OOH 20.25% Digital Online-Rich 7.65% Mobile 1.00% Dealer B2B 0.60% 1.50% Radio, Multicultural 2% <1% Program Cause Marketing Events &(unique Promotions, Sports Marketing reports % Online :30 pre-roll 4.25%Magazine 8% 3.70% 20.25% 7.65% Media Dealer 1.00% 0.60% 1.50%Website 2% 1% <1% OOH Digital Online-Rich Media B2B Program Cause19% Marketing Radio, Multicultural Eventsactivity & Promotions, Sports Marketingvisitors, time spent, pages viewed, etc.) <1% TV Mobile % 4.25% 3.70% 20.25% 7.65% 1.00% 0.60% 1.50% 2% 1% % 4.25% 3.70% 20.25% 7.65% 1.00% 0.60% 1.50% 2% 19% <1% Online :30 1.00% pre-roll 1% 19% 0% 4.25% 3.70% 20.25% 7.65% 0.60%1% 1.50% 2% <1% 19% Magazine 35% <1% 35% 3% 19% 1% Event and other promotional activity attendance and engagement, on and offline. 1% 3% 19% 35% Online :30 pre-roll 1% 19% 3% 2% <1% Magazine 35% 3% OOH 35% 2% 4% 2% 3% 35% 3% 35% 2% 3% 2% Awareness Attitudes Usage (AAU) study measuring long term perception shifts: Magazine 2% 2% 2% 2% OOH 2% 4% Digital Online-Rich Media 2% 4% 1% especially unaided awareness, interest, fit within brand repetoire, ad, other cross platform 4% 2% 20% 2% 1% 2% 1% OOH 20% 4% 4% 1% Digital Online-Rich Media 8% 4% 20% 1% 4% 4% 1% Mobile 1% activity awareness and most importantly, attitudes towards Nissan and purchase intent. 8% 20% 20% 4% 1% 8% 1% 4% 1% 20% 8% 20% 1% 4% 1% 20% 8% 1% Digital Media 4% 1% 8% Mobile Online-Rich 8% 4% 3%


millennial multicultural consumer


4% - Customer live in-store surveys via SMS with event giveaway and upgrade incentives. TV Mobile TV Dealer B2B Program Cause Marketing TV TV digital media optimization (SMO and SEO) will be employed to increase Nissan’s TV - Daily Marketing Dealer B2B Program TV Online :30 pre-roll Cause Marketing Online :30pre-roll pre-roll Radio, Multicultural Events & Promotions, Sports Online :30 Multicultural Events visiblity in search engines, emhance linkability and fuel targeted engagement Online :30 pre-roll Online :30 Cause Multicultural Marketing Events & Promotions, Sports Marketing Online :30 pre-roll pre-roll Radio, Magazine & Promotions, Sports Marketing Music & Entertainment Magazine Magazine Magazine Magazine Radio, & Multicultural Events & Promotions, Sports Marketing Magazine Entertainment Music Entertainment OOH Digital Marketing Partnerships & Activities OOH OOH OOH Music & Entertainment OOH Marketing Partnerships Marketing Cost Parnerships & Activities OOH These tools will monitor emerging Total Production Digital Media Digital Online-Rich Media Digital initial communications Digital Online-Rich Online-Rich Media Digital Online-Rich Media Digital Marketing Partnerships & Activities & Activities Total Production Cost trends and consumers perceptions Digital Online-Rich Media Mobile Digital Mobile Online-Rich Media Evaluation Mobile checks completed Total Production Cost Cost Production of Nissan. We can then adapt Mobile Evaluation Mobile Dealer Program Dealer B2B B2B Program Mobile Dealer B2B Program our strategies to create an Evaluation Evaluation Dealer B2B Program Cause Marketing Marketing Cause Dealer B2B Program Mini groups “gut checks” were fielded to assess unparalleled Nissan experience. Dealer B2B Program Cause Marketing CauseMulticultural Marketing Events & Promotions, Sports Marketing Radio, multi-cultural millenials campaign feedback. Cause Marketing Cause Marketing Events & Promotions, Sports Marketing Key comments included: Radio, Radio,&Multicultural Multicultural Music Entertainment Events & Promotions, Sports Marketing Radio, Multicultural Events Promotions, Radio, Multicultural Events && &Activities Promotions, Sports Sports Marketing Marketing Music & Digital Partnerships Music Marketing & Entertainment Entertainment Music & Entertainment I don’t drive at all because I rely on public “I like the idea (interactive “swipe” walls and place MusicProduction &Marketing Entertainment Total Cost Digital Partnerships & I think it works really well Digital Marketing Partnerships & Activities Activities transportation, but it makes me want to buy a car. based kiosks). It is something I would definitely Digital Marketing Partnerships & Activities because most car commercials Digital Marketing Partnerships & Activities Evaluation an experience do. I am all about social media.” TotalIt shows Production Cost that you can have with Total Production Cost focus so much on the car - Guillermo, 24, Financial Analyst Total Production Cost your friends in your car. It’s not just a way to get Total Production Cost Evaluation features, not so much on being from here to there, you could take a road trip, Evaluation Evaluation Evaluation natural and having fun in the car. listen to music, hangout...I love the concept. “I could totally relate with it especially because

Dealer B2B Program


-- Jamel, 26, Accountant


“I am always tweeting where I am and what I am doing - it’s the way I stay connected. This would be an awesome thing to do while waiting for the bus.”

I love having a jam session in my car with my friends. Whenever that special song comes on we all escape into a different experience. It’s like, it can’t happen anywhere else except in that car - that moment.”

- Liz, 21, Student

- Lee, 23, Retail Merchandiser

-Neenah, 19, Server

“I would facebook that.” -- Juanita, 28, Salon Manager

S PECI ALTHANKS :S ha ni t aAki nt onde,Her ber tAl l en,S a ndr aAl l en,Hy j ungBa e,Kev i nChr i s t opher s en,Cr a i gS i g el e,Da v eGor don, Tom Ha mi l t on,S a ndr aKumor ows ki ,S her l eneMc Coy ,La r r yMi nks y ,AnneMa r i eMi t c hel l ,Cy nt hi aPi keFuent es ,Cr a i gS i g el e, Ma r g a r etS ul l i v a n,Mi c ha elS wi dl er ,Ma r g otWa l l a c e,Cor nel lWr i g ht ,TheDz i uba nf a mi l y Dea nRobi nBa r g a r ,S c hoolofMedi aAr t s Col umbi aCol l eg eChi c a g oMa r ket i ngCommuni c a t i onAdj unc tFa c ul t y Col umbi aCol l eg eChi c a g oAr t+Des i g nDepa r t ment Col umbi aCol l eg eChi c a g oFi l ma ndVi deoDepa r t ment Col umbi aCol l eg eChi c a g oRa di oDepa r t ment Col umbi aCol l eg eMul t i c ul t ur a lAf f a i r sDepa r t ment

AAFDi s t r i c t6 Amer i c a nAdv er t i s i ngFeder a t i on a ndav er ys pec i a lt ha nkst oNI S S AN US A

Nissan AAF Campaign 2012  

During 2011-2012 I was part of Columbia College Chicago's National Student Ad Competition class held by the American Advertising Federation....